How JavaScript converts a string into a character-coded list

This article mainly introduced the JavaScript to convert the string to the character code list method, the example has analyzed the JavaScript charcodeat function The use skill, has certain reference value, the need friend may refer to the next

JavaScript defines an object by function and adds ToString () method instance analysis to the object

This article mainly introduces the JavaScript through function definition object and adds ToString () method to the object, the example analyzes the function definition object in JavaScript and the use skill of adding method, has certain reference

JavaScript creating and storing cookies sample

 javascript Create and store Cookie,cookie are variables that are stored on the visitor's computer, and take a look at the example. What is a cookie? A cookie is a variable that is stored in a visitor's computer. This cookie is sent whenever the

JavaScript implements LINQ query mode

LINQ is an important technology for the. NET platform, full name language integrated Query. By building a quick query statement, you can quickly filter data sets from a database or collection and manipulate memory data in the same way as querying a

Javascript Bitwise counter Operator (~)

The Javascript bitwise negation operator (~) performs a bitwise non-negation operation on an expression. such as ~ =-2; ~2 =-3; ~99 =-100The code is as follows: result = ~ "number" all unary operators, such as the ~ operator, evaluate the value of

A summary of the usage of match functions in JavaScript

  This article is mainly about the use of the match function in JavaScript in a detailed summary of the introduction, the need for friends can come to the reference, I hope to help you. The match function in JavaScript uses a regular expression to

JavaScript Advanced tips Sharing

  This article mainly introduces JavaScript advanced skills, the need for friends can refer to the following The last time I sorted out the Ajax part, I finished the Advanced Skill section this week and sorted it out. 1, type detection The use

JavaScript implementation to get cookie expiration time workaround

JavaScript and dynamic pages cannot get the time the cookie expires, the browser manages the expiration time, and JavaScript and dynamic pages can only set expiration time. cannot be obtained through Document.cookie (JavaScript) or Cookie.expires

The scope of JavaScript and block-level scope concept understanding

Scope is always the most important in any programming language, because it controls the visibility and lifecycle of variables and parameters. Here, we first understand two concepts: block-level scope and function scope. What is a block-level scope?

JavaScript Scope Chain parsing

JavaScript has scope (scope), scope chain (scope chain), execute context (execution contexts), active object (active objects), dynamic scope (animated scope), Closure ( Closure) These concepts, to understand these concepts, we from the static and

JavaScript array operation summary and properties, method introduction

  This article mainly introduced the JavaScript array operation summary, for example the array creation, the addition, the deletion, the merging and so on Operation method, simultaneously summarized the attribute and the operation function, the

How to invoke JavaScript code with Flex

Flex calls JavaScript codeIn flex development, it is sometimes necessary to call the JS code, such as closing the browser or, in some cases, opening the browser prompt box, and so on. In general, Flex uses the call () function of the

Simple method to determine whether a JavaScript object is null or the attribute is empty

First of all, the difference between null and undefined: Performs typeof on declared but uninitialized and undeclared variables, and returns "undefined". Null represents an empty object pointer, and the typeof operation returns "Object". It is

JavaScript gets sample code for the specified object on the current page

  This article mainly introduces JavaScript to get the method of the specified object on the current page, the need for friends can refer to the following How JavaScript gets the specified object on the current page . method: code as follows:

JavaScript matches Chinese characters, numbers, letters, underscores

JavaScript regular detection contains only Chinese characters, numbers, letters, underscores can not be underlined at the beginning and end, the need for friends can refer to the followingJavaScript regular detection only contains Chinese characters,

JavaScript double exclamation mark (!!) Introduction to the role example

  This article mainly introduces the double exclamation mark in JavaScript (!!) The role of the need for a friend can refer to the following Often see such examples: code as follows: Var a; var b=!! a; A default is undefined.!a is true,!! A is

Implementing a JSON array of multiple key values in JavaScript

① first uses C # in the background to get the menu data in the database, to generate a JSON array containing the menu data items (for some reason not using the order by in SQL), as follows: View Sourceprint?var menudata1=[ {"OrderID": -10,

JavaScript 3d Reconnaissance product display


  This article mainly introduces the JavaScript implementation of 3d-by-product display, the need for friends can refer to the following 3d Step by Step image material JavaScript part code code as follows: =lth-1) { step =0 }}else{ step-- if

JavaScript does not refresh to implement browser's forward back function

Compared to the different pages of the jump, Ajax can be said to greatly improve the user's browsing experience, do not see the screen between the page is a very comfortable thing. But many of the earlier Ajax apps did not support the browser's

5 bad habits of writing JavaScript code, see if you got shot?

JavaScript has a bad reputation on the internet, but it's hard to find another language like it's so dynamic, so widely used, so rooted in our lives. Its low learning threshold makes many people call it a pre-school scripting language, and another

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