IPhone 6S Telecom/Mobile/Unicom contract machine which one's better?

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While the contract machine has been a bit of a pit for the iphone, but now Apple has added varying degrees of subsidy to operators, the purchase of contract packages may be cheaper than the usual way to buy a bare-metal + mobile package. Is that what it is? We might as well come up with a calculation.

China Unicom

First look at China Unicom's iphone 6s contract machine situation, although unicom publicity when highlighting a number of contract packages, new and old users have 0 yuan to buy a machine, but to choose the 396-dollar stalls, we generally? Pan on the sand round? l hit the pain? 6 yuan/month —596 Yuan/month, cent 12/24/30/ 36-month contract period.

There are also 3GB in the province of the flow of gifts (half a year), so the minimum 76 months December package calculation, this stall has a monthly start 50 yuan a month to return.

Calculate is: 5299 Yuan +76/month * December-50 yuan/month *11 month, finally for 5661 yuan. 5661-5299=362 yuan, divided by 12 months, that is equivalent to 30 yuan per month to pay the package fee.

In other words, is to spend 5299 yuan to buy an iphone 6s, plus 30 yuan per month package, you can get 200 minutes call, 400MB traffic, caller ID, 3GB half a year flow.


Then look at China Telecom, China Telecom iphone 6s Optional is lower, the package has 59 yuan/month to the highest 599 yuan/month, but the contract period is only 24 months. At the lowest level of 59 yuan 24 months, the beginning of the monthly 20 Yuan return, the last one months to return 30 yuan.

5288 Yuan + 59 yuan/month *24 month-20 yuan/month *23 month-30 yuan, finally is 6214 yuan. Then the calculation is equivalent to 38 yuan per month package fee.

Therefore, the IPhone 6s China Telecom version 59 months 2 years contract machine is to spend 5288 yuan to buy a mobile phone, plus a monthly 38 yuan package fee, get 100 minutes call, 500MB flow, caller ID display.


As for China Mobile, the IPhone 6s before the sale of the reservation is to choose the bare metal and contract machine. But now the mobile official website temporarily offline contract machine plan, only the bare metal sale. But can still go to the line of the business Hall or Jingdong Mall and other places to choose contract machine.

Mobile has a 12-month and 24-month two contract period, from 58 to 588 yuan stalls. We are still the most low-grade standard to see, that is 58 yuan 12 months to calculate the look, this package is a monthly return of 14 yuan, the last one months to 20 yuan:

5288 Yuan + 58 yuan/month * December-14 yuan/month * November-20 Yuan, the last is 5810 yuan. Minus the bare metal price 5288 divided by 12 months, that is, 43 yuan per month package fee.

Therefore, the choice of mobile iphone 6s, is to spend 5288 yuan purchase 43 Yuan monthly package, you can get 50 minutes call, 500MB flow, caller ID display.

Summary: With the lowest entry level to calculate the various operators of the iphone 6s contract machine package, compare, you can find why mobile main push bare metal sold, probably think contract machine and two other than really not competitive. Due to the existence of subsidy rebate, so the monthly package fee is actually lower a lot, all with the minimum entry, the above calculated put together to see:

Unicom (1-year contract): 5299 yuan Buy machine + 30 yuan/month = 200 minutes call, 400MB flow, caller ID, 3GB six months flow

Telecom (2-year contract): 5288 yuan Buy machine + 38 yuan/month = 100 minutes call, 500MB flow, caller ID

Mobile (1 years contract): 5288 yuan buy machine + 43 yuan/month = 50 minutes call, 500MB flow, caller ID

In general, or Unicom's concessions are more affordable, the second is China Telecom it is better than moving, the third is moving, but also mobile is not the main reason to push the bare metal.

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