What is mean? What does the mean in JavaScript programming mean? _node.js

A few days ago saw an article mentioned mean this word, what is mean? In fact, MENA is the abbreviation for the MongoDB (non relational database) + Express (template engine) + Angularjs (MVC JavaScript Library) + Nodejs (server script). Together,

Talking about project combat _javascript skills from JavaScript language itself

Talk about project combat from JavaScript language itself dulao5 2005-1-15 As Ajax has warmed up, JavaScript has become more and more important to people. Importantly, Ajax has brought about changes in the architecture of the Web software to some

Using Modello to write JavaScript class _javascript tips

from:http://www.ajaxwing.com/index.php?id=2One, backgroundLooking back at the development of programming languages, it's not hard to see that this is a process that is constantly encapsulated: from the beginning of assembly language, to the

JavaScript Window.opener Usage Analysis _ Basics

the use of Window.opener Window.opener returns a reference to the window that created the current window, such as clicking a link on the a.htm and opening the b.htm, and then we're going to enter a value on the b.htm and give it a TextBox with ID

The application of multiline attributes of JavaScript regular Expressions _ basics

A multirow regular expression is a read-only Boolean property of an object. It specifies whether a specific regular expression is to be used for multiple-line matching, that is, whether or not the "M" property is created.Grammar Regexpobject.

Introduction to the Math.tan () method for dealing with tangent in JavaScript basics

This method returns the tangent value of a number. The Tan method returns the tangent of the indicated angle.Grammar Math.tan (x); The following are the details of the parameters: X: A number that represents radians in degrees

The ACOs () method in JavaScript uses a detailed knowledge of the basics

The inverse cosine of the radian returned by this method. The ACOs method returns the numeric value of 0 and pi for radians between x-1 and 1. Returns Nan if the value of the number is outside this range.Grammar Math.acos (x); The

A deep understanding of function _javascript techniques in JavaScript

Overview function is the basis of modular programming, writing complex AJAX applications, you must have a more in-depth understanding of the function. Functions in JavaScript are different from other languages, and each function is maintained and

How to use the switch statement in JavaScript _ basics

You can use multiple if ... else if statements, such as the previous section, to perform multiple branches. However, this is not always the best solution, especially when all branches depend on the value of a single variable. Starting with

JavaScript Learning Notes (ix) prototypes in JavaScript (prototype) and the inheritance of prototype chains _ Basics

When using object-oriented programming, the inheritance between objects is naturally unavoidable! And the prototype is a very important way to achieve JavaScript inheritance! Let's start by looking at the following code: Copy Code code as

JavaScript Learning notes One of the data types _ basic knowledge

I. Data typesJavaScript is a weak type of scripting language that has 6 data types and is divided into basic data types, special data types, and composite data types. 1. Basic data type: Numeric type, String type, Boolean type 2. Special Data type:

Description of Substr,substring,slice.splice in JavaScript-basic knowledge

The substr () method extracts a specified number of characters from the start subscript in a string.Stringobject.substr (start,length); start must, length optional. Start is the subscript for the starting position of the intercept and must be a

Javascript Determines whether two IP is in the same network segment instance code _javascript tips

Javascript Determines whether two IP is on the same network segment The following script does not judge the IP format and only determines whether two IP is in the same network segment. Example, JavaScript determines whether two IP is on the same

Associative array problem in JavaScript _ basics

Copy Code code as follows: var beatles = ["John", "Paul", "George", "Ringo"]; The Beatles array above is a typical example of a traditional array: the subscript for each element is a number, and the number increases by 1 for each

The difference between property and attribute in javascript detail _ basics

1. Define Property: Properties, all HTML elements are represented by the HtmlElement type, the HtmlElement type directly inherits from the element and adds some attributes, which correspond to the following 5 standard attributes for each HTML

JavaScript Advanced Programming (3rd Edition) Learning notes 8 JS Function (Medium) _ Basics

6. Execution Environment and scope (1) Execution Environment (execution context): All JavaScript code runs in an execution environment, and when control is transferred to JavaScript executable code, it enters an execution environment. The

JavaScript Advanced Programming (3rd Edition) Learning notes 6 initial knowledge of JS Object _ Basics

You can put whatever you want in the house--if you have enough aesthetic attainments, you can even get a room to try--of course, for the convenience of management, we'll take a repeat name for everything that's stored in the house, like the names of

JavaScript Learning Notes (20) acquiring and setting attributes of an element (attributes) _ Basics

This section of HTML is shown in the following example Copy Code code as follows: Baidu 1. Get and set element attributes through the properties of the HtmlElement type (object) Copy Code code as follows:

JavaScript Learning Notes (13) JS closure Introduction (Turn) _ Basics

Scope of a variable To understand closures, you must first understand JavaScript's special variable scope. The scope of a variable is nothing more than two kinds: global and local variables. The special point of the JavaScript language is that the

JavaScript entry String Object "Novice must see" _javascript tips

One, String object A string object is used to process text (strings). Second, the constructor New String (value)//constructorfunction String (value)//Conversion functions Third, the property Length The number of characters in the string

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