CentOS set fixed IP in VMware virtual machines

Because of the need to configure a fixed IP, on the internet for a long time finally found a viable example, the configuration was successful.1. First access to your gatewayConvenient to use the Select menu bar in the cento system configuration:

CentOS Linux installation and network configuration

Installing the CentOS6.5 systemClick Enter OK.Click Test.Wait.Click OK.Click OK.Click Continue.Reload the ISO into the VM.The load was successful.Select 中文版, then click OK.Select US and click OK.Select Re-initialize All.Click OK.Set the root user

CentOS configuration ssh One-way no password access

Recently in the study of a file system, you need to remotely install software to the client, and need no SSH password access, in addition to remote to the client to pass files, each time the root password is inconvenient, it is thought to use SSH

CentOS disk is full, find large files and clean up

Today found VPS typing crontab-e actually prompted "Disk quota exceeded" cannot be edited. So "Df-h" looked up the system disk space use 100%. The last location is/var/spool/mail/root This file has several G. Then clean up and solve the problem. If

Modify Startup items and network configuration under CentOS

1, the CentOS default is from the graphical interface to start, need more resources, in order to save resources can be started from the command line. Here's how to modify it:/etc/inittab file, putCode:Id:5:initdefault: This line, modified

CentOS Network Configuration

CentOS Network Configuration Network configuration-bash-4.1# Setup #如果没有setup命令, the Setup command can also be installed with yum install setuptool-yhttp://jingyan.baidu.com/album/25648fc1a303ce9191fd0032.html?picindex=2-bash-4.1# Yum Install

CentOS Configuration Fixed IP

Network Configuration method under CentOS (Gateway, DNS, IP address configuration) Source: Internet anonymous time: 07-13 00:32:07 "Big Small" This article introduced the CentOS network configuration method, the CentOS network configuration

Vmwar in CentOS 6.5 set static IP address

The first thing to set up in VMwareEnter Linux and modify the configuration file with the VI command#vi/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0After entering, add the following content firstipaddr=

How to configure multiple IPs for a single CentOS network card

Online a lot of introduction of a network card multiple IP methods, there are some problems, the following are practical methodsDevice= "Eth0"Type= "Ethernet"Bootproto=noneNm_controlled= "Yes"Ipv4_failure_fatal=yesIpv6init=noOnboot=yesUuid=

The Centos 6.6 command line implements auto-completion

Company colleagues with the Ubuntu system, automatic completion of the function is good, but my CentOS 6.6 system using sudo can not be automatically complete, git command can not be automatically complete.Search online for a workaround as follows.A

CentOS Installation PURE-FTPD

Yum-YInstallpam-DEVELCD/usr/LocalTarZXF pure-ftpd-1.0. $.Tar. GZCD Pure-ftpd-1.0. $./configure--prefix=/usr/local/pure-ftpd/--with-Puredb Make&& MakeCheck && Make

CentOS Card Restart error after VirtualBox replication

Ifconfig did not see eth0 after the VirtualBox cloned CentOS boot. Then restart the network card error:Service Network Restartshutting down loopback insterface: [OK]Bringing up loopback insterface: [OK]bringing up interface Eth0:device eth0 does no

CentOS NVIDIA Graphics driver installation

If the system CPU is not i3, i5, i7, use the following methods to install the driver normally. Otherwise, the Nivida video card will not be enabled after entering the system, and the system is enabled by default for Intel integrated graphics. At

CENTOS-6.5X64:VNC installation Configuration

1, before installing the software first check whether the system has installed the software: Rpm-qa tigervnc-server2, according to the query of the previous command, the display system is still not installed VNC server-side software, then we will

CENTOS-6.5X64:SSH installation Configuration

1, CentOS has installed the default OpenSSH2, Vim/etc/ssh/sshd_config port:ssh listening port default is 22, set to "Port 22" protocol:ssh allow SSH1 and SSH2 connection, set to "Protocol 2" Passwordauthentication: Set whether to use Password

CentOS Load/Mount USB drive

1. Log in as root userLoad the USB module first Modprobe usb-storageUse Fdisk-l to see the device of U diskIf the USB stick is sda12. Make sure that the folder/usb is established under directory/mnt, if it is not established, you can type the

CentOS Nginx Multi-port configuration process recording

1. Edit/usr/local/nginx/vhosts/Add a file under this directory, such as; ci.ainux.com, or copy a file modify the ports and directories in it, change the Log_format nameRestart Nginx:/usr/local/nginx/sbin/nginx-s Reload2. Pay attention to the

CentOS-64bit to compile the Hadoop-2.5. source code, and distributed installation, centoshadoop

CentOS-64bit to compile the Hadoop-2.5. source code, and distributed installation, centoshadoop SummaryCentOS7-64bit compilation Hadoop-2.5.0 and distributed Installation Directory 1. System Environment Description 2. Preparations before

Centos 6.6 command line for Automatic completion, centos6.6

Centos 6.6 command line for Automatic completion, centos6.6 The ubuntu system used by colleagues in the company has good auto-completion functions. However, when my Centos 6.6 system uses sudo, it cannot be automatically completed, and the git

Solve the LNMP environment 7.1 File not found., centoslnmp on CentOS 404

Solve the LNMP environment 7.1 File not found., centoslnmp on CentOS 404 Set the LNMP runtime environment built on CentOS 7 and 7.1 to/srv/www/default in the root directory of the PHP website. When you start php-fpm with systemctl, the browser

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