NIO non-blocking package for Android development (1)

  The NiO non-blocking package series for Android development is reproduced at To improve the network communication performance of Android, we can use the high-performance NiO (New I/O)

Obtain the Android system source code in Windows

I have been taking over Android for a year. Since I had a relatively small amount of materials at the beginning and most of them were out of context, I have been in a very understandable status for Android. Now I finally feel the learning experience

Summary of WebKit-based development page on Android (1)

The android library contains a WebKit library, and a WebKit-based browser is installed by default. At the same time, developers can develop applications based on WebKit (webview ).ProgramSuch applications can directly display web pages, thus

Existing Forms and locations of installed Android programs

On Android Systems, ApplicationsProgramWhere can I install it? According to your experience, the system applications are installed in the/system/APP/directory to express an application together with the APK and odex files; The software installed

Error after Android simulator running: 5554: androidavd: emulator-arm.exe-application error

---------------------------5554: androidavd: emulator-arm.exe-ApplicationProgramError---------------------------"0x00000000" memory referenced by the "0x004a2ee3" command. The memory cannot be "read ". To terminate the program, click OK ".To debug

10 development tools required by Android Developers

The android SDK contains many tools to help developers design, develop, test, and publish Android applications. In this article, we will discuss the 10 most commonly used tools. #1: Eclipse ADT Eclipse ADT is used to develop Android applications on

Android calls. Net WebService to pass byte []

Android calls. Net WebService to pass byte []   Android code: SoapObject request = new SoapObject (Constant. NAMESPACE, "XXXX"); // request. addProperty ("strIn", "123456"); byte [] byValue; byValue = "Hello world ". getBytes (); String strByte =

Android access to WCF (Part 2)-Client development

This chapter aims to implement the WCF Data Service created in the previous article on Android client requests. This part is divided into creating an Http request and accepting data returned by WCF. 1. Create an Http Request Method Protected String

Android uses GSon to process Json data

This article is followed by the Android access to WCF (next)-Client development deserializes the JSON data obtained by the server through the GSON class library and displays it through the UI. How to deserialize JSON data with GSON on Android

Implementation Method 1 of Tab pages for Android -- Combination of TabActivity and TabHost (1)

  Note: The following four articles are all transferred fromHttp://   Many software, because of its many functions, prefer to use Tab pages. In Android, there are two common tabs: 1. Use TabActivity and TabHost combination 2.

NIO non-blocking package for Android development (5)

Attention and focus on Android NIO today, Android123 focuses on analyzing the shortcomings mentioned in the last step NIO non-blocking package (4) in Android development. As many people in China do not have experience using NIO to implement servers,

Implementation of Tab labels for Android: TabActivity and TabHost (2)

In the previous article, we talked about how TabActivity and TabHost work together. Here, we will talk about method 2. In fact, the layout files of method 1 and method 2 are similar, but they can be independent. Of course, there are also some

Implementation Method 1 of Tab pages for Android -- Combination of TabActivity and TabHost (3)

I talked about the two methods. Do you realize that their code coupling is too high? If there are too many code, it is a lot of complicated code, which is not only difficult to read, but also difficult to modify and maintain. Method 3 mentioned here

NIO non-blocking package for Android Development (7)

Today, we will continue to analyze NIO non-blocking communication methods with the Android DDMS source code. Android123 will also share with you some of the technologies used in mobile phone and PC intercommunication. The Usage Details of

How to Implement Tab labels for Android-combination of ActivityGroup and GridView

In the previous section, we have introduced three methods for implementing Tab paging by combining TabActivity and TabHost. Here, we will introduce the combination of ActivityGroup and GridView to implement Tab paging. In fact, this is similar to

Android accesses the WCF Service (Part 1)-server development

  (To)   This chapter aims to use Wcf to establish a data service that can be accessed on Android. The data transmission format adopts the Json format suitable for mobile Internet

Android program decoding and XML file Decoding

First, write this log with great excitement ..... Googles is really awesome... let me have the honor to see the internal source code of the ANDROID application .... Let's get down to the truth: ANDROID applications are composed of two parts. 1. *.

Android borderless Program Design Philosophy

 From: borderless Program Design Concept this formulation comes from here. "Android applications are just virtual and there is no actual entry point. Unlike the application concepts on the

Implementation and Optimization of android "shake swing"

Recently, I was developing a Player Based on the android operating system. According to the same design concept as I did, "fewer and bigger buttons", after the second UI change, the buttons on the main interface are reduced to three: help buttons,

Android source code Retrieval

There are many ways to obtain source code on the Internet. Here is just one of my operations. After the previous are unavailable, Google will be in the navigation bar. The source code download function is

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