Linux (CentOS) SSH login without password authentication

Recently, in the construction of Hadoop cluster, in order to operate conveniently, master with no password authentication method SSH login Slave.1. Principle:Master as a client, to implement password-free public key authentication, to connect to the

Linux (CentOS) daily operations commands

Detecting new hardware with hardware detection program Kuduz: Service kudzu start (or restart)View CPU Information: Cat/proc/cpuinfoView card information: CAT/PROC/PCIView PCI information: LSPCI (more intuitive than CAT/PROC/PCI)View memory

Linux (CentOS) installation partitioning scheme

/boot: Used to store the Linux system boot-related programs, such as boot loader, etc., the recommended size is 100MB./usr: used to store applications in Linux systems, with more relevant data, more than 3GB is recommended./var: used to store

Installing SS5 server on CentOS 6.5 Linux

Yum Groupinstall "Development Tools" yum-y install gcc automake makeyum-y install pam-devel openldap-devel Cyrus-sasl-dev ElDownload Compile Socket5wget zxvf ss5-3.

Linux CentOS 6.6 Installation Simple processing method for adding Yum sources

Linux CentOS 6.6 Install yum source Simple processing methodThe installation environment is as follows:[[email protected] ~]# cat/etc/redhat-release ======== "View version of CentOS release 6.6 (Final) [[email protected] ~]# uname-r ======== "kernel

CentOS 6.5 x86_64 system manually frees memory

1. Querying current memory usage and releasing cached parametersRedismaster 10:29:24 [~] [root] free-mTotal used free shared buffers Cachedmem:7872 777 7095 0 117 435-/+ buffers/cache:223 7648swap:16383 0 16383View the commands that release the

CentOS Fragmented Learning 14.

The use of VI or vim place more and more, today share------VIM usage------Vim as a VI upgrade, compared to the advantages of vi obvious, color marker highlighting the distinction, are to provide a better visualization.Vim requires Yum to install

Centos 6.5 x64 Installation OpenFire

OpenFire down the firewall/etc/init.d/iptables stopUpdate to GMT/usr/sbin/ntpdate the JDKTar zxvf jdk-7u71-linux-x64.tar.gzMkdir/

How to view the remaining disk space on CentOS

The DF command of the Linux system is to view the file system as a disk partition, optionally with parameters to view the disk's remaining space information, the command format:Df-hlThe display format is:File system capacity has been used with

Memory VM Install CentOS error

Recently installed centos6.6 with VM11 card in the selinux-policy-targeted bag, and so on half a day did not respond, repeated many times this is the case, such as:650) this.width=650; "src="

CentOS single NIC batch add different IP segments

Single NIC bulk add different IP segments70.39.112.194 adding

Redis3.0 cluster Deployment (CentOS system)

(for the cluster to work, you need at least3a master node, where we're going to create6aRedisnode, where three primary nodes, three are slave nodes, correspondingRedisnode'sIpand port correspondence are as follows)

Redis3.0 cluster Deployment (CentOS system)

(To make the cluster work at least 3 primary nodes, here we will create 6 Redis nodes, of which three are the primary node, three are slave nodes, the corresponding Redis node's IP and port correspondence is as follows)

CentOS Install Docker

Install prerequisite SoftwareYum-y install iptables iptables-services net-tools vim wget Installing DockerYum-y Install Docker Download CentOS imageDocker Pull CentOS View CentOS ImagesDocker Images CentOS Run a Docker

CentOS Install MRTG

Installing Support PackagesYum–y install gcc perl gd libpng zlib net-snmp MRTGConfigure SNMPDEdit/etc/snmp/snmpd.conf FileBack up the snmpd.conf file and create a new blank snmpd.conf. Add the following to saveCom2sec notconfiguser localhost

CentOS Network Related Settings

1. Modify DNS # VI/ETC/RESOLV.CONFNameServer #google域名服务器NameServer #google域名服务器 2. Modify Host name # Vi/etc/sysconfig/networkNetworking=yes (Indicates whether the system uses a network)Hostname=centos (set host name for this

Boot/boot recovery deleted in CentOS 6 system simple Introduction

In the CentOS 6 system, the boot partition was deleted because of careless or operational errors.Is it possible to recover the deleted boot partition if this is the case?1. First use the CENTOS6 image to enter the Linux rescue rescue mode.650)

CentOS Configuration Firewall

Yesterday to help a friend to configure the CentOS server, a first for the convenience of testing directly shut the firewall, and then need to configure a firewall, the Internet to find a few firewall rules have errors, and later found that bloggers

Nginx Easy to manage 100,000 long connections---centos 6.5 x86-64 based on 2GB memory

Transferred from: prefaceWhen managing a large number of connections, especially only a small number of active connections, Nginx has a relatively good CPU and RAM

Configure CentOS firewall and centos Firewall

Configure CentOS firewall and centos Firewall Yesterday, I helped my friend configure the CentOS server. At the beginning, I shut down the firewall for convenience of testing. Then I needed to configure the firewall. I found several firewall rules

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