Build the android Source Code compiling environment in Ubuntu

Record backup Steps: Go to the command line CD/etc/Apt CP source. List source. list_bak Gedit source. List Copy the source to source. List (jdk5 source) Apt-Get update in the current directory Apt-Get install sun-java5-jdk so far jdk5

How to compile the header file when Android uses ndk

Currently, we are studying how to use androidProgramCall C ++ localCodeWhen using javah to generate a. h file, the following error occurs: No 2. supplement the concept in JavaJava provides a package mechanism to better organize classes. A package

Learn about Android Problems and Solutions

1. Call its API to start ADB mode, prompting you that you do not have permission. At first glance, the root permission is required. The permissions required by the guidance can be learned based on the log and added to androidmanifest. XML, such as .

Android: parcelable/bundle/ibinder

Public interfaceParcelableclass Overview Interface for classes whose instances can be written to and restored fromParcel. Classes implementing the parcelable interface must also have a static field calledCREATOR, Which is an object

Android: git/Gerrit/repo usage

Repo introduction: Repo is much easier to use than git. Simply put, repo is like a package, which gives git a layer of skin. Repo is also a script tool developed by Google. To manage multiple git libraries and submit code to Gerrit. gepo, it wraps

Android tips: Turn your app into an app that comes with the mobile phone system [/system/APP]

How to put your favorite app into the system app is actually very simple, only two operations are required 1. Root the phone first. This step is a prerequisite. 2. If you use the File Manager, you need to copy your favorite app to the/system/APP

Correction of Touch Screen in Android system --

From the perspective of the correction method,AndroidSystem touch screen calibration is generally divided into two types: Linear Calibration and three-point (usually five points) calibration; from the calibration position, there are also two types,

Start the android simulator to report the panic: cocould not open/. Android/AVD/test. ini problem.

You can use either the eclipse menu or the shell console to start the android simulator. Method 1: Eclipse menu Click "window" menu ---> select "AVD manager" ---> open the "android Virtual Device Manager" window. Click "new..." to create a new AVD.

Android uses mobclix for advertising profit (

Advertisement is a very convenient and universal way of making profits, especially for free apps. This does not need to be cumbersome. Mobclix provided support for the Android platform not long ago. Of course, good things can be tested without

Ubuntu12.04 64bit Android source code compilation problems encountered "Make: *** [out/host/linux-x86/obj/executables/adb_intermed

Ubuntu12.04 the following error occurs when 64-bit Android source code is compiled: Host executable: cmu2nuance (Out/host/linux-x86/obj/executables/cmu2nuance_intermediates/cmu2nuance)/Usr/bin/ld: cannot find-lncursesCollect2: LD returned 1 exit

For more information about the problems encountered by APIs that can read and write strings, see Solutions

Reference post Http://bbs.c CS/320267733I tried to debug the serial port on the serial port terminal chmod 777/dev/s3c2410_serial0chmod 777/dev/s3c2410_serial1chmod 777/dev/s3c2410_serial -- sate210, it can also be used as a common

Simple android 2D skia library Application

1 skia plotting Overview   Skia is a graphic library of Google's underlying graphics, text, images, animations, and other aspects. It is the engine of the Image System in Android. Skia is used as a third-party software in the external Directory:

Android-gyroscope Sensor

How can we convert the angular velocity information of X, Y, and Z axes obtained from the gyroscope into a full range of information such as Roll, Pitch, and Yaw? A gyroscope is an internal gyroscope. Its axis is always parallel to the initial

Market Space and Prospect Analysis of third-party Android ROM

Content Abstract: currently, third-party Android ROM is not widely used. It lacks its own unique and unified experience and features, and even the compatibility of applications caused by a large number of third-party Android ROM versions, it will

GetSystemService for Android

GetSystemService is an important API for Android. It is a method of Activity. It retrieves the corresponding Object based on the input NAME and converts it to the corresponding service Object. The following describes the system services.

Cocos2d-X engine responds to Android button messages

See 1. Modify TouchesJni in the cocos2dx/platform/android/jni directory. in the cpp file, add the key value you want to process. The value must be consistent with the corresponding Android key value. The

Cocos2d-x how to solve the CCEditBox In the Android platform does not respond to touch Problems

Use the following code to add CCEditBox to the class as an input box. The Code is as follows: // Add input default anchor (0.5, 0.5). modification is useless. Then, the coordinates cannot be layer-based // coordinates. The screen-based coordinates

Research on Binder Mechanism of Android

(1) OverviewAndroid's binder Mechanism provides a method for inter-process communication, so that a process can call the functions provided by another process in a way similar to a remote process call. The binder mechanism is provided in both the

Use Ant to manage projects for Android

Ant has many advantages. Although google provides a Development Environment Based on Eclipse + ADT, Eclipse is a little heavyweight. If continuous building is required, Ant is the preferred tool. However, I have found a lot of materials on the

Android naming rules

I. Android coding specifications 1. the java code does not contain Chinese characters. A maximum of Chinese characters can appear in comments. 2. Local variable naming and static member variable naming It can only contain letters. The first letter

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