Cordova Implement video format conversion plugin (turn into MP4 format, iOS version)

This article demonstrates how to develop a custom plug-in to implement a video format conversion. Since the IPhone video is in MOV format, we implement a custom plug-in that converts video to MP4 format in order for the video to play smoothly on

Cordova NFC Read card (JavaScript)

The following code may help you to use the Cordova NFC plug-in function, you understand it, oh, say, this is the front-end HTML JavaScript method, non-Java plug-ins Prerequisite: Configure Cordova Plug-in method, still not on their own niang. An

Introduction to Cordova+angularjs+ionic Hybrid development (i)-----ionic environment to build __JS

As an iOS developer, the development trend of mobile development is quite concerned. As we all know, the primary mobile development is rarely used in the enterprise, most enterprises in order to reduce costs, the choice of Webapp,hybrid (mixed

Vue+cordova Create Hybird Hybrid Application (ii)----Generate secret key

We mentioned in the previous section how to package a hybrid application. So when we pack, we need to publish, the release needs to use a different key, then do these key how to generate it. 1. Use the Keytool command provided in the JDK to generate

Cordova+vue Project Initialization __cordova

1. Generate Cordova ProjectSee specifically Global install Cordova $ npm install-g Cordova Create a project named MYAPP $ cordova Create MyApp The following diagram of the build directory: 2. Create a Vue project in the

Icon and splash screen for Cordova Project __cordova

The Config.xml file in the Phonegap/cordova project, which has the following contents configured: " This res/icon and Res/screen directory is relative to the PHONEGAP project directory, which is similar to

Cordova Learning notes the use of _cordova plug-ins (camera) __cordova

A brief introduction to the creation of the project is now to see how the Cordova plug-ins are used. Adding Cordova Plug-ins can invoke some features or controls that are native to the phone.First add the camera plugin: Cordova Plugin Add

Cordova Source code In-depth analysis-fifth lecture __cordova

In the last lecture, the main process and framework have been introduced, Looking at the whole code again, I found that there were some details that I didn't enumerate, For example, before just introduced addjavascript one way to achieve

Cordova Learning One: basic Operation __cordova

Official website document: Chinese Document: The

Ionic+cordova Real-time notification alerting function based on websocket implementation _ionic

The app receives background-issued requests and prompts the user with a new message through the status bar, here the first thing to solve is how the front and back end of the interconnection, such as the PC end of the application, will generally use

Cordova refused to connect to xxxxx-Whitelist refuses to send a network request _cordova

Refused to connect to ' ' because it violates the following Content security Policy directive: "Default-src ' self ' data:gap: ' unsafe-eval '". Note which ' CONNECT-SRC ' was not

The practice of Ionic hot Update plugin Cordova-hot-code-push

Recently in the hybrid app, want to use hot new technology, that is, users do not have to reinstall the client, you can silently or prompt users to update the inside HTML JS CSS img and other files, like pay Treasure Festival, double 11 for the icon,

Ionic Hot Update Plug-in Cordova-hot-code-push use

Install the plugin first, the steps are as follows 1. Run Cordova plugin add Cordova-hot-code-push-plugin in the app directory 2. Run Cordova plugin add Cordova-hot-code-push-local-dev-addon in the app directory 3, installation CLI:NPM

Cordova Hot Code Push plugin automatically updates Web content for apps

Cordova Hot Code Push Plugin This plugin provides the ability to enable the Cordova app to automatically update Web content. Basically, all the files in your app that are in the WWW directory can be automatically updated. When you re-publish the

Cordova Configure WebView to open external links

First, the problem: in the Android app using Cordova generated by default, WebView in the hyperlink, if not a relative link, will be opened by default with the browser. Solution: Modify the Config. metabase file to add a link configuration node

Ionic add Baidu map positioning plugin Cordova-plugin-baidu-geolocation.git

This plug-in is suitable for directly invoking the positioning function (including WiFi, base station, GPS) in the JS Code of Ionic Project, returning the location information of the specified coordinate system and supporting the location

Cordova-plugin-file file operation Arrangement (ii)

Cordove File Instance Demo I.. cordova.file Get System directory [javascript]  View plain  copy//directory of the current program (cordova.file.applicationDirectory);   //Program Data Directory

Use Cordova to package H5 pages for app development

All along, app development is divided into Android version and iOS version, the same app needs to write two versions, the version is different, the cost is added. Cordova's emergence is a stream of clear, it can be H5 page packaged into Android or

Support for Windows7 Apache Cordova Tool Update

Source text: week, we released the CTP 2.0 for the development of multi-device hybrid applications, enabling developers to

Cordova loading layer, progress bar, file selection plugin

When doing a Cordova project, the responsiveness of the application is far from the native application, and a major problem is the efficiency of pop-up dialogs such as loading layers, progress bars, and so on. After all, the bullets in the project

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