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This articlePublished in my own csdn blog to blog ++ ++ Please indicate the source for original reprinted in this article This error occurs during project creation. Google:

The Android app automatically creates a desktop shortcut after it is started.

Compared with IOS development and Windows Phone development, Android is open, and Android development is more flexible and can do a lot of things. Some may find that after some Android applications are installed and run for the first time, a

Simulate the effect of pressing the HOME Key in Android Application Development

In Android Application Development, we do not want users to directly press the Back key to exit the Activity, but hide the application to the background, similar to pressing the Home Key. The following provides sample code. For more information,

Icon list for Android 1.5

Usage: int icon = android. R. drawable. arrow_down_float; arrow_down_float arrow_up_float btn_star_big_off btn_star_big_on button_onoff_indicator_off button_onoff_indicator_on checkbox_off_background

Android Remote Image Retrieval and local cache (3)

Obtain data from the cache: Java code: /** * Retrieving images from the cache */ Private Bitmap getBitmapFromCache (Stringurl ){ // Obtain it from the mHardBitmapCache cache first Synchronized (mHardBitmapCache ){ Final Bitmap bitmap =

Android Toast Customization

The Toast control is often used in Android project development, but the default style of the system is too ugly. Sometimes you need to change it, such as the background image and the above prompt text, sometimes you need to dynamically change the

Android Intent usage Summary

[Code] Call the dialing program 1 // call mobile customer service 10086 2Uri uri = Uri. parse ("tel: 10086"); 3 Intent intent = new Intent (Intent. ACTION_DIAL, uri); 4 startActivity (intent); [Code] send SMS or MMS view sourceprint? 01 // send

Playing music in android soundpool

1 @ Override2 public void onCreate (Bundle savedInstanceState ){3 super. onCreate (savedInstanceState );4 setContentView (R. layout. main );56 // create an object7 // The first parameter specifies that the maximum number of audio streams in the

Android: source code for Image Compression with a specified resolution and resolution

1 public void transImage (String fromFile, String toFile, int width, int height, int quality)23 {45 try67 {89 Bitmap bitmap = BitmapFactory. decodeFile (fromFile );1011 int bitmapWidth = bitmap. getWidth ();1213 int bitmapHeight = bitmap. getHeight (

Android parses the image content into a byte array and converts the byte array to an ImageView

1 package com. bingo. util;23 import java. io. BufferedOutputStream;4 import java. io. ByteArrayOutputStream;5 import java. io. File;6 import java. io. FileOutputStream;7 import java. io. IOException;8 import java. io. InputStream;910 import android.

Baidu's Android recruitment interview questions

General simple question 1. is the process of Android dvm the same concept as that of Linux? DVM refers to the Virtual Machine of dalivk. Every Android application runs in its own process and has an independent Dalvik Virtual Machine instance. Every

ImageView attributes android: scaleType, that is, ImageView. setScaleType (ImageView. ScaleType)

1 imageView.setScaleType(ImageView.ScaleType.FIT_XY );   1 here we will focus on understanding the attributes of ImageView android: scaleType, that is, ImageView. setScaleType (ImageView. ScaleType ). Android: scaleType controls how images are

Control the virtual keyboard in Android

  1 package com. dome;23 import android. app. Activity;4 import android. content. Intent;5 import android. OS. Bundle;6 import android. view. KeyEvent;7 import android. view. View;8 import android. view. WindowManager;9 import android. view.

Android notification example (1)

Such a scenario: Reimbursement approval in OA. If the boss is busy with official business and often goes on a business trip, employees often complain that they cannot get timely reimbursement approval. Therefore, similar approval requirements are

Android TextView combined with SpannableString

Protected void onCreate (Bundle savedInstanceState ){Super. onCreate (savedInstanceState );SetContentView (R. layout. textview );TextView txtInfo = (TextView) findViewById (R. id. TV );// SpannableString text class, which contains immutable text but

Android learning advanced Route Navigation Line (Android source code sharing)

Reprinted please indicate the source:Http://     Recently, many new interns from the company looked at their confident but childish faces and thought of themselves last year. Is that true? What about them now? What have I

Animation effects disabled by Android TV

Public class TVOffAnimation extends Animation {private int halfWidth; private int halfHeight; @ Override public void initialize (int width, int height, int parentWidth, int parentHeight) {super. initialize (width, height, parentWidth, parentHeight);

Monkey usage for Performance Testing in Android

Introduction Monkey is a command line tool that can run in a simulator or a real device. It sends a pseudo-random user event stream to the system to perform stress testing on developing applications. Monkey includes many options, which are roughly

Android blow detection-related Android recording data transmission

Android real-time get microphone input volume code: AE %9E%E6%97%B6%E8%8E%B7%E5%8F%96%E9%BA%A6%E5%85%8B%E9%A3%8E%E8%BE%93%E5%85%A5%E9%9F%B3%E9%87%8F%E7%9A%84%E4%BB%A3%E7%A0%81/    Android real-time get

Android compression and decompression zip file

You can decompress the zip files that contain subdirectories. /*** Decompression function. * decompress the zipFile file to the folderPath directory. * @ throws Exception */public int upZipFile (File zipFile, String folderPath) throws ZipException,

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