JavaScript has written an antivirus tool that clears "Logo1_.exe" (scan directory) _javascript tips

Recently, I shared a directory where all the EXE files are infected with the virus, the Internet to find out that it is "logo1_.exe" this banging ghost. Online on the harm of the virus is very high, that as long as the virus, the entire machine can

A detailed explanation of the problem with WebView using custom JavaScript for callbacks based on Android _android

First of all, why we need to discuss this issue. Now a lot of mobile applications, may be directly embedded in a Web page. The benefits: one is the function of the update convenient, easy to maintain, only need to maintain the server page, do not

IOS development uses JavaScript to invoke the OC method rather than Url_ios

First look at how to click a button on the project WebView, you can reach the calling OC code The above page is nested inside the webview of a project page, print order after clicking (Click event is a JS method), need to call the OC inside the

The use of the link () method of the string in JavaScript () basics

This method creates an HTML hypertext link that requests another URL.Grammar (Hrefname) The following are the details of the parameters: Hrefname: Any string specifies an HREF tag; It should be a valid URL return value:

Methods for using Nan values in JavaScript _ basics

literal constant without quotes Nan is a special value that represents not a non-numeric number. Because Nan is always in a relatively unequal situation, in any number, including Nan, it is usually an error condition for a function that indicates

Explain the usage of circular control statements in JavaScript basics

JavaScript provides full control to handle loops and switch statements. There may be a situation when you need to exit a loop but not reach its bottom. There may also be a situation when you want to skip over a portion of the code block and start

JavaScript Development Specification requirements (canonical code) _ Basics

I have in the development work and not according to the norms of the development of colleagues to cooperate with him can not use the "happy" to describe the. Now I write the purpose of this article in addition to share a little experience with you,

JavaScript data type conversion (Parseint,parsefloat) _ Basics

JavaScript has two conversion methods for data types: (i) converting an entire value from one type to another (called a basic data type conversion) (ii) Extract the value of another type from one value and complete the conversion work

JavaScript objects, attributes, event manuals collection Easy to query _ basics

Windows objectThe top-level object for each HTML document.PropertyFrames[] An array of child frames. Each child frame array is stored in the order defined in the source document.Feames.length of the number of child frames.Self Current window.Parent

JavaScript Development Technology Daquan 4th Chapter Direct Quantity and Character Set _ basics

4.1 String Direct Quantity 1. String Direct Quantity 。 can be 0 or more. 。 The string must be written on the same line. Too long with + number 。 Used to define start and end double quotes and single quotes must match 2. Escape characters in a string

JavaScript global Functions Use simple description _ Basics

1, decodeURI () parameter: string Function Description: Decodes the URI encoded by the encodeURI () function. Instance: The be decoded to first/ 2, decodeURIComponent () parameter:

Novice JavaScript Basic Collation 1_ Basics

1 Copy Code code as follows: Write HTML content in page document.write ("hello world!") 2 Copy Code code as follows: To prevent browsers that do not support JavaScript to display JS as the content of the page

UpdatePanel triggers JavaScript scripting method with code _ Application Tips

I. Pre-rendered data cannot be changed 1. As you know, pre-rendered data can not be changed, may have been mentioned before, see demo here, customize a control [Defaultproperty ("Text")] [ToolBoxData (" ")] public class

The splice () method in JavaScript uses a detailed knowledge of the basics

The splice () method of the JavaScript array changes the contents of the array, adds new elements, and eliminates the old elements.Grammar Array.splice (index, Howmany, [element1][, ..., elementn]); The following are the details of

VBScript and JavaScript version of the 15-bit, 18-bit identity card number validation function. And according to the ID card of the province, birthday, sex _vbs

Need to use identity card verification work, but also to support the examination of 15-bit and 18-bit. I temporarily lazy, ask colleagues have no ready-made functions available, colleagues Google a bit, throw me a asp-vbscript version of the

The conditional judgment statement in JavaScript uses the detailed knowledge _ basics

In writing a program, there may be a situation when you need to take a path out of a given two paths. Therefore, you need to use conditional statements to let programs make the right decisions and perform the right actions. JavaScript supports its

Simple introduction to JavaScript variables and data Types _ basics

JavaScript data type: One of the most fundamental features of a programming language is a set of data types that it supports. These are the types of values for programming languages that can be represented and manipulated. JavaScript allows three

JavaScript Learning-Improving textual _javascript skills

JavaScript Learning-Improving articles A. An object in JavaScript. The object in JavaScript is a collection of key-value of a set of data, somewhat similar to the HashMap in Java, all of which are property in object. In general, creating an object

JavaScript DOM Action tables and styles _ basics

A table of operations The tag is one of the most complex structures in HTML, and we can create it by using the DOM, or htmldom to manipulate it; Use DOM to create tables; var table = document.createelement (' table '); Table.border = 1;

JavaScript Dom Advanced Method _ Basics

The DOM itself has many types, which are described in the previous chapter, such as element types: The elements node, or the text type; One DOM type Type name DescriptionNode represents a uniform interface for all types of values, IE is not

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