The personality characteristics of the DBA (database administrator)

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Many times managers ignore the personality characteristics of DBAs , who only focus on the technical capabilities of DBAs. In fact, each of the responsibilities mentioned above means that the DBA needs to deal with a variety of people who may be vendors, users, developers, or administrators. This means that DBAs must have the following personality traits: self-confidence, curiosity, tenacity of willpower, tact, self-motivated, attention to detail

Why are these personality traits important?

I have a few people who lack self-confidence, they ask me a lot of questions, they have no confidence even to make the smallest decision. They also lack the initiative to work. This may not be a big problem for junior DBAs, but for senior DBAs, if they lack self-confidence, who can they rely on to help them make decisions? In a DBA interview, even if you can't answer a technical question, you should show enough self-confidence. The most fatal is not to know the answer to the question, but do not know where to get the answer.

Almost all of the database systems are constantly being updated. However, not all updates have technical documentation. For a good dba, Curiosity is necessary. DBAs without curiosity and thirst for knowledge always wait for someone to tell them the answer. A highly inquisitive DBA will install the latest version of the database system and immediately start searching for even minor features and performance differences and enhancements to improve their work. One of the questions that must be asked when taking a test is: What references do you have on hand? How do you use them? There is no doubt that if you only answer the documents of the database, or you have not even read them, your "stock market value" will be greatly reduced. Curiosity drives DBAs to understand data Dictionary, management tools, or other support packages (Packages).

DBAs often run into tricky problems. Finding the answer is a personality trait that requires tough willpower and can withstand beating. I often see the questions the DBAs ask in some discussion groups or forums, which are often the questions that the questioner can solve if they have tough personality traits and try to find the answer to the question.

Self-drive is important for everyone, especially for DBAs. The DBA should be able to find a way to make the problem happen instead of waiting for it to happen. Self-driven DBAs often try to get or write some of the necessary scripts (script) to monitor items including datasheet size (table size), tablespace usage (tablespace Usage), and these items will be in trouble if they are ignored. When taking the test, DBAs are often asked to experience Pl/sql, SQL or Sql*plus, and these questions will separate you from the DBAs who have never written the scripts you need.

It goes without saying that you have to be sophisticated enough to deal with users and programmers and managers. A little DBA will not do anything good for you, it will only ignite hostile passions in your department. Tact is the ability to advise someone to go to the underworld, Haha, and in the end this person is in the mood of longing. Most of the time, developers, managers, and users will make unreasonable demands, and DBAs need to be adept at directing, correcting, and persuading them. When you take the test, your response can be a good indication of your tact.

Finally, attention to detail, this disposition is very important. Attention to detail the DBAs are neatly dressed, have their own schedules, and investigate the units they apply to before taking the test. The DBAs who pay attention to detail understand the kernel of the database and understand the relationships between views and tables.

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