Drive life for you a key to solve the iphone 6S phone driver problem

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First of all, download and install a professional driver software, such as driving life 6, install the software, open the main interface, it is recommended to click the "Start Detection" button to detect the current computer driver is abnormal or need to update. If you detect a driver need to be updated, we recommend that you do not click the "Update Now" button to update, because the driver is not the latest is the best, as long as their computer running normally, do not need to update the driver is also possible.

Click to open the peripheral driver interface, you can see that the computer all external access to the USB input device, will appear in this interface. Click on a device, you can view the equipment information, for peripheral equipment management is convenient and fast. If a peripheral device driver appears abnormal, there will be a corresponding prompt. If the iphone 6S plugged into the computer can not recognize, there will be exclamation point prompts, just click on "Repair Drive", according to the corresponding instructions to operate.

Click to open the peripheral driver interface, small set to the iphone 6S before connecting to the computer, driving life will automatically detect the installation of a matching Apple driver, this is driving the intelligent life of the place, completely do not require the user manual operation.

Of course, driving life is not only to support Apple mobile devices, other brand models of mobile phones, the same can be used to drive the life of a key to detect installation or repair, such as Samsung, HTC, Apple, Huawei and other smart phone brands of a variety of models of mobile phones. At the same time, after your phone driver installation is complete, click on the appropriate device to view the details of the device. After the first connection is installed, the connection will no longer require a duplicate installation drive.

For any USB peripherals device driver, driver life can be inserted in the installation, loading drive is no longer difficult. In addition to the peripheral driver of this function, computer-driven other problems can be driven by one by one of life to solve, driving the function of life is so powerful!

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