Use of Oracle escape Functions

SQL> select * from t_char;--------------------A_ BAcbA % BA' BA/BA \ B%_ASQL> select * from t_char where a like 'A _ B ';--------------------A_ BAcbA % BA' BA/BA \ bSQL> select * from t_char where a like 'a \ _ B 'escape' \ ';--------------------A_

Oracle uses set to modify Database Operation Parameters

1. How to check whether a parameter is dynamic or static We can find the parameter in v $ parameter. Column value format a40; Column name format a20;Select name, VALUE, ISSES_MODIFIABLE, ISSYS _ modifiable from v $ SYSTEM_PARAMETER; Here, the

Oracle deletes an archived log instance

When the Oracle archive log is full, you cannot log on to Oracle normally. You must delete some archived logs to log on to Oracle normally. 1. Delete physical files of archived logs. archive logs are generally stored in the archive directory. The

Oracle 10g modify SGA_TARGET value experience ORA-01078

Backup To ensure that the memory settings do not affect the database startup failure settingsTherefore, you need to back up the spfile/pfile file.[Oracle @ ur65dbs] $ cd/u01/app/oracle/oraInventory/db_1/dbs[Oracle @ ur65dbs] $ cp spfile1_db. ora

Clear binlog logs in MySQL

In the following articles, we will first describe how to set the actual solution for automatically clearing MySQL binlog diaries and manually deleting data. We all know how to replicate MySQL Data libraries (replication) after accepting the RBR mode,

Practice: Start mysql-mysql 5.6.19 with a custom script

Customize a mysql STARTUP script according to the working environment --- 1. Save As/usr/local/mysql/scripts/mysql_env.ini # Set mysql init variablesMYSQL_USER = system # mysql UsernameMYSQL_PASS = 'Password' # mysql logon User password # Check

Introduction to Oracle elastic uard

Introduction to Oracle elastic uard  I. Basic principles of DataGuard When a transaction changes the data in the production database, the Oracle database records the change in an online redo log file. You can configure the log Writing Process in the

Oracle Installation Error [INS-06101] IP address of localhost cocould not be determined Solution

This error occurs because the host name and/etc/hosts file are inconsistent. You only need to write the host name and its IP address to the/etc/hosts file and then OK. Note that the name cannot contain underscores. In addition to modifying the

E-R diagram to database table

Database E-R graph correlation June 15, 2014 17: 39    Three main concepts used in E-R data model are: entity set, link set and attribute. Entity set: entity set with the same type and the same nature (or attribute) Attributes: simple attributes

System. Data. SqlClient. SqlException: truncates string or binary Data.

Problem: "System. Data. SqlClient. SqlException" type unprocessed exceptions occur in System. Data. dll. Other information: truncates string or binary data. This is a problem encountered when setting the basic data of the data room charging system.

Error in TNS-01201: Listener cannot find executablen

The TNS-01201: Listener cannot find executable... error message was recently received when the Listener was started. This error has never been encountered. I really don't know what it is. The following is a detailed description of the error and the

Development essay -- not in vs NOT EXISTS

Source: reproduced Please reference I have seen a discussion on in/exists in the forum. I am too lazy to find the original post. Here I will introduce the recent study summary: Not in and

Practice: mysql collects statistics on the data and index size of all tables in the specified architecture-v2

PS: no input schema_name and table_name are judged in the first version. I modified it! Share again!     # Count the data and index size of all tables in the specified Architecture# Tablesize. sh#! /Bin/sh# If ["$ #"-gt 2-o "$ #"-lt 1

Oracle 11g export an empty table using the exp command

1. By default, no segment is assigned to the empty table at Oracle11g. Therefore, when you use exp to export the Oracle11g database, the empty table is not exported. 2. After the deferred_segment_creation parameter is set to FALSE, segment is

Oracle tablespace usage monitoring

You can use the following methods to conveniently find the SQL statement used to monitor the Oracle tablespace usage: A test database is found to ensure that only one user is connected. Use TOAD to view the table space usage. Refresh the share pool

Oracle 11g export table reports EXP-00011: table does not exist

Oracle 11g, when backing up a database with the exp command, if the table does not have a datagram EXP-00011 error, the corresponding table does not exist. As a result, the corresponding empty table cannot be backed up. Cause: by default, a segment

Oracle 11g rac taf server configuration failover

Oracle 11g introduces scan ip. However, in the absence of DNS, the client connection to RAC is still using oracle 10 Gb. Configure failover in tnsname. ora of the client.ORCL =(DESCRIPTION =(ADDRESS_LIST =(LOAD_BALANCE = yes)(ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL =

Install MySQL 5.5.35 in CentOS 6.3

Install MySQL 5.5.35 in CentOS 6.3 By Using rpm and Source Code compiling. This article uses mysql Source Code compiling and the compiler uses Cmake. Software Release mysql-5.5.35.tar.gzand cmake- Please download them by yourself. 1.

Install Oracle 11gR2 (x64) in CentOS 6.4)

Before installation: The minimum requirement for memory (RAM) is 1 GB. 2 GB or above is recommended. Recommended virtual memory swap: memory is 1 GB ~ We recommend that you set the swap size to 1.5 times of the memory size for 2 GB. The memory

ORA-01659, ORA-01652 Error

A ORA-01659 error occurs when an insert operation is performed on a table in the database.ERROR at line 1:ORA-01659: unable to allocate MINEXTENTS beyond 56 in tablespace USER01At the same time, the background alert Log appearsORA-1652: unable to

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