Manage voting disks

Zookeeper manages voting disks 1. Some things that must be known about voting disk:We can use the dd command to back up voting disk before 11g, But oracle no longer supports using dd to back up voting disk after 11g.If the dd or cp command is used,

Oracle11g RAC construction in linux (5)

Oracle11g RAC construction in linux (5) 4. Establish trust relationships between hosts (node1 and node2)   Establish trust between oracle and grid users between nodes (create a public key and private key through ssh) Create in node1 and node2

Database Access Technology-JDBC

Before learning about JDBC, we can review ODBC to better understand JDBC. The two relationships are not common. They implement the same function and provide support for application connection and database operations. Therefore, we should start with

Navicat software settings to connect to the mysql database

Navicat software sets the applicable scope for connecting to the mysql database and the scope of demonstration tools: All mysql series (including mysql in Linux and Windows)Demo tool: Navicat 8.0 MySQLDemo system: Windows2003 system navicat

Change the oracle cluster NIC (Changing a Network Interface)

ZookeeperChange the oracle cluster NIC (Changing a Network Interface) If the NIC name, ip address, gateway, and subnet mask remain unchanged before and after the NIC, no additional operations are required at the cluster level! Next, use the new

How to execute Hive commands or HiveQL in Java

In Java, executing Hive commands or HiveQL does not mean that Hive Client connects HiveServer (or HiveServer2) through JDBC to execute queries, instead, execute the Hive command on the server where HiveServer is deployed. Of course, this is a simple

Data room charging system-Project Requirement Specification

No matter what materials you want to learn, or when you first get to know a system, what you want to learn is to understand the requirements. If the requirements are different, then your system will be completely invisible. Software Requirement

Let you know software development in advance (29): Layout of database script files

Part 1 Database SQL language Database script file Layout   The Code layout of database script files has the following significance: (1) demonstrates a good logic structure of the Code, improving the accuracy, continuity, readability and

11 managing gRAC CHM

Cluster Health Monitor (CHM) is a tool provided by Oracle to automatically collect operating system resources (such as CPU, memory, SWAP, process, I/O, and network). CHM collects data every second, and collects data every 5 seconds. These

Test the importance of OLR in oracle 11g cluster

Slave slave test the importance of OLR in oracle 11g cluster Called an Oracle Local Registry (OLR): each node in a cluster has a local registry for node-specific resources Test 1: Simulate the loss of an olr exception: First, set the olr

Install MySQL in CentOS and use Navicat for MySql in Windows

Check whether the installation has been installed:Yum list installed mysql *Rpm-qa | grep mysql * Check whether the installation package is available:Yum list mysql * Install the mysql client:Yum install mysql Install the mysql server:Yum install

<2> storage procedure (SQL)

I introduced the use of triggers in my previous blog, and also mentioned that triggers are a special stored procedure. What is a stored procedure? They What are the differences between the two? In fact, the main difference is that the trigger is

Impact of oracle database performance on SQL parse

1. Types of SQL parse SQL parse is usually divided into hard parsing and soft parsing. When SQL is executed for the first time, hard parsing will occur, and subsequent execution will be soft parsing if it can be found in the shared pool. Therefore,

Oracle11g RAC construction in linux (9)

Oracle11g RAC construction in linux (9) 8. Create an ASM warehouse Perform operations on the GUI [Root @ node1 ~] #Su-grid [Grid @ node1 ~] $Asmca // Create two disk groups: Data File disk groups and fast recovery disk groups [Grid @ node1 ~]

My SQL efficient Paging

/** Normal paging * 10 records at 1000000 offset on the data file */select * from zol1__92game_net_ecms_bjwhere classid = 303 order by id ASCLIMIT limit, 10; /** efficient paging * 1. Search for the starting Index * 2. Search for 10 results from the

Delphi 7 connecting to MySql 5.5.15

Delphi 7 connecting to MySql 5.5.151. ODBC ModeYou must first have the MySql ODBC driver. I downloaded the fully-installed version, including the MySql server, various supported connections, workbench, sample database, and documentation. If there is

Let you know about software development in advance (28): saving important table information during database storage and related suggestions

Part 1 Database SQL language Saving important table information during database storage and related suggestions   1. Saving important table information in the Stored Procedure In many stored procedures, table data may be updated, inserted, or

Oracle dmp File Corruption recovery case

Some time ago, I helped a friend recover a damaged dmp file, which is more than 100 Gb. I recorded the recovery process and briefly summarized it.I. DescriptionThis dmp file is exp from an Oracle 9i Database. Two types of errors may occur randomly

Database optimization techniques: in and not in

When writing an SQL statement, if you want to implement the data that one table has but another table does not, the first intuitive statement is: Select * from table1 where not in (select id from table2) Although this method looks

Practice: determine the number of connections of the current mysql user-group Filtering

# Connets. sh#! /Bin/sh# The number of connections of the user name or user in the database name is displayed based on the input parameter u or d.# You can also enter the specific user name of u or the specific database name of d

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