An example of how IOS changes uiswitch size

Uiswitch if placed in a uiview, then it will be based on the parent control uiview fixed size, no matter how you set the Uiswitch frame can not change its size, the solution is as follows: -(void) Viewdidload {[Super Viewdidload];Do no additional

UIWebView Adaptive Height Example of iOS development

UIWebView when you can not set a fixed height, you need to be based on the content of the Web page to adapt to the height, the reference code is as follows: //Viewcontroller.mUIWebView highly Adaptive//Created by Mac on 16/3/18.COPYRIGHT©2016 year

iOS development using custom curves to draw complex graphics (Bezier curves) on UIView

Sometimes we need to draw a graph of irregular paths, which may contain lines or curves, and can be implemented using Uibezierpath. The Uibezierpath class can represent any shape that can be defined with Bézier curves, and we can

The use of the iOS touch event is detailed

Touch events are the most commonly used events in iOS, and here we introduce the next touch event. Define Uiimageview in the following example. First we add touch events to the Toucheventviewcontroller and move the image using the touch move event,

The meaning of the functions of appdelegate in iOS

When you first contact with iOS, every time you build a project, the system will automatically generate a Appdelegate class, which a variety of functions, for beginners of me, is really a little confused, do not know how to use, Today we will talk

Apple iOS Draw dotted example

Sorted out a method, you can directly draw a dashed line, the following directly on the code. Parameter description has been given, can be directly copy use /*** * Lineview: view that needs to be drawn into a dashed line* * LineLength: Width of

Development of iOS database Fmdb, delete, change, check the use of the tutorial

Fmdb is a lightweight database in a Xcode that is used to store network resources locally. Therefore, Fmdb is a very practical, very important point of knowledge. Here is a simple example, based on the fmdb of the TIM-censored operations, the code

Example of a pop-up window for iOS development

The idea is that this dialog window, in fact, is also a viewcontroller, assuming that the Modalviewcontroller code is as follows   Judgment System version #define IOSVERSIONGREATERTHANOREQUALTO (v)       ([[[uidevice  currentdevice] systemversion]

iOS Development UIView Transfer UIImage Program

Can convert UIView to UIImage method, others summed up a very useful method. For the convenience of peacetime use, so on their own blog to make a backup. Docheyan author. #pragma mark View converts to image + (uiimage*) Imagewithuiview: (uiview*)

Examples of currency calculations for iOS development

When the payment is made and the amount is paid, the price requirement is very strict.A way to put an amount of arithmetic Amount Calculation methodtypedef enum {adding,subtracting,Multiplying,Dividing,}calucateway;#pragma mark currency calculation+

An example of an entry box with only the bottom border of IOS

The input box has a general border (blank input box), full border (rectangular input box), and the border is simple, Only need to set the Uitextfield Layer.bordercolor properties and Layer.borderwidth properties on it, if you want to achieve only

IOS 9.3.3 FAQs about jailbreak iphone iOS 9.3.3

Note before ios9.3.3 jailbreak:1. The jailbreak program requires network verification. Therefore, the computer network and mobile phone network must be smooth.2. Due to the jailbreak mode change, some plug-ins may not support the latest version.

IOS 9 AppStore region change/country graphic modification tutorial

Open the App Store and slide to the bottomClick the Apple ID and select "View Apple ID" in the pop-up window. Password verification is usually required.Click "country/region" in account settings"Select "change country or region"Here you can select

Xinxianjian Qixia Chuan iOS recharge payment failure perfect solution strategy

The new Xianjian Qixia game was in a hot test, but many iOS players encountered the embarrassment of recharge failure in the game. The official team also provided a solution for the first time. Let's take a look at it.Solution for unjailbroken users:

How to jailbreak iPhone 6 plus ios8.1.1? IPhone 6 iOS 8.1.1 jailbreak tutorial

1. Download the Taiji jailbreak toolDownload Address: If the jailbreak occurs, you must disable "Find My iPhone"IPhone 6 plus "Settings-> icowould-> Find My iPhone" can be turned off.3. Disable the

Quick upgrade of ipad iOS 8 official version

There are three ways to upgrade iOS 8 for ipad: whether to update ota or not, whether to update online in itunes, and whether to update the system files after downloading the system files in itunes.Method 1. OTA update On the main interface of your

How to upgrade iOS 8 official version of ipad mini splint

Method 1: The simplest method for upgrading an OTA update from a mobile phone onlineIn your ipadmini, find "settings"-"general"-"software update" and you will see an ios8 upgrade reminder. We can click here to update the update. Method 2: Computer +

How can I upgrade ios after an iPad Jailbreak? How to upgrade an iPad after jailbreak

Back up data1. The jailbreak upgrade ios system will clear all the data in the ipad, so we need to back up the data.2. You can install a Baidu cloud on the ipad, and then we can upload the ipad data to Baidu Cloud.Download firmware1. Download from

How to use TP mini iPhone iOS mobile remote control

1. Download and install mobile phone remote controlFor iOS devices, go to the App Store to search for the TP mini and download and install it: 2. Connect iOS devices and TP mini to the same LAN Taking the TP mini big-eye series as an example, there

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