Performance Problem Solving case 01 -- sybase database memory problem

The problem was reported on the site recently. All electronic seal pages cannot be opened (in pdf format), and no errors were reported in background logs. The effect was blank: 1. First of all, I thought of the ocx control issue of the seal. I

Master xinju database-summer public welfare experience course

Master xinju database-summer public welfare experience course 1. Do not miss out on DBAs (students) 1. the largest and most professional ORACLE software service provider in China: the organizer of this event, Shanghai xinju Network Technology Co.,

Talking about the contradictions

More and more problems have been found recently. Both in self-learning and software problems have made me feel that there are still many problems that need our efforts, in the near future, we can better solve the problem. Now let me talk about the

Possible causes and solutions for ORA-27302: failure occurred at: skgpspawn3

Possible causes and solutions for ORA-27302: failure occurred at: skgpspawn3 Symptom: Mon May 26 07:08:58 GMT + 08:00 2014 Process startup failed, error stack:Mon May 26 07:08:58 GMT + 08:00 2014 Errors in

Exdata cell node configuration problems

Problem description: [Celladmin @ vrh4 ~] $ CellcliCellCLI: Release on Sat Jun 14 09:11:08 EDT 2014 Copyright (c) 2007,201 2, Oracle. All rights reserved.Cell Efficiency Ratio: 1 CellCLI> create celldisk all CELL-02559: There

Data room charging system-Project Development Plan

Project Development Plan (GB856T--88)1 Introduction 1.1 Writing Purpose A project development plan is a preliminary plan for determining the project to be developed. You need to have a rough understanding of the conditions required during the

Experience on Namenode backup and restore

Hadoop version: Hadoop Well, We can do this by building Secondary Namenode, Checkpoint node or Backup node. Example: Assuming you have a Secondary Namenode. 1. Check secondary namenode checkpoint status: Dfs. namenode. secondary.

Data room charging system-test plan

Test Plan (GB8567--88) 1Introduction Testing is required when the project's basic code is completed, which plays an important role in troubleshooting and fixing vulnerabilities. 1.1Purpose The main purpose of the test is to find as many

Obtain the TOP statement of each Metric in the database for 30 days

You can query from v $ SQL or v $ sqlarea in a short period of time. If you want to query within a week or a month, you may not be able to find it in V $ SQLAREA! The following is obtained through history DBA_HIST_SQLSTAT, Which is retained through

The latest mysql version in centos is successfully installed! Backup several key points

I tried to build a simple LAMP environment, but I found that there are so many problems. (By default7 # In many cases, the prompt for installing Mysql is via yum one-click installation. The shell command is as follows: yum install

Mongodb backup restoration method

-- Backup 1. Back up data to the default folder. D: \ mongodb \ bin is the installation directory of mongodb Mongodump-d is the backup database command Testdb Database Name The backed up database is in the dump folder under the mongodb

Oracle NULL values

1. What is NULL?NULL indicates UNKNOW (unknown), which does not represent any value. For example, if a column in a row does not have any value, it is NULL.ORACLE allows blank fields of any data type, except for the following two cases:1) primary key

Mysql-Character Set details

Common Character sets include ASCII, GB2312, GBK, UTF-8, Unicode First, you must know ASCII code: One byte is used to identify 0-9 numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters, and some punctuation and invisible characters. 1 byte, 8 bits, can have 256

SQL dialect configuration for oracle, sqlserver, and mysql Databases in hibernate4 (SQL Dialects)

SQL dialect configuration for oracle, mysql, and sqlserver databases in hibernate4 (SQL Dialects)  Database Type Hibernate SQL Dialect DB2 Org. hibernate. dialect. DB2Dialect DB2 AS/400 Org. hibernate. dialect. DB2

Query in SQL Server

This blog briefly introduces several types of queries commonly used in SQL Server and their usage methods. 1. Obtain a single value using the ExecuteScalar Method The ExecuteScalar method is one of the SqlCommand class methods. It executes the query

[SQL] remotely using PostgreSQL Studio to visually view PostgreSQL databases

1. Download Go to the official website to download the latest PostgreSQL Studio, I downloaded pgstudio_1.2-bin. zip, because my computer does not have tomcat. If Tomcat is configured on your computer, download and decompress the

MongoDB + node-Skip skin Study Notes

FeaturesEvery document in the schema-free MongoDB is a JSON object. Therefore, you do not need to predefine the structure of a set. Each document in the set can have a different structure.By default, all write operations for asynchronous writing to

At the same time, Incomplete recovery of parameter files, control files, and redo log files is lost (hot backup and archiving of data files)

Reprinted please indicate the source: ######### Preparations before recovery1. Perform a Hot Backup select 'alter tablespace '||tablespace_name|| ' begin backup;' ||chr(10)|| 'host cp '|

Rman-based bad block recovery

Reprinted please indicate the source The experiment steps are as follows: 1. Use rman to back up the entire database Recovery Manager: Release - Production on Sun Jun 8 15:30:35

Practice: INNOBACKUPEX for mysql 5.6 Automatic Restoration script-v2

The script is updated again and shared!     #! /Bin/sh## Usage:#./Restore. sh/full path of your backup file# INNOBACKUPEX = innobackupexINNOBACKUPEX_PATH =/usr/bin/$ INNOBACKUPEXTMP_LOG = "/var/log/restore. $. log"MY_CNF

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