Android button Design

Let's first look at the buttons. The text on the button shows that a large button, a small button, and a strange button. Well, let's say so much. Let's talk about how the buttons are implemented first. Simply display the button above, you can

Android error Summary

Today, I am writing something that always crashes and crashes .... It was found that an activity was added but not registered in androidmenifest. xml ..... I sent a software package to anzhi yesterday. I was depressed when I failed to upload the

Android string placeholder Function

Some placeholders in the string file can be used to combine the text to be displayed in the application. String File title (string) % 1 $ S, author (string) % 2 $ s, number (integer) % 3 $ D, price (floating point type): % 4 $. 2f Code:

Android clicks the Back key twice in a row to exit the program.

Train of Thought: record the time of the last click. Compared with the time of this click, exit when the two time intervals are less than a certain value; otherwise, the system prompts "exit the program again ", update the last click time at the

Android uses ViewPager, Fragment, and PagerTabStrip to achieve multi-page sliding

This article mainly introducesHow to Use ViewPager, Fragment, and PagerTabStrip to achieve multi-page sliding. That is, the effect of the google play homepage and Sina Weibo message (at, comment, private message, broadcast) page. ViewPager +

Android textview 45 ° skew

Recently, because the project needs to use an effect, that is, the display effect of TextView skew. After studying it, I found it very simple and shared it for use.You can use it. If you have a picture, it's just the truth. FirstIn the upper-right

How to Analyze memory leakage in Android

Basic steps: 1. Use the ddms tool provided by eclipse to analyze the memory usage of each thread, as shown in The heap View Interface is refreshed on a regular basis. You can see the changes in memory usage during constant operations on

Android-universal-image-loader notes

// Set the image displayed during the download processShowStubImage (R. drawable. ic_launcher)// Set the image to be displayed when the image Uri is null or incorrectShowImageForEmptyUri (R. drawable. ic_empty)// Set the image displayed when an

Set dotted lines, rounded corners, and gradient for Android

If there is a picture and the truth, let's talk about it first. Click effect: Set dotted line: The broken line width is dashWith, and the gap width between broken lines is dashGap. When dashGap = 0dp, It is the solid line. Set rounded

10 suggestions for Android app developers

With the development of mobile platforms and the continuous improvement of their applications, quality becomes the key to success or failure. Users require them to choose the installed applications with fast response and good performance. If an

Android traceview optimization tool

Original article: What is TraceView? Let's take a look at Baidu's explanation: Traceview is a good performance analysis tool on the android platform. It allows us to understand the

Android uses Application to rewrite the crash (simple version) of the app)

Original article: Mainactivity is as follows: Package CN. testcrash; import android. app. activity; import android. OS. bundle;/*** demo Description: * use application to customize crash **

Brief Introduction to Android Layout

First of all, I will not talk about linearlayout, scrollview... and other layout S. I 'd like to briefly describe the landscape and landscape screens. We may encounter some problems, such as the small Q unit converter I mentioned earlier. I don't

Android embedded ad Problems

We can find a variety of advertising providers online. I only used one of them. I did not consider which one gave me more money and which one had better reputation. Now I am still focusing on learning. Embedding advertisements is just an attempt,

[Android] data transmission between activities

I have previously reproduced an article about data transmission between activities. I always feel that I have not gained much from copying and pasting and it seems quite uncomfortable. I am determined to rewrite it. The previous article will be

Android simulator Error

Today, the Android simulator has inexplicably encountered the following error: Emulator: ERROR: the user data image is used by another emulator. aborting After the restart, I still have it. I don't know what's going on, so I searched the internet.

Android SDK 1.5 Chinese version (Application basics-2)

 1.1.1 activation component: Intent After receiving a request from ContentResolver, the content provider is activated. The other three components, Activity, service, and broadcast receiver, are activated by asynchronous information called Intent.

Android SDK 1.5 Chinese version (Application basics-4)

1.3 processes and threads When the first component of an application needs to run, Android starts a Linux Process and a single execution thread for it. By default, all components of the application run in this process and thread. However, you can

Android SDK 1.5 Chinese version (Application basics-1)

Android applications use Java as the development language.AaptTool to package the compiled Java code together with the data and resource files required by other applications into an Android file package, this file is used. APKAs an extension, it is

Android project insights

I have been learning Android for almost a year. I have been satisfied with writing a TextView for the first half of the year. Then I want it to be displayed on the desktop, or write an ImageView, and then set it to display it. Be happy and immerse

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