Incomplete inheritance of JavaScript tutorials

 javascript inheritance and standard OOP inheritance are very different, JavaScript inheritance is a prototype chain of technology, the following use the example to learn JS inheritance JavaScript inheritance and standard OOP inheritance are very

JavaScript implementation with closed button on the Web page floating advertising code

  There are many ways to implement a floating picture with off functionality, here's how to use JavaScript, like the number of friends to understand the following Code as follows: = (width-woffset)) { Xon = 0; x Pos = (Width-woffSet);}} function

The way JavaScript joins all the elements of an array through a Join function

This article mainly introduces JavaScript through join function to join the array of all elements of the method, the example analysis of JavaScript join function in the use of skills, with a certain reference value, the need for friends can refer to

The JavaScript function parameter assigns an incoming method with a parameter name

This article mainly introduces the JavaScript function parameter using the method with the parameter name to assign the value to pass through, the example analyzes the JavaScript function transfer parameter The use skill, has certain reference value,

A brief analysis of several differences in JavaScript function definition

  This article is mainly about the JavaScript function definition of several differences in a detailed summary of the introduction, the need for friends can come to the reference, I hope to help you. Definition of JavaScript function 1: Invoke

JavaScript automatically adds links to text URL addresses by sharing methods

  This article mainly introduces the JavaScript automatically adds the link to the text URL address the method, the need friend may refer to the The implementation of the URL address to add automatically is a little bit of content: detection and

JavaScript interview slot Hui: data type

  The basics of how we often get capsized in the gutter Before summing up are some of the knowledge, will be, will not be able to answer, but in the JavaScript written writing process often encountered some of their own think it is very simple,

JavaScript termination functions perform operations

  This article is mainly on the JavaScript termination function of the operation of the method is introduced, the need for friends can come to the reference, I hope to be helpful to everyone 1. If you terminate the return of a function, the

JavaScript Object array sorted by value of Object key

This article just realizes the JavaScript object array is sorted according to the object key value, which is a summary of learning JavaScript for a long time, I hope we can enjoy There is a JS object array var ary=[{id:1,name: "B"},{id:2,name: "B"}

How to get the length of mixed strings in Chinese and English in JavaScript

  This article describes how to get the length of the mixed string in Chinese and English under JavaScript, here is a good tutorial, interested friends can refer to the following A colleague posted a post on the company's OA, describing how to get

JavaScript makes loading animation effect

  Projects in many places to be submitted to Ajax to increase the waiting animation effect, so write a simple general JS method, we refer to the use of bar   Code as follows:/*ajax submitted delay wait effect * * var ajaxloding = new Object (); /

JavaScript Date Object formatted as a string implementation method

  This article is mainly on the JavaScript Date object format into a string implementation of the method is introduced in detail, the need for friends can come to the reference, I hope to help you. JavaScript provides the date format is too simple,

Master of JavaScript Advanced Learning Notes

The use of basic classes Method A function Sth (a)//constructor { THIS.A = A; = output; member function } function Output (A, B, c) { document.write (THIS.A); } //Call var s = new Sth (250); (1, 2, 3); ouput (1, 2, 3

The absolute path method used in JavaScript to get the current directory using the A tag

This article mainly introduces the JavaScript uses a tag to obtain the current directory absolute path method, this article explains the method to be quite special, needs the friend to be possible to refer to under When it comes to path-related

JavaScript interview Slot Hui: commas, colons, and parentheses

  After reading the JavaScript data types and expressions and operator-related knowledge that you can his experiment a JavaScript pen question, I did not expect to die again and again in commas, colons and parentheses, we have to look at these

The prototype chain in JavaScript is deeply understood

  to figure out the prototype chain is to understand the function type first, there is no concept of class in JavaScript, is a function, so it is a functional programming language To find out the prototype chain is to understand the function type

Dynamic load scripts promote JavaScript performance

Dynamic load scripts can effectively improve JavaScript performance, here is a good example, you can refer to the followingWith the Document Object Model (DOM), you can almost dynamically create all of the content in HTML with JavaScript. The point

Guidelines for using regular expressions in JavaScript

This article mainly introduces the use of regular expressions in JavaScript, very detailed, with a simple example, recommended here. How to use 1. Create an expression Methods for creating regular expression classes in javascript: var regex =

A brief analysis of Dom in JavaScript

This article is a brief introduction to what is the DOM, the dynamic operation of the DOM elements, the use of JSJS operation style and the introduction of the Form object, is a personal understanding of the DOM in JavaScript, the summary,

A solution for the multiplication of JavaScript floating-point numbers with multiple decimal digits

This article mainly introduced the JavaScript floating-point number multiplication operation to appear many decimal places the solution method, needs the friend may refer to underJavaScript in the multiplication of floating-point numbers, there will

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