JavaScript calendar with lunar solar-term controls

Tip: You can modify some of the code before running Tip: You can modify some of the code before running

JavaScript Calendar effect code (support lunar calendar, week, year)

Tip: You can modify some of the code before running javascript Calendar body,td,.p1,.p2,.i{font-family:arial} body{margin:6px 0 0 0;background-color: #fff; color: #000;} table{border:0} #cal {width:434px;border:1px solid #c3d9ff; font-

Cocos2d-x Lua/javascript Script code encryption implementation

In game development, a script as a resource file, like a picture video, is referenced by the engine, the advantage of using a script to play the game is that it can be updated online patch, especially for the Apple App Store audit period is very

JavaScript gets HTML static page parameter pass value

Let's take a look at my code. Just embed the code in the paging file Example One Using regular expressions to get The code is as follows Copy Code var locstring = String (window.document.location.href);function

encodeURIComponent () usage in JavaScript

The encodeURIComponent () function encodes a string as a URI component. Syntax: encodeURIComponent (uristring) Parameter description: uristring required. A string that contains the URI component or other text to encode. Return value: A copy of

JavaScript gets the cursor position of the textarea and inserts the data

Save the following code as a JS file, or add to between HTML pages. The code is as follows Copy Code var start=0; var end=0; function Add () { var TextBox = document.getElementById ("Ta"); var pre = textBox.value.substr

Introduction to JavaScript Array object usage

Array definitionWe use the keyword new to create an array object. The following code defines an array object named MyArray: The Var myarray=new array () has two methods of assigning values to an array (you can add as many values as you want, as you

Introduction to the usage of VAR declaration variable in JavaScript

var statementdeclare a variable. var variable1 [= value1] [, variable2 [= value2], ...] ParametersVariable, variable2 The name of the variable being declared. Value, value2 The initialization value assigned to the variable. DescriptionUse the

The replace () character in JavaScript is replaced with a detailed explanation

The replace () method replaces some characters in a string with some other characters, or replaces a substring that matches a regular expression. GrammarStringobject.replace (regexp/substr,replacement) return valueA new string that is replaced

JavaScript Basics Introductory article (i)

One, data type and value JavaScript: Allows the use of 3 basic types of data--------numbers, strings, Boolean values, and also supports two small data types null (empty) and undefine (undefined).JavaScript: also supports conforming data

JavaScript function and Object detailed description

Function and Object var n = new Number (1)N.prototype-> undefinedWhy N.prototype for undefined? I was puzzled by the problem. Because we know that the new function (). Prototype is object. This issue raises my interest in function and object

JavaScript for Loop

Looping JavaScript for loop in JavaScript uses the number of times specified to execute the same code block or the specified condition is true.ExampleFor loopHow to write a loop. The number of times that the same code block is run by the closed loop

JavaScript implements simple paging effects _javascript tips

The following is a JavaScript implementation of the paging code, of course, must be implemented in conjunction with the background code. We can analyze the code, hoping to bring some help to you, the code is as follows: Example two:

Flex JavaScript Interactive Implementation Code _flex

Keywords: externalinterface Class Library used: SWFObject /** * Flex calls JavaScript functions * @params functionname:string JavaScript function name * @params ... params javascript function parameters * @return Returns the return content of the

JavaScript remembers username and login password (two ways) _javascript tips

The following is mainly through the code to show you the JavaScript memory user name and login password, specific code content please see below. The first way: CONTENTLogin.htmlWelcome.htmlCookie.jsCommon.jslogin.html login UserName:

code example: Some simple tips for optimizing the JavaScript compiler's work to get you to write faster JavaScript code for high performance running

Tells you some simple tricks to optimize the javascript compiler to work, so your JavaScript code runs faster. Especially when you find that the frame rate drops in your game or when the garbage collector has a lot of work to do.Single State:When

"Repost" javascript:; with javascript:void (0) Introduction to use

Sometimes when we are writing JS, we need to trigger events without returning values, so we might need to write this.I've seen several posts on labels and javascript:void (0) Recently, and I'd like to keep them in mind.Note: The following code is

JavaScript error-prone knowledge point collation

ObjectiveThis article is my Learning JavaScript process in the collection and collation of some of the error-prone knowledge points, will be from the scope of variables, type comparison, this point, function parameters, closure problems and object

Javascript Strict Mode detailed

Javascript Strict Mode detailedNanyiDate: January 14, 2013I. OverviewIn addition to the normal operating mode, ECMAscript 5 adds a second mode of operation: "Strict mode" (strict). As the name implies, this mode allows JavaScript to run under

JavaScript DOM Objects (2)

Accessing sibling nodes1. The NextSibling property returns the node immediately following a node (at the same tree level).Grammar:Nodeobject.nextsiblingDescription: If there is no this node, the property returns NULL.2. The PreviousSibling property

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