How to connect PLSQL Developer to remote Oracle (non-installation client)

Remote connection to Oracle is troublesome. It usually takes the oracle client to be installed. You can use instantclient to easily connect to a remote Oracle database.   1. Create a Directory D: \ Oracle_Cleint to store related files. Create a

Oracle connection error (1)

1. Error description Java. SQL. SQLException: ORA-0064: error occurred at recursive SQL level 1. ORA-06153: unable to extend table SYS. AUD $ by 8192 in tablespace SYSTEM.ORA-02002: error while writing to audit trail. ORA-00604: error occurred at

OCP-1Z0-051-Question Analysis-23rd question

23. Examine the structure proposed for the TRANSACTIONS table:Name Null TypeTRANS_ID not null number (6)CUST_NAME not null VARCHAR2 (20)CUST_STATUS NOT NULL CHARTRANS_DATE NOT NULL DATETRANS_VALIDITY VARCHAR2CUST_CREDIT_LIMIT NUMBERWhich statements

Common DB2 commands (2)

Catalog Database:Catalog indirect: db2 catalog database on/db2sys [dir_name]Catalog remote: db2 catalog database as at node example: db2 catalog tcpip node NODESUN remote server 50000 ostype aix db2 catalog db SUNDB as SUN at node

OCP-1Z0-051-Question Analysis-29th question

29. Which two statements are true regarding constraints? (Choose two .)A. A foreign key cannot contain NULL values.B. The column with a UNIQUE constraint can store NULLS.C. A constraint is enforced only for an INSERT operation on a table.D. You can

OCP-1Z0-051-Question Analysis-27th question

27. Which two statements are true regarding tables? (Choose two .)A. A table name can be of any length.B. A table can have any number of columns.C. A column that has a DEFAULT value cannot store null values.D. A table and a view can have the same

Formatting of date and number strings in oracle

Select SYSDATE from dual t; -- system dateSelect TO_CHAR (SYSDATE, 'yyyy/MM/DD HH24: MI: ss') from dual t; -- format the dateSelect TO_DATE ('2014 18:28:20 ', 'yyyy/MM/DD HH24: MI: ss') from dual t; -- format the dateSelect sysdate, sysdate-interval

OCP-1Z0-051-Question Analysis-21st question

21. Examine the description of the EMP_DETAILS table given below:Name NULL TYPEEMP_ID NOT NULL NUMBEREMP_NAME not null VARCHAR2 (40)EMP_IMAGE LONGWhich two statements are true regarding SQL statements that can be executed on the EMP_DETAIL table?

OCP-1Z0-051-Question Analysis-6th question

6. Examine the structure of the SHIPMENTS table: Name Null Type PO_ID not null number (3) PO_DATE NOT NULL DATE SHIPMENT_DATE NOT NULL DATE SHIPMENT_MODE VARCHAR2 (30) SHIPMENT_COST NUMBER (8, 2) You want to generate a report that displays the PO_ID

OCP-1Z0-051-Question Analysis-22nd question

22. You need to create a table for a banking application. One of the columns in the table has the following requirements:1) You want a column in the table to store the duration of the credit period.2) The data in the column shoshould be stored in a

OCP-1Z0-051-Question Analysis-24th question


Role & #39; PLUSTRACE & #39; does not exist

I have created a new user named watson and granted the related priviledges as following: SQL> create user watson identified by watson; SQL> grant resource, connect, create session to watson;   There will be an error happened when we use this new

OCP-1Z0-051-Question Analysis-8th question

8. View the Exhibit and examine the structure of the MERs table.Which two tasks wowould require subqueries or joins to be executed in a single statement? (Choose two .) (Question: A MERs table is provided for the question, asking which two tasks

Query pages ----- strong top

Query page: Statement 1 has more than 10 times better performance, but it is hard to understand because it has more than one top keyword !!!! 1. Primary Key r_object_id within 1 s Select top 100 * from (Select all doc. r_object_id "objid", doc. name,

MongoDB2.6, java Usage Details

The environment used in this article is: win7_64 + Eclipse + mavenI. Preparations Download the java driver package Driver Pack: MongoDB Api:

JDK + JDBC + MySQL instances and precautions

By qx. zhongHangzhou 29 Jun 2014Development EnvironmentOS: Win8.1 x64JDK: 1.8 SEDB: MySQL 5.5 Lib: mysql-connector-java.jar1. Special correspondence between MySQL database data types and JDKThe following table lists only a few special value type

SQL server database system organization-create and manage data tables

Note: 1. The fixed-length character type occupies more space than the non-fixed-length character type, but the fixed-length character type does not need to be processed during field value setting, therefore, the processing speed is faster.

PL/SQL Introduction

PrefaceBodyPL/SQL(Procedure Language, Procedural Language) SQL 1999 a structured Language commonly used by major database vendors PL/SQL only supports Oracle databasesBasic syntaxMulti-line comment/**/single-line comment --PLSQL

OCP-1Z0-051-Question Analysis-5th question

5. Which SQL statements wocould display the value 1890.55 as $1,890.55? (Choose three .) A. SELECT TO_CHAR (1890.55, '$0G000D00') from dual; B. SELECT TO_CHAR (1890.55, '$9, 999v99') FROM DUAL; C. SELECT TO_CHAR (1890.55, '$99,999 d99') from dual; D.

Free installation of Oracle client and PL/SQL

Preface: Oracle is a typical C/S structure. The server provides oracle service instances, which are mainly used for database management, object management and storage, and data Storage, query, database resource monitoring, monitoring, and other

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