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When will Apple's iphone 6s go public? iphone 6s Market Time Introduction

iphone 6s Time-to-market is on sale in the iphone 6 and iphone 6 Plus, and news of when the iphone 6s is on the market has been heard, saying the iphone

Apple iphone 6s/6s plus return or change machine and precautions

According to Apple's rules, users can enjoy unconditional returns within 14 days of buying a new iphone. One, the IPhone 6s replacement note: If you are buying an iphone at a direct Apple Store: 1. You can switch to a direct store within 14 days of buying a new

iphone 6S/7 Configuration exposure iphone 60% soy sauce products?

The iphone 6 only went on the market for a few months, said Mr Wang, the director of research at ISuppli Corp., on Weibo, that the iphone 6 and iphone Plus will definitely be upgraded to 2GB in 2015, and the upgraded iphone must be the iphone

Apple mobile device share top ten in November: IPhone 6s sixth up 3%

IDC Commentary Network ( December 28: According to the latest data released by the Baidu Mobile statistics show that in November domestic Apple mobile device share in the ten World War, the IPhone 6 ranked 1th, a share of 23.53%, down 0.95% from the previous month. The next iphone 5s share was also eroded, down 1.36%, down to 17.45%. By contrast, the IPhone

IPhone 6S has an issue that Apple doesn't want to discuss

IPhone 6S has an issue that Apple doesn't want to discussThis should be an unwritten rule. The new generation of iphones's launch brings a new generation of iOS, which invariably leads to problems with older models, but the newest and greatest iphones always work well. Some argue that this is an escalation plot, while others claim that old hardware is unavoidable. But now this unwritten rule has been bro

Skip iphone 6S Apple next-gen phone called IPhone7 directly?

April 3 News, according to foreign media reports, Keygen Securities analyst General Ming 錤 predicted that Apple may be the next iphone directly named IPhone7, and the next iphone will be only 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches two versions.In Thursday, Guo Mingyan, an analyst at Keygen Securities, who had repeatedly predicted Apple products, said in a report to investors that the next generation of

IPhone 6S Telecom/Mobile/Unicom contract machine which one's better?

While the contract machine has been a bit of a pit for the iphone, but now Apple has added varying degrees of subsidy to operators, the purchase of contract packages may be cheaper than the usual way to buy a bare-metal + mobile package. Is that what it is? We might as well come up with a calculation. China Unicom First look at China Unicom's iphone 6s contract

Apple iphone 6s Plus press home key How to handle the abnormal sound

Recently, there are many Apple orchard partners to small knitting reaction a brand new iphone 6s Plus use in less than one months will appear to loosen or press the home key type of abnormal sound, however, on the hardware problem small series here really can't use the thinking of the software to solve the problem, this is not, recently, some netizens exposed the use of the

Drive life for you a key to solve the iphone 6S phone driver problem

First of all, download and install a professional driver software, such as driving life 6, install the software, open the main interface, it is recommended to click the "Start Detection" button to detect the current computer driver is abnormal or need to update. If you detect a driver need to be updated, we recommend that you do not click the "Update Now" button to update, because the driver is not the latest is the best, as long as their computer running normally, do not need to update the driv

IPhone 6s need to do after hand

usage records, such asGames, SMS, phonebook, call history, homemade ringtones, photos, dates, alarms, etc.If the jailbreak phone has a cydia icon4. Activate and test 3Dtouch function, home functionThe fruit powder can be used to fine tune the 3D touch in the settings > Universal > Auxiliary use > 3D touch.Home key Thermal and Touch IDAs a new machine fruit powder, of course, check if Touch ID is able to correctly identify the fingerprint of the fruit powder. In addition, earlier fruit powder po

"IPhone 6S-tech" doesn't have to be plugged in or "Hey Siri" at any time.

"IPhone 6S-tech" doesn't have to be plugged in or "Hey Siri" at any time.Before the iphone 6, it was only when the power was plugged in that it was possible to call Siri by saying, "Hey Siri." But for iphone 6s+ios 9, you can call Siri at any time with your voice, without ha

iphone 6s pp Helper jailbreak iphone 6 jailbreak tutorial;Hello, welcome to focus on PP assistant! I am glad to answer you:Mobile phone installed PP Assistant, download software will be more convenient.How to install PP helper on an Apple phone without jailbreak1. On the device, open Safari. Note: Be sure to download the installation using Safari.2. Enter in the Address field: Click Install Now4. Select "Install"5, waiting for insta

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