The iPhone and Android client of the Alumni Association written for the Department of Water Conservancy of Tsinghua University

I have been very busy recently, busy writing iPhone and AndroidProgram. Finally, I can take a rest. The iPhone version of the alumni association designed for the Department of Water Conservancy of Tsinghua University has been completed, The Android

Android Third-Party UI library greendroid usage

From P = 1297 I always think that the UI library provided by the android SDK itself is too ugly, and the functions provided are always a lot of defects here. Therefore, I have been paying attention to various

Android boot Application

I searched the internet today to start the application. There are many examples, and I found that some real machines still do not work, so I have to do it on the die-like device. Paste some code I have tried The following figure shows the main

Android drawer Effect

Although the slidingdrawer class is no longer recommended, sometimes it can be used if the effect is simple. Anyway, I may miss it, mainly because it is easy to use and can only slide up or down or left or right, in addition, the direction cannot be

Android development Permissions

I forgot how it came from. Today I saw such a notebook with full permissions on my computer. I felt that such a good thing could not be kept in private. I put it up to let people with poor English look at it. Android. permission.

Android simplified and Traditional Chinese Conversion

Although it is estimated that this will not be used in the future, I still feel that it should be stored. From Simple and traditional conversion, first we want to introduce a package:

Android supports third-party class with image suffix .gif

From Open Source China Gifview is a view that does not directly display GIF images in Android. It can only be displayed through mediaplay. It is the same as imageview and supports GIF images. Usage: 1-add gifview. jar to your project. 2-configure

Android mobile phone fraud ebook

Some time ago I studied the in-APP purchase technology and used the scam e-book to submit it to Apple for approval. You can read a certain number of chapters for free. If you want to read them completely, you must purchase them in the app. Once

Android source code compilation process

The Ubuntu 64-bit server version was installed a few days ago to compile the Android system. When I got off work yesterday, compilation started smoothly. After work this morning, I found that the compilation was completed. Download the Android SDK

Basic knowledge of Android

1. Activity lifecycle. The Activity status changes during screen switching.Life cycle: Completed life cycle: that is, from an Activity to disappear, the corresponding cycle method is: onCreate to onDestroy; Start: onCreate ()-> onStart () ->

Analysis of Android JNI (1)

JNI is short for Java Native Interface, and JNI is a mechanism. With JNI, you can call other native code in a Java program or make native code call the code at the Java layer. That is to say, with JNI, we can make the Java and native layers in the

Android makefile (android. mk) analysis (1)

1.1 makefile helloworld MakefileThe rules are as follows: Target...: prerequisites... Command ...... Target can be a target File, an Object File (such as helloworld. obj), an execution File, and a tag. Prerequisites is the file or target required to

Android OpenGL ES-Frame Buffer Object

For the concept of Frame Buffer object, see the previous Android OpenGL ES development tutorial (23): FrameBuffer. Compared with 2D images, if Frame Buffer is mapped to a two-dimensional graphic environment, it is a 2D memory array space. By default,

Android mk file Introduction

Introduction:Android. mk is used to describe your C and C ++ source code files to Android NDK. This document describes its syntax. Before reading the following content, let's assume that you have read the docs/OVERVIEW. TXT file and understood their

Android skia instance

# Include "SkBitmap. h"# Include "SkDevice. h"# Include "SkPaint. h" # Include "SkRect. h"# Include "SkImageEncoder. h" Int main (){       // Declare a raster bitmap, which has an integer width and height,       // And a format (config), and a

Install the android compiling environment and compile the source code in ubuntu11.04

Statement: the source of HKUST is used. At first, the proxy is used to access the Internet. When the source is updated, a bunch of problems are encountered. Then, the source of Netease is used on the VPN, which is also a pair of errors during the

Description: parcelable interface in Android

The entire android upper-layer java development framework can be divided into four aspects: interface (activity and appwidget), Message (Intent and Message), Service (Service) and data (Sqllite, Content Provider ). Development highlights: 1. New

Screenshot taking using skbitmap on Android

Two steps are required to screen on android 1. obtain original RGB bytes from framebuffer (the size is width * height * image depth/8) Int fbfd = 0; Struct fb_var_screeninfo vinfo; // Save the respective data and width and height of the framebuffer.

Simple android 2D skia library Application

1 skia plotting Overview   Skia is a graphic library of Google's underlying graphics, text, images, animations, and other aspects. It is the engine of the Image System in Android. Skia is used as a third-party software in the external Directory:

Market Space and Prospect Analysis of third-party Android ROM

Content Abstract: currently, third-party Android ROM is not widely used. It lacks its own unique and unified experience and features, and even the compatibility of applications caused by a large number of third-party Android ROM versions, it will

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