Oracle Parallel query Error

1. Error description ORA-12801: error Signal issued in parallel query server P007 ORA-01722: Invalid Number 12801.00000-"error signaled in parallel query server % s" * Cause: A parallel query server reached an exception condition. * Action: Check

Simple fix Master error drops inconsistent

Last_ SQL _Error: Error 'unknown table 'bb' on query. Default database: 'test'. Query: 'drop TABLE 'bb'/* generated B The idea is to try to stop slave, reset slave, and add bb tables (define tables as needed). Remember the bin-log and position of

Detailed process of MySQL5.6.12 compilation and installation by source code

1 download the installation package download tar.gzWget Install the cmake Software PackageYum install cmake-y3 create account of mysqlGroupadd mysqlUseradd-g mysqlAutoreconf -- force --

DB2 error code note

Profit Return shopping Shopping rebates are justified, but the rebates are not high. (1)SQL State: 42831 [Error Code:-542, SQL State: 42831] DB2 SQL Error: SQLCODE =-542, SQLSTATE = 42831, SQLERRMC = BATCH_NO, DRIVER =

Power Designer experience

To some extent, any software that we take advantage of will add to our learning and life. This blog will talk about how I feel when using Power Designer.   ************************* PowerDesignerCommon

DB2 Restoration: SQL0928N

The environment is AIX 6.1, and DB2 first checks whether the db2 master process exists.Ps-ef | grep db2sysIf notDb2startOpen the database backup media as a cold backup data source and cd it to the directory where the media is located:Cd/home/

Database Upgrade ora-04063 DBMS_REGISTRY has error

When upgrading the Oracle database from to, the software upgrade is normal, the instance upgrade is normal, and the psu is upgraded. Run @? /Rdbms/admin/catbundle psu when applying, only part of the information is displayed,

OCP-1Z0-051-Question Analysis-28th question

28. Which two statements are true regarding constraints? (Choose two .)A. A foreign key cannot contain NULL values.B. A column with the UNIQUE constraint can contain NULL values.C. A constraint is enforced only for the INSERT operation on a table.D.

How to collect data from tables of various EBS-related businesses

1. Processing Run rcv11i_sa. SQL with reference to Note: 402245.1. Enter the po number, and the remaining values are default. Refer to Note: 1294177.1. If there is a problem with the above script, you can download the script from this Note to find

Data granularity in Data Warehouses

Granularity is one of the most important aspects of data warehouse design. Granularity refers to the level at which the data stored in the data unit of the Data Warehouse is refined or comprehensive. The higher the level of refinement, the smaller

Mysql float double Type

1. float TypeThe float column type cannot be found by default. The precision must be specified,For example, numFloat,InsertTable (num) values (0.12); select* From table where num = 0.12, empty set.Num float (9, 7 ),InsertTable (num) values (0.12);

Example of an external data experiment (4) Verify that external data finds out the non-synchronization caused by updata and delete operations.

Example of an external data experiment (4) Verify that external data finds out the non-synchronization caused by updata and delete operations. Extension: Example of the external data experiment (3) Verify that external data finds out the

MySQL database Learning

I used Windows 7, started learning PHP and MySQL, and bought Head First PHP & MySQL. you can obtain the relevant information and source code of HeadFirst series books from Head First Labs. 1. Download the XAMPP Development Kit Download the popular

Oracle decode function usage

The DECODE function is one of the powerful functions of oracle pl/SQL. Currently, only oracle SQL provides this function, and other database vendors do not yet implement this function. What is the purpose of DECODE? First, let's construct an example.

ORA-00600: internal error code, arguments: [4194], [53], [41], [], [], [], [], [], []

I can't help myself. My R & D colleagues directly shut down the plug-in power supply when testing the IBM 3650 server ??? The next day, after some restart, oracle opened the error ORA-00600: internal error code, arguments: [4194], [53], [41], [], []

Sybase Database Study Notes (1)

Sybase basic framework The sybase database consists of System databases, user databases, database devices, and auxiliary files. 1. System Database Sybase database is a database management system with multiple database structures. It can be

E-R model conversion to relational model for Database Design

In the charging system of the Self-reconstructed data center, you need to re-design the database. How can we design the database? This is also an important course "database principles" in our own test. For those who have passed this course, we must

Example (5) modify the column value on the primary key. The update operation is split into two statements.

Example (5) modify the column value on the primary key. The update operation is split into two statements. Continue with "Example of the upload data experiment (4) Verify that the upload data finds out the non-synchronization caused by the updata

Let you know software development in advance (32): database indexing

Part 1 Database SQL language Database index   Indexes play an important role in the database. They are a structure for sorting values of one or more columns in a database table. Correct use of indexes allows you to quickly access specific

Database background Optimization-triggers

To ensure database integrity and consistency, You need to execute multiple SQL statements to achieve the desired purpose. In a one-to-many database relationship, such as the relationship between the card number category and card number. If you want

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