Examples of JavaScript function overloading

JS itself does not support overloading, because the method call is only related to the method name, regardless of the number and type of parameters, it is this feature, we can implement the overload in a simpler way.We can use array arguments to get

Detailed JavaScript high performance template engine arttemplate principle

As the web grows, front-end applications become more complex, and JavaScript (Node.js), based on back-end, is starting to emerge, while JavaScript is being placed in greater anticipation, while JavaScript MVC is becoming popular. JavaScript template

46 JavaScript code snippets commonly used in development

45 useful JavaScript tips, tips and best practices Translator: Dwqs In this article, I'll share some of the techniques, tips, and best practices that are commonly used in JavaScript. Whether JavaScript developers are using the browser/engine or

JavaScript Judge Mobile Browser instance code

Recently ready to do a mobile phone side of the site. So on the internet to find a few to determine whether it is a mobile phone browser JS script, posted up, share under: 1. How to determine whether to use the regular match for mobile terminals,

JavaScript settings, read, delete cookie functions

Cookies are browsers (user agents) access to a number of Web sites, these sites are stored in the client's set of data, used to make Web sites such as tracking users, implementation of user-defined features. The domain and path properties of the

Javascript for Loop Statement Learning notes

For loop A For loop is a tool that you will often use when you want to create a loop. The following is the syntax for the FOR loop: for (statement 1; Statement 2; Statement 3){The code block that was executed} Statement 1 executes before the

JavaScript Data Types Learning notes

Only the simple data types in 5 are explained here, and the Function and Object are explained in the following chapters. Kind of basic data type Number TypeString String typeBoolean Boolean typeUndefined indicates that a variable has not been

Statement of JavaScript Variables learning notes

Declaration of variables JavaScript uses keyword var to declare a variable, you can declare it after it is assigned, or you can assign a value at the same time as a declaration, and multiple variables declare commas (,) delimited. For example:

Regular expressions in JavaScript

Just as a string literal is defined as a character enclosed in quotation marks, the regular expression literal is also defined as a character that is contained between a pair of slashes (/). Therefore, JavaScript may contain the following code:

JavaScript picture pre-loaded to make picture pixels clearer

3. When the client requests the map, 4M of the original image will not immediately under the good, especially the remote network, then first put the small map down, and pulled up to the original size (this operation should be the use of no

Using regular expressions in JavaScript to delete spaces in a string

Instance The code is as follows Copy Code Instance Imitation RTrim: The code is as follows Copy Code Instance The code and test code are as follows: The

JavaScript Null object detailed

Web page effects Null object detailed Null This is an object, but is empty. Because it is an object, typeof null returns ' object '. Null is a JavaScript reserved keyword. Null is automatically converted to 0 when it participates in numeric

JavaScript eval function detailed description and compatibility processing

The eval () function computes a string and executes the JavaScript code in it. Grammareval (string) parameter descriptionString required. The string to evaluate, which contains the JAVASCRIPT expression to evaluate or the statement to execute.

JavaScript text scrolling display implementation code

1.html The code is as follows Copy Code First line Second Line Third Line 2.css The code is as follows Copy Code . box{width:150px;height:25px;line-height:25px;border: #bbb 1px

Standard JavaScript code specification detailed

1. JavaScript code should conform to Douban-jslint inspection standard 1-1. Statements must have a semicolon ending, except for, function, if, switch, try, while 1-2. Only long statements can consider breaking, such as: The code is as

JavaScript new constructor and object detailed

First we disassemble to the following code JScript code   code is as follows copy code var str = function () {                  return to ' Hello world ';            }             alert (New Str ());            

Usage of JavaScript logical runs

Comparison and logical operators are used to test true or false.Comparison operatorsComparison operators are used in logical statements to determine whether a variable or value is equal InstanceLogic and and Conditions and operators

Use of JavaScript typeof () and operator usage

typeof operatorReturns a string that is used to represent the data type of an expression. typeof[() expression[]]; The expression parameter is any expression that needs to find the type information. DescriptionThe typeof operator returns the type

JavaScript new constructor properties and prototype (1/3)

When a Web page effects object is generated: such as: function BB (a) {This.a= "KKK"} var b=new bb ();At this time B is the object has the BB attribute prototype to the prototype object;The prototype object has a constructor attribute pointing to

JavaScript indexof syntax and instance usage tutorials

Definitions and usage The indexof () method returns the location of the first occurrence of a specified string value in a string. Grammar Stringobject.indexof (Searchvalue,fromindex) Parameters Description

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