Db2 trigger example

-- Create table statement create table wangzstable (idintegernot null, NAMEVARCHAR (20) not null, AGEVARCHAR (20) not null, STATUSVARCHAR (10), createtimestamp, UPDATETIMETIMESTAMP, SENDTIMETIMESTAMP ); select * from wangzsTable; insert into

Implementation of mysql semi-synchronous Replication

The differences between mysql semi-synchronous replication and asynchronous replication are shown in the preceding architecture diagram: when mysql asynchronous replication occurs, after the Mysql Master Server transfers its Binary Log through the

Oracle Dynamic Registration parameter local_listener

The local_listener parameter has two writing formats and provides different functions. On the listener file, ports 1521 and 1526 have dynamic listening ports. [oracle@dbsv admin]$ cat listener.ora LISTENER= (DESCRIPTION= (ADDRESS_LIST=

Mysql installation and C ++ access to the mysql database and encoding settings

1. The installation of mysql is relatively simple. You can download the mysql installation program directly from the official website to complete the installation process. There are many installation tutorials online. There is no need to pay

Zero Downtime Upgrade of Oracle 10g to Oracle 11g Using GoldenGate-2

Prepare 10g Database for OGG Create GGS and GGS_MON Database Users SQL> create tablespace ggs_tbs datafile '/u01/app/oracle/oradata/zwc/gg_tbs01.dbf' size 100 M; Tablespace created. SQL> create user ggs identified by ggs default tablespace ggs_tbs

SQL connection error (Microsoft SQL Server, error: 2)

I wrote a piece of code when I used SQL statements to create a table yesterday. I am not sure about the logic and content of the code. I did not hesitate to execute the code, there were several errors in the process. At that time, I didn't care too

The update operation nodes of GoldenGate are not synchronized -- Solution

The update operation nodes of GoldenGate are not synchronized.Fault description: synchronization cannot be implemented after update is performed on node 1 and node 2.Solution Process:1. Regular inspection: Check the Process status: normalGGSCI (gc1)

Football and oracle series (3): oracle process rankings, the World Cup round is about to fight!

Football and oracle series (3): oracle process rankings, the World Cup round is about to fight! Statement: This is not a technical document. Since I have learned a few tricks about oracle, I cannot afford to sell it to anyone. Just after a meal, I

Error creating bean with name & #39; memcachedClient & #39;... java. lang. OutOfMemoryError

1. Tomcat startup error: Caused by: org.springframework.beans.factory.BeanCreationException: Error creating bean with name 'memcachedClient' defined in file [/usr/local/apache-tomcat-6.0.37_6500/webapps/trade_service/WEB-INF/classes/META-INF/spring/

ORACLE 8i error: ORA-01631: max # extents (505) reached in table

I recently used statspack on a 8i production database of the customer and found that alert has an error: Mon Jun 16 13:17:52 2014Errors in file/oracle/8.1.7/admin/prod/bdump/snp0_96626_prod.trc:ORA-12012: error on auto execute of job 304ORA-01631:

Data room charging system-Database Design Specification

GB8567--88 Database Design Specification 1 Introduction High-quality databases play an important role in big data processing programs or systems. Therefore, there are many requirements and regulations for database design. First, the database must

Football and oracle series (2)

Brazil: tactical strategy: 4222 unshakable, no suspense in the main lineup The core system has no objection, 4222 complete explanation, and the system architecture is so clear World Top Team: Brazil Core database technology team: Oracle COACH: DBA

PowerDesinger15: Set the font size

When PowerDesigner is used, the font size and color of the default table are very difficult to see. If you set the font color through Symbol ---> Format, you can only modify the selected most and the newly created Table is invalid. You can modify

Practice: Close mysql-mysql 5.6.19 with a custom script

Customize a mysql close script according to the working environment   --- 1. Save As/usr/local/mysql/scripts/mysql_env.ini # Set mysql init variablesMYSQL_USER = system # mysql UsernameMYSQL_PASS = 'Password' # mysql logon User password # Check

ORA-00913 error: PL/SQL: ORA-00913: too values

ORA-00913 error. Description: PL/SQL: ORA-00913: too partition values Objective: To compile a script that can insert data cyclically. Procedure: SQL> desc tcustmer Name Null? Type ----------------------------------------------------- CUST_CODE not

Implementation of database read/write locks (C ++)

I. Basic Concepts In a database, the two basic operations on a data are write and read. The distribution has two types of lock control: exclusive lock (X lock) and shared lock (S lock ). Exclusive lock (x lock): If transaction T adds X lock to data

Basic Calculation Method for the internal offset of data blocks

Reprinted please indicate the source: http://blog.csdn.net/guoyjoe/article/details/32715157   The BASE calculation method is as follows:For ASSM: 76 + (itc-1) * 24 = 52 + itc * 24For MSSM: 68 + (itc-1) * 24 = 44 + itc * 24   gyj@ZMDB> select * from

Mysql Database Import _ only use frm to import table structure to mysql

A jsp code segment connecting to mysql on the internet, giving the database backup file, but only frm, Each mysql table has three files ,*. frm describes the table structure ,*. MYD Stores Table data records ,*. MYI is the index of the table,

Design idea for dynamic table event in the most code website

Original article: Design Ideas for dynamic table event in the most code website To present the operations of the most code users on the whole site, a dynamic type needs to be designed, which can be expanded infinitely according to the business, you

Database Table Constraints

When designing a database, data integrity needs to be considered to ensure the quality of data in the database table (data integrity is the correctness and consistency of the index data ). For example, if you want to create a basic info table

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