[Android] determines whether a program is installed on the mobile phone

1. ObtainProgramPackage name Connect the mobile phone ADB and check logcat. For example, the package name of the QQ client is com. Tencent. mobileqq. 2. Then, use packagemanager to determine whether the package exists. Private Boolean

[Android] enable the root permission of the mobile phone with the perfect flash brush

1. Source If you do not have the root permission during Android development, it is sometimes painful. Because SQLite Editor, wall flip proxy, host file modifier and other tools all require root permissions to work. 2. Method The perfect flash

Android SDK 1.5 Chinese version (Application basics-1)

Android applications use Java as the development language.AaptTool to package the compiled Java code together with the data and resource files required by other applications into an Android file package, this file is used. APKAs an extension, it is

Android project insights

I have been learning Android for almost a year. I have been satisfied with writing a TextView for the first half of the year. Then I want it to be displayed on the desktop, or write an ImageView, and then set it to display it. Be happy and immerse

Android menu default style settings

I encountered this problem when working on the project. I want to add an icon for each option menu of Android, and then change the arrangement of each menu item, the default menu items are arranged in a vertical column, similar to the content

Android monitors the mounting and unmounting of SD cards

In the android system, when the SD card is attached to a computer and the recording in the voice memo is deleted manually, the data in the corresponding database also needs to be modified. In this case, you need to listen to the Mount and inherit

[Android] preparations for using Google APIs

I. OriginRecently, Google OAuth and Google Map need to be used. Before using these services of Google, there are some similar preparations to be done. These tasks include installing Google Play Services, generating certificate fingerprints, and

[Android] using Google SDK for SSO Login

1. Technical Solutions Solution 1: AccountPicker + GoogleAuthUtil. Use AccountPicker to get username and GoogleAuthUtil to get assess token. This method supports single sign-on. The interface is drawn in the SDK, which is convenient and simple. The

[Android] using Sina Weibo SDK for SSO Login

1. Brief Introduction Now it is July, and the latest SDK is released in July. I have not updated it recently. SDK download link: Release. Last August SDK: http://download.csdn.net/detail/u011267546/5814259 2. Prepared content Comsume Key and

[Android] Use Toast in Service

1. Source Service does not have a message queue and cannot be toast. 2. Solution There are many methods. Here is a simple method. Public static void showtoastinservice (final context, final int ID, final Boolean longtoast) {handler = new

[Android] how to determine whether a program runs on the foreground

Private static boolean isAppOnForeground (String packageName) {YNoteApplication app = YNoteApplication. getInstance (); ActivityManager activityManager = (ActivityManager) app. getSystemService (app. ACTIVITY_SERVICE); PowerManager manager =

[Android] Reading of Clipboard data changes

1. Android. Text. clipboardmanager API level1, an interface without data changes, needs to be simulated. The implementation of this method is complicated and requires a service to be started for a long time. Compare the content of the clipboard

[Android] Xiaomi 2 S AlarmManager wake-up system problems

1. Source Alarmmanager + intentservice is used to monitor the clipboard changes of a program in the foreground. On Xiaomi 2 s, alarmmanager is not started. I read some articles, saying that Xiaomi 2 S is trying to save power and wake up every 5

[Android] listens for boot by listening to boot_completed and media_mounted

1. Description After the Android phone is turned on, the broadcast android. intent. action. BOOT_COMPLETED will be sent, and the broadcast will be listened on. 2. Code public class BootupReceiver extends BroadcastReceiver { private final

[Android] OAUTH using Webview

1. Source Recently, Google login requires that Google Play Service be followed on the mobile phone. Some mobile phones, such as Xiaomi, do not use Google Play Servcie. Therefore, it is necessary to implement a webview login method. Google redirects

[Android] ScrollView detection by scrolling to the bottom and top

1. Source Many paging components are inherited from ScrollView. to scroll to the bottom of a page, you need to check whether the page is scrolled to the top. 2. Code public class MainActivity extends Activity {

[Android] the difference between display Toast in Service and IntentService

1. Representation Toast can be displayed normally in Service, but Toast cannot be displayed normally in IntentService. toast is not displayed in system 2.3, but does not disappear in system 4.3. 2. Cause Toast needs to run in the main UI thread.

[Android] FileInputStream tracking

Source We need to track the Nativie Implementation of FileInputStream's Read and start to take a detour. The implementation of FileInputStream in the Java project is different from that in the Android project. In addition, the analytics in

Android call history and contact Query

From http://blog.csdn.net/davayunhuijia/article/details/7778240 There are three types of call records: Call: CallLog. CILS. INCOMING_TYPE (Constant Value: 1) Allocated: CallLog. CILS. OUTGOING_TYPE (Constant Value: 2) Not connected: CallLog. CILS.

Android query system contact information

From http://www.cnblogs.com/error404/archive/2013/03/12/2956090.html A program for reading contact information in android, including reading the contact name, mobile phone number, and email address 1: androidmanifest. xml content

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