The application of immutable in JavaScript _javascript skills

mutable objectsIn JavaScript, an object is a reference type of data, the advantage is that the frequent modification of objects are based on the original object, do not need to re-create, so that the efficient use of memory, does not cause the waste

JavaScript writing click to view large image page Semitransparent mask Layer effect example _javascript tips

This effect is used very frequently, people always ask me this question, so I want to write it as an article. The next time someone asks, just throw out the URL of this article. This effect is very simple so I do not do too much explanation, the

JavaScript solves decimal subtraction precision loss scheme _javascript skills

Reason: JS in accordance with the 2 to deal with decimal subtraction, on the basis of arg1 arg2 precision extension or reverse expansion matching, so will appear as follows. JavaScript (JS) decimal point subtraction problem, is a JS bug such as 0.3*

JavaScript promise Simple Learning using method summary _javascript Skill

The resolution callback function is nested too deep, parallel logic must be serially executed, a promise represents the end result of an asynchronous operation, and the main way to interact with promise is to register the callback function through

JavaScript Common Judgment Writing Encyclopedia (recommended) _javascript skills

JS verification Form Daquan, with JS control form submission, the specific content as follows: 1. Length Limit 2. Can only be Chinese characters 3. "Can only be English 4. Only the numbers

On the method of creating JavaScript Object _javascript Skill

First, the factory model function Person (name,age) { var p=new Object ();; P.age=age; P.showmessage=function () { console.log ("Name:" "Age:" +this.age); } return p; } var P1=person ("K1"); var

JavaScript string Object Common operations summary _javascript tips

Create a String object methoddeclaration: The method of a string object can also be accessed in all base string values.Call constructor string (): var str = new String (); var str = new String (' Hello World ');//Initialize str,str.length =

Simulating classes (class) and inheritance relationships in JavaScript _javascript techniques

Javascipt syntax does not support "class" [ES6 has been supported], but there are methods for simulating classes. Today I mainly talk about the simulation "class" method in Javascipt and the summary and retrospect of the inheritance in JS. The

Array objects (array objects) in JavaScript _javascript tips

1. Create an Array object method: --->var arr = [1,2,3];//Simple definition method Now you know Arr[0] = = 1; ARR[1] = = 2; ARR[2] = = 3; --->new Array (); The var arr = new Array (),//defines an array object that has no content, and then

JavaScript to implement a simple example of opening a linked page _javascript tips

Links in the page in addition to the normal way, if you use JavaScript, there are many ways, here are some ways to use JavaScript, open the link: 1. Open the link using the window's Open method, which opens the link in the development page, and can

JavaScript implements how to open linked pages summary _javascript tips

Links in the page in addition to the normal way, if you use JavaScript, there are many ways, here are some ways to use JavaScript, open the link: 1. Open the link using the window's Open method, which opens the link in the development page, and can

Prototype parsing in JavaScript "recommended" _javascript tips

Recently in learning JavaScript, learning to JS Object-oriented prototype, a lot of sentiment. If there is a wrong place, I hope I can correct it. JS as an object-oriented language, nature also has the concept of inheritance, but there is no class

JavaScript Understanding and Classic case Analysis _javascript skills

Introduction to JS: JavaScript is a programming language that makes your pages more lively, and is the easiest and easiest language to design in the current Web page. You can use JavaScript to easily make friendly welcome messages, beautiful

The difference between json.parse () and eval () parsing JSON in JavaScript _javascript techniques

This example describes the difference between json.parse () and eval () parsing json in JavaScript. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: JSON (JavaScript Object notation) is a lightweight data format that takes a completely

A deep understanding of floating-point _javascript techniques in JavaScript

JS only a numeric data type, whether it is an integer or a floating-point number, JS is classified as numbers. typeof 17; "Number" typeof 98.6; "Number" typeof–2.1; "Number" All the digits in JS are double-precision floating-point numbers. is by

JavaScript from an array of indexof () the property mechanism of the object in depth _javascript tips

In JavaScript, arrays can be created using the array constructor, or created quickly using [], which is also the preferred method. An array is a prototype that inherits from object, and he has no special return value for TypeOf, and he only returns '

Review the lexical structure _javascript techniques of JavaScript basic grammar

Front. JavaScript is a simple language, but also a complex language. It's simple because it takes only a moment to learn to use it, and it's complicated because it takes years to really master it. In fact, a front-end engineer largely refers to a

Deep understanding of JavaScript Why string can have methods _javascript tips

Introduction As we all know, JavaScript data types are divided into two broad categories, the base type (or the original type), and the reference type. The values of the base type are simple data segments that are stored in stack memory and are

The principle of JavaScript self-executing anonymous function (function () {}) _javascript skills

A function is one of the most flexible objects in JavaScript, and it simply explains the purpose of its anonymous function. An anonymous function is a function that does not specify a function name or pointer, and the execution of an anonymous

JavaScript event handling Model examples illustrate _javascript techniques

Event is the heartbeat of the JavaScript application and the glue that sticks everything together. When we have some kind of interaction with a Web page in a browser, the event occurs. The event may be a user clicking on something, a specific

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