Use DBMS_PROFILER to locate PL/SQL bottleneck code

References involved in this descriptionBind variables and their advantages and disadvantagesOracle hard parsing and soft ParsingOracle variable bindingWhat does SQL Tuning Advisor (STA) do?Use SQL tuning advisor (STA) to automatically optimize SQL

MySQL SQL Tuning: Profile locates the performance bottleneck of a single QUERY

Not only does it not help, but it also wastes a lot of manpower and time costs, and may even drag the server downTherefore, when we accept the optimization of an SQL statement, the first thing is to understand where the query problem is?Is it IO? Is

Instance details MySQL database performance tuning method in Linux

The following environments are representative of the general configuration and work environment of small and medium-sized enterprises. I hope this article will help you understand the MySQL database performance tuning method in Linux. BKJIA

Detailed description of the compression ratio of the Infobright Database

Infobright claims that the data compression ratio is 10:1 to 40: 1. We have mentioned earlier that the compression of Infobright is based on the data type in the DP. The system automatically selects the compression algorithm and automatically

How to adjust server variables to adapt to individual enterprise needs

Different enterprises may have different Personalized Requirements for databases. Such as the date display format. To meet the requirements of different enterprises in this regard, the concept of server variables is put forward in the MySQL database.

How to Join two tables into one row in a one-to-many relationship

If you have a one-to-many relationship and want to Join two tables, but you only want to generate a row in each "one-to-many" relationship, you can refer to the following: A simple example is as follows: If you want to obtain the essay ID, Title,

The transformation from SQL to NOSQL

NOSQL systems generally advertise a feature, that is, good performance. Why? After so many years of development in relational databases, various optimization work has been done very deeply. NOSQL systems generally use relational database technology.

OMF facilitates data file management

Guidance:InOMF(Managed files) before the database administrator createsData FilesYou need to pay attention to two issues. The first is what kind of name should be taken for this data file, and the second is to consider whether the newly created data

Seven best practices for primary data management (MDM)

When considering subjects such as primary Data Management (MDM) and Master Data Management, it is the only natural way to seek consultations from people who have already experienced or experienced primary Data Management. However, the best practices

How to steal website management permissions by injecting SQL statements

We know that the website background needs to verify the user input. If this is not done, the user can even enter some SQL statements to operate the background database. Such a fun thing has never been really experienced. A few days ago, the School

Have you noticed these issues? Considerations for database Optimization

There are a lot of articles on Database optimization, but some of them seem to be incorrect and some are impractical. For a single database, they can only be better, not the most optimal, and because of different actual needs, there are still some

Analyze the cause of inefficiency when the TOP statement is placed outside the table Value Function

SQLSERVER's table value function is a new feature of SQLSERVER 2005. It is easy to use, just like a separate table, and is widely used in our system. There is an SQL Server Table value function for obtaining customer data. If you log on as an

DataTable causes constraints not to be enabled

Modify an earlier project today. After running the project and select a query page, the system prompts "constraints cannot be enabled. One or more rows contain values that violate non-null, unique, or foreign key constraints ." . Cause analysis:

Differences between Oracle dba and sysdba

I used to mix dba and sysdba. Today I am discussing the differences between them in the Forum. The special record is as follows:   SYSDBA is not a permission. When a user logs on to the database as SYSDBA, the user will become SYS. You can log on

Summary client data storage

Summary What is client data storage? Simply put, data is stored on a specific client, reducing the number of requests to the server. Why is client data storage required? In the response time, the time taken by the http request response cannot be

Record the entire process of data analysis

When I was just finishing my next shift, I sat down bored in the company. A colleague gave me some data and told me to implement a statistical report similar to a cross table. I thought it would take up to ten minutes to get it done. I did not

MongoDB AutoSharding + Replication sets Stability Test

Single Replication sets design: ,, only Mongos and config services are started. ^_^[root@:/usr/local/mongodb/bin]#cat   ./mongod --configsvr --dbpath=../data/config --logpath=../data/config.log --fork  

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