Several methods of acquiring the IP address of the device under Apple iOS

To get the device's IP address, a random search on the internet can find a lot of results, but these can be found in the code is basically written in C, and did not target iOS optimized adjustment, use is not convenient. Just to get the IP address,

Copy of NetEase News Client Homepage News Carousel iOS Component

I. Demand analysis 1, can be horizontal circulation rolling news pictures 2, scrolling to the corresponding picture display news headlines 3, each news picture can click 4, there are Pagecontrol tips 5, with the ability to expand the control

iOS does not customize the Uicollectionviewcell directly in the Proxy method implementation

As we all know, CollectionView in the data source method, need to join the custom cell, sometimes a simple cell, only need very simple UI, this time customization, it seems superfluous, here, recommend a custom method. Can solve reuse problems and

iOS asynchronous loading of tabular data and content cannot be displayed in time

Asynchronous event, which means that this code or code block does not block the execution of the program, the program immediately executes the next statement, and the statement executes its own callback function after the corresponding method call

Resolve the issue of the iOS development certificate "the issuer of this certificate is invalid"

Objective Hey, every time after the festival must have a pit for their own jump. Can't escape this talons. This is not, one after the spring festival, come back to find a company certificate appears "invalid issuer of this certificate". Problem

How IOS calls system cameras and albums

#import "CameraViewController.h" @interface Cameraviewcontroller () @end @implementation Cameraviewcontroller – (void) Viewdidload { [Super Viewdidload]; Nsarray *arr = @[@ "Call camera", @ "Call Picture library", @ "Turn off lights", @ "Turn

CollectionView of iOS development to design header and footer tutorials in storyboard

Header and footer are additions to the layout of the view flow. By default, these views are disabled in the flow layout. However, there are several things you can do to configure header and footer views: First, drag CollectionView, and related

iOS push integration and configuration APNs Push Certificate method diagram

The push in app is becoming more and more popular, but configuring certificates for people who don't do a lot of push is really painful. This article will take an integrated push as an example to explain the process of configuring the APNs

Apple development of iOS verification code countdown

The first step, drag two space textfiled and button to the storyboard on the Viewcontroller. The second step, drag the line, link to the. h file in the following code: @property (Weak, nonatomic) Iboutlet UIButton *l_timebutton; In the third

A summary of the jump method between Apple iOS interface

The following Firstviewcontroller (FVC) button buttons Click to jump to Secondviewcontroller (SVC) as an example to illustrate: Mode one: The segues way of storyboard Mouse click button and then hold control key drag to the SVC page, in the pop-up

Apple iOS development to achieve star score (support click and slide) effect

As a result of the project needs, the design can be graded, to be able to display the grading data of the star rating bar. But there seems to be no such control on iOS, so it's up to you to figure it out. For this functional requirement, I have a

Apple iOS development Uilabel Uitextfield Adjust line spacing

In the process of development, some very demanding apps will be fine to the line spacing of the text, now for a moment to adjust the Uilabel and Uitextfield line spacing method. This is mainly done as an example of Uilabel. Set line spacing-(void)

Push/modal/popover/replace/custom Summary of the view in iOS development

In storyboard, segue has several different types. In iphone and ipad development, segue has different types.In the iphone, segue has three different types: push, modal, and custom. The difference between these types lies in the way new pages

IOS development-file operations and ios development operations

IOS development-file operations and ios development operations Directory operations and file management   Learning Objectives 1. Understanding Singleton 2. Familiar with common file management operations of NSFileManager 3. Master common file data

Delete UITabelview and UITabelview

Delete UITabelview and UITabelview Self. tableView ?. DeleteRowsAtIndexPaths ([indexPath, indexPath1], withRowAnimation:. Left) // title is the data source self. titles. removeAtIndex (0) self. titles. removeAtIndex (0) 2016-07-30 21:44:26.613

IOS development-memory management, ios development Memory Management

IOS development-memory management, ios development Memory Management Memory Management For this article, we are actually using the ARC mode. Normally, we basically don't need to manually release the memory, so if you don't need an interview,

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