CentOS 6.4 64-bit Platform mysql5.5.36 source compilation installation

Directory1. System environment2. Prepare user and data storage directory3. Compile and install MySQL4. Initial security configuration of MySQL database5, the MySQL Administrator password loss processing1. System environment[Email protected]_server ~]

Installation of Nginx boot from Linux (CentOS) system

installation of Nginx boot from Linux (CentOS) systemNginx is a powerful high-performance Web and reverse proxy server. Here's how to set up boot after installing under Linux.First, the Linux system'sCreate the Nginx file under

VirtualBox CentOS and MacOS Shared folders in a virtual machine

The Linux environment is needed in development, so it is developed using shared mode. Implemented through the Samba server.Environment:Virtual Machine VirtualBoxVirtual System CentOS 6.6Native MacOS virtual machine chooses a

Linux Intermediate: PXE + Kickstart Install CentOS 6.x operating system

First, prefaceMost of this article is for reference:http://www.cnblogs.com/mchina/p/centos-pxe-kickstart-auto-install-os.html Mainly used for learning.1.1 What is PXEPXE (Pre-Boot execution Environment, pre-boot execution Environment) is the latest

Linux Notebooks (CentOS)


Switch User: Su as Administrator: sudo display file contents: Ls-sail mysql* (keyword filtering) Create file: Touch A1 Edit File: VI A1 copy file: CP Source Destination Rename (move): mv a B Delete: Rm-i a Create directory: mkdir A delete directory:

Linux modifies SSH ports and disables root telnet (Lab CentOs)

Modify the SSH default remote connection port to 33331. Edit the firewall configuration:VI /etc/sysconfig/iptablesFirewall New Port 3333, the method is as follows:3333 -j ACCEPTSpecifically, this is done:==============================================

Build Hadoop 2.6.0 on CentOS 64-bit

1. Operating system compilation EnvironmentYum install cmake lzo-devel zlib-devel gcc gcc-c++ autoconf automake libtool ncurses-devel openssl-devel libxtst2. Installing the JDKDownload JDK1.7, note You can only use 1.7, or compile error

CentOS ssh Password-free login principle, configuration and FAQs

Principle IntroductionFor ease of understanding, it is assumed that the hadoop148 machine can be connected to the hadoop107 by means of a password-free login. First, a key pair is generated on the hadoop148 , including a public key and a private key,

CENTOS7 compilation installation LVS mutual preparation (measured notes Centos 7.0 + ipvsadm 1.27 + keepalived 1.2.15)

System hardware: VMware vsphere (cpu:2*4 core, memory 2G, dual NIC)LVS Server (two units):System: Centos7.0 64-bit (lvs+keepalived)lvsmaster: (main vip:, prepare vip: (main vip:,

Some questions about the use of CentOS 7 are summarized

Recently used Centos7 gnome and KDE, where GNOME desktop is not beautiful, and occupy the CPU and mem occupy a small footprint, but the machine load is very high, and finally cause the CPU temperature is high automatic shutdown, may be a driver

VSFTP installation, configuration, uninstallation in CentOS

1. Installing VSFTP 1 [[email protected] ~]# yum -y install vsftpd 2. Configuring the Vsftpd.conf File[Email protected] ~]# vi/etc/vsftpd/vsftpd.conf 0010020030040050060070080090100110120130140150160170180

Scala environment Build (on CentOS 6)

First, install the JDKNote: Scala runs on top of the JVM, requires installation of the JDK as a prerequisite, and chooses version 1.7.*, which is better compatible with Scala 2.10.* version1. Download: Download the JDK installation documentation

A detailed description of RPM package management in CentOS

Environment Note: win7+vmware11+centos6.6, use the CentOS6.6 installation CDRPM Full name is "RedHat package Manager", RPM is the biggest advantage is to install the software first compiled, and packaged into the RPM mechanism of the installation

Build a git server under CentOS 6.5

1. Git Server Setup 1. Environment deploymentSystem environment: Server side: CentOS 6.5, ip: CentOS 6.5, ip: version: Server-side: source code compiled and installed, git-1.9.0.tar.gzClient: Yum Online

How to reset the forgotten root user account password in Centos/rhel 7

Have you ever come across a situation where you can't remember the user account password on a Linux system? It's even worse if you forget the root user password. You cannot perform any changes to the entire system. If you forget the user password,

Environmental variables issues in the CentOS service

Problem Description : in the previous test, Intel Media Server Studio made a hard-coding and put the application into a service script in the/etc/init.d/directory. However, the test found that the effect of using service and/etc/init.d/started

How to install Mp4box on CentOS 6

How to install Mp4box on CentOS 6Mp4box is a MP4 multiplexer. It can import MPEG-4 video, DivX, XviD, 3ivx, H264 etc, audio streams and subtitles into the. mp4 container. The end result is a compliant MP4 stream. It can also extract streams from a.

Configure VNC Server on CentOS 7/rhel 7

The following simple guide, "the VNC server on RHEL 7/centos 7 machines, VNC help to share the desktop wit H The other machines which have a client installed. VNC server and client is not a installed by default, you need to setup the VNC server

Installing the APK Anti-compilation tool Apktool under CENTOS

Change to: http://www.qiansw.com/centos-apk-apktool.htmlI'm using a CentOS6.4 64-bit system.You need to download two packages first.Download here: Https://code.google.com/p/android-apktoolUsers can not open directly to the article to download the

CentOS SSH password-less login principle, configuration and FAQs, centosssh

CentOS SSH password-less login principle, configuration and FAQs, centossshPrinciples For ease of understanding, it is assumed that the hadoop148 host can be connected to hadoop107 without a password. Generate a key pair on hadoop148, including a

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