Practical JavaScript technology-shielding class _javascript skills

One, screen Keyboard all keysSecond, shielding the right mouse buttonAdd Oncontextmenu=self.event.returnvalue=false to the body tag or:function Nocontextmenu (){if (document.all) {Event.cancelbubble=true;Event.returnvalue=false;return

JavaScript template engine Template.js using detailed _javascript tips

Template.js a JavaScript template engine, simple and easy to use. Provides a set of template syntax, the user can write a template block, each time according to the incoming data, generate the corresponding data generated HTML fragment, rendering

JavaScript functions 1th/3 page _javascript Tips

Author: F. PermadiTranslator: Sheneyan (Zi Wu)English Original: INTRODUCTION to JavaScript functionsChinese translation (including examples): JavaScript functionsSub-note: a pretty good entry for function, personal feeling is quite classic. Word

JavaScript implementation through the first letter of pinyin quickly select Drop-down List _ form effects

Drop-down List Quick selection For example, the phonetic initials of an option are "a", so you can quickly select the item by pressing "A" on the keyboard. Beijing Shanghai Tianjin Chongqing Hebei Shanxi Inner Mongolia

Use JavaScript to determine if the input data is currency and automatically add ¥ symbol code _ form effects

One of the classic friends raised the question, I had just written a stock system to deal with some money data, now memory is still, so I help solve. Save yourself again so that you can use it later. New Document & Lt;/html>

An instant form verification of JavaScript code _ form Effects

Cute--teach you to be a lovely woman--makeup and beautifying and slimming skin Care--Shenzhen cute Bar & lt;/title> Women Salon Registration Step - Registered Community id >> Enter Community registered Login name: 3~20" legal

How to implement the JavaScript code highlighting for regular expressions _ regular expressions

Today, I would like to change the highlight of JS color, suppressed the afternoon to suppress the regular expression of this.The old master's long thing is a regular expression, see don't be frightened. Copy Code code as follows: /(\

Create a variety of patterns for objects in JavaScript _ basics

I've been watching JavaScript Advanced Programming (second Edition). Creation of objects in JavaScript • Factory model • constructor pattern • Prototype mode • Combining constructors and prototype patterns • Prototype dynamic model Most

A complete understanding of the closure basics in JavaScript

Introduction A closure is a function that has access to a variable in another function scope.Closures are hard to understand in JavaScript, and many advanced applications rely on closures, so let's take a look at one of the following examples:

Deep analysis of Javascript:object type _ basics

In JavaScript, a reference type is a data structure that is used to organize data and functionality together. An object is an instance of a specific reference type. How objects are created: var person = new Object (); The example above

JavaScript create a few patterns of the object introduction _ Basics

There are several modes in JS that can create objects and manipulate the properties and methods contained in the object. In general, the first letter of a constructor name is a capital letter, the first letter of the non-constructor name is

Summarize the differences between JavaScript three types of data storage _ basics

The common denominator between sessionstorage, localstorage, and cookies:are stored in the browser-side and are homologous. The difference between sessionstorage, localstorage, and cookies:cookie data is always carried in a homologous HTTP request,

Clean up the good JavaScript methods and techniques 1th/3 Page _ Basics

Fit to read: Know nothing about JavaScript ~ one step away from mastery Basics: HTML That's what JavaScript is about. 1: basic knowledge 1 Creating script blocks 1: 2 Hide Script code 1: Do not execute related code in browsers that do

JavaScript Programming Start (Fourth lesson) _ Basics

Some people told me that the second lesson is not clear, I do not know whether the writing is too general, not meticulous, or other, what is the problem, everyone to put forward, of course, I do not is what JS master, just want to bring the fans in

JavaScript common string and array extension Function Summary _ basics

Extension function for string object: String.prototype.trim = function () {return this.replace (/^\s+|\s+$/g, ""); } String.prototype.ltrim = function () {return this.replace (/^\s+/g, ""); } String.prototype.rtrim = function () {return

An example of how to determine the type of object in JavaScript--basic knowledge

In the process of writing a JS program, you may often need to judge the type of an object, for example, you write a function, you need to judge different types of parameters to write different code.First you might think of the typeof operator, and

JavaScript's Functional Programming Basics Guide _ Basics

Introduction JavaScript is a powerful, but misunderstood programming language. Some people like to say that it is an object-oriented programming language, or it is a functional programming language. Others like to say that it is not an

Instance: using JavaScript to manipulate strings (some string functions) _ Basics


The value of an action string is a common occurrence that a typical developer must face. There are many ways to manipulate strings, such as extracting a portion from a string, or determining whether a string contains a particular character. The

JavaScript Basics of animation tutorials, intuitive and understandable _ basics

Direct Click to view, you can

A detailed explanation and summarization of the Call,apply,bind method in JavaScript _javascript skills

The following sections are categorized as follows: The source of the method () 3.function.prototype.apply () 3.1: Find the maximum number in the array 3.2: Change the empty element of the array to

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