Android refresh local album

From:   FoundProgramAfter saving the image to sdcard, the image cannot be found in the album. The image will appear only after the sdcard is reloaded; After the original image

Android obtains the list of running applications.

Packagesinfo Pi = new packagesinfo (this); 02. 03. activitymanager AM = (activitymanager) getsystemservice (activity_service); 04. // obtain the running application 05. list run = aM. getrunningappprocesses (); 06. // obtain the Package Manager,

Android advanced tutorial (13th)-Use of the android database sqlitedatabase !!

  Hello everyone, I haven't updated my blog for a long time. Recently, due to poor health, I 've been waiting for a long time. Now, let's go to the topic ~ AndroidThree data storage methods are provided. The first is file storage, and the second

Android bitmap Summary

I recently used the bitmap class and encountered many difficulties. I wrote it down and shared it with my friends who encountered the same difficulties. 1. If you want to upload an image to the server, the speed of calling Sina's interface is

Android changes source code control and never locks the screen

Screen locking is very necessary for mobile terminals, but it is not necessary for set-top box products. This article describes how to keep the Android device locked.The lock time of the Android system is stored in the setting database, and the

Android app-get the message about standby, wake-up, shutdown, and network status change

1) Standby:Broadcast message: Android. Intent. Action. screen_off (CODE) 2) Wake up:Broadcast message: Android. Intent. Action. screen_on (CODE) 3) shutdown:Broadcast message: Android. Intent. Action. action_shutdown (XML or code) 4) network

Android advanced tutorial (14th)-Use of Android location !!

Hello everyone, let's talk about it today.Location,LocationInAndroidIt is often used during development. For example, you can obtain the weather by longitude and latitude.LocationObtain region detailsAddress(For exampleGoogle MapDevelopment.

Android obtains information about the CPU, memory, version, and power of the system.

1. CPU frequency, CPU information:/proc/cpuinfo and/proc/STATBy reading the file/proc/cpuinfo system CPU type and other information. Read/proc/STAT all CPU activity information to calculate CPU usage. Here we will talk about how to obtain the CPU

Create an android simulator that can be independently distributed

What should we do if we write an Android Application and want to display it to others on a machine without the android SDK or build environment? Generally, when developing Android applications, we use simulators to run programs, either in the SDK

[Android] Code to enable/disable GPS.

Reprinted from:   If the current GPS status is enabled, it is disabled after the code is run; otherwise, it is enabled ~ The Code is as follows: Intent gpsintent = new intent (); gpsintent.

Ubuntu12.10 compile Android 4.2

1. Introduction This article describes how to build an Android 4.2 compiling environment on an x86 64-bit host (CPU I5.2. Install ubuntu12.10 Download PC from x86) desktop image, and then install it.2.1

Android Property System

1. What is an attribute? The property system is an important feature for Android. As a system service, it manages system configurations and States. All these system configurations and states are properties ). Property is a key/value combination, and

Android simulated keyboard and mouse events

Using socket + instrumentation to simulate keyboard and mouse events is mainly composed of the following three parts; Socket programming: Implements PC-to-emulator communication and loop listening; Service: place the socket listener in the service

Four loading modes of activity in Android

From:   In multi-activity development, activity jumps between applications or reusable activities with other applications. You may want to jump to an existing activity instance instead of generating a large

Android deletes the built-in system applications of mobile phones

In the development process, you need to delete the app that comes with your mobile phone. Otherwise, the package name will be the same and we will not be able to install our own app. During the deletion process, you need to delete two places in

Use of Android asynctask

Organized from: and Introduction Asynctask makes it easier and more appropriate to use the UI thread. It can run some operations in the background and

Android advanced tutorial (15th)-use location to get address!

Hello everyone, I spoke about how to get location via locationmanager in the previous section. If you have not read the previous section, you can click the following link to view it: Android advanced tutorial 14 --- use of Android location! One of

Android uses superuser to write an app with root permission and modify the CPU Governor

By default, the android Java-layer APK does not have the root permission. If the APK requires the root permission to perform some operations, such as file read/write under the system directory and CPU frequency change, you must obtain the root

Android basic animation

From: 1. Introduction to animation 1. Introduction animation provides a series of animation effects for Android: rotation, scaling, movement, fade-in and fade-out. These animation effects

How to view memory and CPU usage of a single process based on the Android system

1. Use Android API functions to view1.1 activitymanager view available memory.Activitymanager. memoryinfo outinfo = new activitymanager. memoryinfo ();Am. getmemoryinfo (outinfo );Outinfo. availmem is available idle memory.1.2. Android. OS. debug

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