For beginners of iOS 8 systems, refer to: how to get started with iOS 8 systems

I have summarized the following problems and solutions, hoping to help you adapt to the new operating system as soon as possible.1. Save the old informationIOS 8 has added a new information management mechanism, mainly because old information can be

How can I use itunes to upgrade ios8? How to upgrade iOS 8 from itunes

1) first connect the Apple device to the computer, and then ensure that the itunes in the computer is the latest version, and then we open it, after the connection is successful, click back up now on the itules interface to back up the data.2) after

Ios camera/album to get images, compress images, and upload server method summary

I have been developing an application on the iphone over the past few days. There are problems that require camera/album programming and image upload. Here I will summarize them.[Partial knowledge]Images on the iphone are usually stored in four

Http and https access code in ios

Recently, I started to use the HTTP protocol to implement interaction between the client and the server. Later I needed to change it to the HTTPS protocol. Some problems were found during the modification. The solution is as follows: The code is as

Comparison of ios methods for obtaining Chinese Pinyin

1. The size of pinyin is the smallest, and the declaration of POAPinyin is about 500 rows.2. The speed is almost the same, but do not use the convert of POAPinyin native. It is very slow to traverse and search every time.3. Compared with pinyin, you

Summary of NSArray, NSSet, and NSDictionary in ios

Three collection classes are used to collect cocoa objects (NSObject objects ):NSArray is used for object ordered sets (equivalent to arrays)NSSet is used for unordered objects.NSDictionary for key-value ingThe above three collection classes are

IOS Programming touch event handling details

The iphone/ipad keyboard-less design is to win more display space for the screen. The large screen provides a better user experience in viewing pictures, text, and videos. The touch screen is the main method for iOS devices to accept user input,

Why is an error occurred while installing iOS 10?

How to solve an error when installing ios10:  Why cannot I install the update prompt for the official version of ios10?With the launch of Apple's ios10 system, many users' devices have been eliminated. Although they can still be used in earlier

Can iOS 10 be jailbroken? Does iOS10 require jailbreak?

The official version of iOS10.2 is about to be released, but the iOS10 jailbreak tool is still not released. Does iOS10 still need to be released? Can iOS10 be jailbroken? The following small series will discuss with you.IOS 10 requires no

How to delete the latest contacts in iOS 8 of Apple 5S

Note: If you want to delete it directly, you will find that it will still be displayed later. In fact, we can disable this recent contact function. Let's take a look at it. On your device, click "settings"-"email, address book, calendar"-"display"

How to solve the problem of no sound in Apple iOS 8 WeChat receiver mode

 1. When encountering such problems, we should first open "I" in WeChat and then find the "Settings" details as follows.2. Then click "general" to open it.3. Now on WeChat, we will see an option "Receiver mode" and click enable it.4. After WeChat is

IOS 9.3.3 FAQs about jailbreak iphone iOS 9.3.3

Note before ios9.3.3 jailbreak:1. The jailbreak program requires network verification. Therefore, the computer network and mobile phone network must be smooth.2. Due to the jailbreak mode change, some plug-ins may not support the latest version.

TP-LINK wireless speaker ios version

TP-LINK wireless speaker waterfall 1, can be connected to the home wireless router, by any mobile phone, Pad, computer and other terminals in the same network through wireless push music, this provides you with high fidelity and high-quality sound

What is updated on WeChat v6.5.1 for iOS?

After nearly one month since the previous version was released, WeChat updated the latest version 6.5.1 today. Different from the previous version 6.3.31, this version was improved by nearly 0.2, this WeChat update mainly introduces the function of

What should I do if I connect to iTunes on the screen after I upgrade iOS 7 on the iPad?

1. Upgrade iTunes from your computer to the latest version. If not, search for iTunes from Baidu and install it on your computer.2. Now we have installed iTunes and connected the computer to the ipad. At this time, the ipad is still connected to

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