JavaScript Learning Notes (18) to get the element code in the page _ basics

1. Get element getElementById () method, gets the element by the ID of the element, accepts an argument that gets the ID of the element, and returns NULL if the ID does not exist Be careful not to have the name of the form element the same as the

JavaScript Learning Notes (10) JS Object Inheritance _ Basics

1. Prototype chain Rarely used alone Copy Code code as follows: View Code Defines the superclass class, which has an attribute property and a method Getsupervalue Function Superclass () { = true; }

JavaScript form validation Development _javascript tips

This article examples for you to share a JS form verification of the specific code for your reference, the specific content as follows Online demo: Effect Chart: /* Authentication type

Uniform motion and variable speed (buffering) movement in javascript detail _ basics

The movement of a div is actually a change in its distance from the browser's border. If the rate of change is certain, it is uniform motion; if the rate of change is not necessarily, then it is variable motion. When the rate of change is

JavaScript implementation Picture Carousel Component code example _javascript tips

This article introduces the JavaScript implementation Picture Carousel Component, the nonsense does not say more directly to look below: Effect: Automatically loop the picture, there is a button below to switch to the corresponding picture.

The method of number in JavaScript summary _javascript skill

First, the constructor Number (value) New Number (value) Second, number attribute 1. Number.MAX_VALUE returns the maximum number that can be represented. 2, Number.min_value can represent the smallest number. 3, Number.NaN non-numeric value. 4

JavaScript Learning Notes JS Object _ Basic Knowledge

Default Object Date Object, Format: Date Object name =new date ([date parameter]) Date Parameters: 1. Ellipsis (most commonly used); 2. English-numeric format: month, year [Time: minutes: sec] such as: Today=new Date ("October 1,2008 12:00:00")

JavaScript Basic Concepts _ Basics

One, case sensitive Everything in ECMAScript (variables, function names, operators) is case-sensitive. If the variable name test and test represent two different variables, Second, identifiers An identifier is the name of a variable, function,

JavaScript Basics Teaching Break and Continue statements _ basics

Break and continue statements provide more stringent process control for code execution in a loop. The break statement immediately exits the loop and prevents any code in the loop body from being executed again. The continue statement simply exits

JavaScript Learning Notes of the statement _ Basic knowledge

One, Conditional branch statement : if Basic format: if () {}else if () {}else{} Execution process: Second, the circular statement 2.1 Pre-Test Loop statement: Evaluate the export condition before the code in the loop body is executed.

JavaScript Learning Note Operator (cont.) _ Basics

One, multiplicative operator 1, Multiplication: * Some special rules for multiplication operators: If the operands are numeric, the normal multiplication calculates that if the product exceeds the representation range of the ECMAScript value,

The document object in JavaScript is used in detail _ basics

Object Properties Copy Code code as follows: Document.title//Set document title equivalent to HTML label Document.bgcolor//Set page background color Document.fgcolor//Set foreground colors (text color)

Deep analysis of native JavaScript events _ basics

jquery This write less do more frame, with a lot of will inevitably to native JS Yangaoshoudi. Small dishes In fact do not want to write this blog, seemingly very elementary appearance, but see the network even the original JS event binding and

Methods of defining classes in JavaScript Summary _ Basics

There are a number of ways to define classes in JS: 1. Factory mode Copy Code code as follows: function car () { var ocar = new Object; Ocar.color = "Blue"; Ocar.doors = 4; Ocar.showcolor = function () { document.write

JavaScript Closure Details _ basic knowledge

Preface: It is also a primer article. There are several very important language features in JavaScript-objects, prototype inheritance, closures. The closures are a new language feature for programmers who use the traditional static language C/S. In

JavaScript uses uploadify to implement multiple file upload _javascript tips

Use uploadify to realize file upload can client judge file size, control file upload type, achieve multiple file upload, display progress bar and other functions, easy to use, good compatibility. This example is the integration of DWZ uploadify

JavaScript-timed control throttle, debounce and immediate detailed _javascript tips

Objective We call these acts events, and response callbacks (callbacks). A continuous flow of events is called the event stream (a stream of events). The speed at which these actions occur is not something we can control manually. But we can

_javascript techniques for common sorting algorithms in JavaScript

The specific code and comparison are as follows: Copy Code code as follows: JavaScript version of the common sort algorithm Random number of Maximum random number Regenerate Time consuming

Code _javascript tips for using the keyboard to control the movement of layers under JavaScript

Mobile of keyboard control layer Please press ↑, ↓, ←, →, What's the effect of a try? Control key Settings: Move Up: Move Down: Move Left: Move right: Each move Px; keyboard control layer Mobile please press , ↓, ←, →,

Summary of various loops in JavaScript

How do we iterate through the elements in the array? 20 years ago when JavaScript was first born, you could implement array traversal like this:1 var arr=["One", "one", "three"; 2 for (var i=0;i) {3 document.write (Arr[i]); 4 } Since ES5 is

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