How to use MySQL to execute 0.75 million NOSQL queries per second

As Web applications become increasingly complex, simple MySQL + Memcached seems to be unable to meet the needs of data storage. Some enterprises have switched to NoSQL solutions, such as MongoDB, CouchDB, TokyoCabinet/Tyrant, and Cassandra. In their

SQL statement used to query connections in Oracle databases

Query the connection information in the database. SQL _COMMAND is an SQL statement that can release a process: Select. SID, B. SPID,. SERIAL #,. lockwait,. USERNAME,. OSUSER,. logon_time,. last_call_et/3600 LAST_HOUR,. STATUS,'Orakill' | sid | ''|

Manual Oracle database creation under RHEL4.5

Platform: RHEL4.5, Oracle10.2.0.1Plan: db_name = ORCLDB, db_unique_name/ORACLE_SID = WENDINGThe above two parameters can also be set to the same, here is the main difference. 1. Set Environment Variables$ Export ORACLE_BASE =/u01/app/oracle$ Export

Java code for accessing the Oracle database

Function: Read the data in the database to the java cube class and calculate the cube size. 1. Use PL/SQL Developor to design a table named first;Table-> new Table: design the tablespace, the size of the field, and the primary key;Table-> first->

Embedded Linux-migration of Embedded Database SQLite on 2440

I. Development Environment: Mini2440, Linux_2.6.32.2 kernel, Ubuntu 9.10, Arm-linux-gcc-4.3.2 Download the sqlitesource code sqlite-3.6.22.tar.gz 2. Migration steps 1. decompress the database source file and enter the decompressed directory,

Oracle 10g installation in Ubuntu 10.10

Software environment: Ubuntu 10.10, Java1.6u22 Hardware configuration: Core-core CPU, 2 GB memory, 4 GB swap partition, GB hard disk 1. Installation preparation Before the installation starts, it is best to install java first. Do not use the jdk

How Does Oracle Delete the archive and recycle the space correctly?

An Oracle archive log is often full, as the file space occupied by/oraarchive is 100%. Everyone must complain about why Oracle does not have an archive maintenance tool. Many people delete the file directly. Wrong, Oracle has, it is intelligent to

How does Linux VPS modify the MySQL root Password?


Vim/etc/my. cnf add skip-grant-tables/Etc/init. d/mysqld restartMysqlUse mysqlUpdate user set password = password ("XMY_vI105VxV") where user = "root ";Flush privileges;Exit/Etc/init. d/mysqld restartWin is to modify my. ini, and the same Restart

Oracle entry-Oracle startup error ORA-03113"

In the morning to connect to Oracle, oracle can not work normally, can not shutdown immediate Mode to close, shutdown abort mode to close and then start, the error message "ORA-03113 end-of-file on communication channel" appears"The alter log

Install Oracle 5.5 On CentOS 11.2

1. Install CentOS 5.5 i386. All are installed by default. Disable SELinux and firewall. 2. Check the rpm package # Rpm-qa -- queryformat "% {NAME}-% {VERSION}-% {RELEASE} (% {ARCH}) \ n" | \ Egrep "binutils | compat-libstdc ++ | elfutils-libelf |

Elaborate on ORA-08104 errors

Although online index reconstruction (alter index index_name rebuild online) has extended the index reconstruction time, it has also given us the ability to recreate indexes online to improve data availability. If errors such as user termination or

Use dblink to show ORA-01017

The local Oracle database version is 10 Gb, and the remote database version is 11 GB. An error occurred while executing the test query statement after the local database connection was created. The user name and password are correct. SQL> create

Oracle dictionary and Dynamic View

Dictionary and dynamic view Oracle dictionary and Dynamic View The oracle service displays all the system statistics in the v $ sysstat view. It also uses many views to display oracle performance and problematic snapshot information. You can query

MySQL database Master/Slave server in Linux

MySQL database Master/Slave server in Linux 1. Network ConfigurationServer:[Root @ CentOS mysql-5.0.40] # ifconfig eth0Eth0 Link encap: Ethernet HWaddr 08: 00: 27: 56: AAInet addr: Bcast: Mask: addr: fe80: a00: 2

Problems caused by Oracle triggers when updating different records in the base table

Because you do not want to use the background code, you want to use the Oracle trigger for Operation updates. But because the trigger updates the base table, deadlock occurs. Therefore, you can use global variables on the Internet to solve this

Install Oracle 10g R2 in CentOS 6.3 (x86_32)

I. Hardware requirements 1. Memory & swap Minimum: 1 GB of RAMRecommended: 2 GB of RAM or more Check memory # grep MemTotal/proc/meminfo # grep SwapTotal/proc/meminfo 2. Hard Disk Since CentOS is installed almost 4 ~ 5 GB, plus Oracle and so on, so

RMAN backup and recovery: loss of offline data files

1. tablespace description In the previous article (RMAN backup and recovery control file loss), we explained how to control file loss and how to deal with backups in RMAN. This article explains how to deal with offline data file loss. A tablespace

Use of expdp/impdp to back up databases in Oracle

Oracle 10g has introduced the Data pump technology. What are the advantages of this technology and the previous exp/imp technology? In simple terms, the recovery and backup speed are very fast; Before explaining how to use the data pump, let's

Differences between Oracle PGA and SGA and the use of latch and lock

1. What is the difference between PGA and SGA? SGA is the global area of the system, and PGA is the global area of the process. Oracle is running, and SGA is the memory structure of oracle, such as putting databuf and share pool, allocating at

Remotely connect to Oracle using PHP in Linux

The OCI package is required for PHP to remotely connect to Oracle. This package is provided by oracle. You can directly install the Oracle InstantClient to obtain this

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