JavaScript Simulation Select Implementation Code _ form effects

Recently confused with JavaScript closures and inheritance, write a small thing to find the feeling. js+css Simulate Select Drop-down box, select form Effect A Drop-down box that is implemented using the SELECT syntax in a Web page is common,

JavaScript implementation checkbox selection and cancellation of all selected code _ form effects

This article describes the method, the trigger condition is independent, you can select or deselect all the designated name checkbox, the same page can have more than one group for the checkbox, the function is sound, general strong. Effect Chart:

One of your own JavaScript date processing functions _ Time and date

Copy Code code as follows: /* * Function Name: dateutil * Author: YITHCN * Function Description: Date function * Instructions for use: * Date Created: 2010.10.14 */ var dateutil = {}; Dateutil.base = 60 * 60 * 24 * 1000; Dateutil.add =

JavaScript to determine the time format of the code _ time and date

Check for time [Ctrl + A All SELECT Note: If the need to introduce external JS need to refresh to perform]

JavaScript gets the current timestamp code _ time Date

JavaScript gets the current timestamp:The first method: Copy Code code as follows: var timestamp = date.parse (new Date ()); Results: 1280977330000 The second method: Copy Code code as follows: var timestamp =

Simple JavaScript Calendar and detailed description _ Time date

Effect Chart: Test code: calendar2  ; th >>> day one Two three four five six               & lt;tr>               & lt;td>                                          & nbsp;         [Ctrl +

JavaScript Date-time function (Classic + perfect + practical) _ Time and date

Date.prototype.isLeapYear Judge Leap Year Date.prototype.Format Date format DATE.PROTOTYPE.DATEADD Date Calculation Date.prototype.DateDiff Comparison Date Difference Date.prototype.toString Date-turn string Date.prototype.toArray date split into

JavaScript uninterrupted picture scrolling and clickable-image effects

Css: Copy Code code as follows: HTML code Copy Code code as follows: Commodity 1 Commodity 2 Commodity 3 Commodity 4 Commodity 5 Commodity 6

JavaScript Bulk Check code that displays the default picture when the picture does not exist-image effects

This is a lot of inspection, a better idea Show default picture when no picture is present" practice by Ahanan [Ctrl + A All SELECT Note: If the need to introduce external JS need to refresh to perform] Use JavaScript to

JavaScript deep Copy (Deepclone) Detailed Knowledge _ Basics

JavaScript deep Copy is a beginner or even experienced developer who often encounters problems and does not have a good understanding of the deep copy of JavaScript. Deep copy (Deepclone)? And deep copy is relatively shallow copy, many beginners

A good Web page tab _ navigation menu with JavaScript

This tab effect, I have seen a good tab effect, not the best, but also very good javascript tab (tab) browsing control referral: domtab-javascript, Domtab, tab, tab, PHP/MySQL (X) html/css Ajax -DIV+CSS Small

JavaScript implementation performance, structure, behavior separation tab effect! _ Navigation Menu

It is characterized by the expansion of convenience, as long as they add the title and content can be automatically initialized. Untitled document tab [1] tab [2] tab [3] tab [4] 1 after a number of steps mentioned above, a A

JavaScript class and Namespace impersonation code _js object-oriented

The simplest of the first paragraph: Copy Code code as follows: The following lines of code show the impersonation definition and use of namespaces, classes, and functions: NameSpace = {}; Namespace.class = function () { This.

The JavaScript class and inheritance This property use the description _js object-oriented

The This property represents the current object, or refers to the current Page Object window if this is used globally, and if this is used in a function, this refers to what is invoked on the object based on this function at run time. We can also

JavaScript new constructor Property _js Object oriented

When a JS object is generated: such as: function BB (a) {This.a= "KKK"} var b=new BB ();At this time B is the object has the BB attribute prototype to the prototype object;The prototype object has a constructor attribute pointing to the BB

JavaScript interface Implementation code (interfaces in JavaScript) _js object oriented

In practice, we can define interfaces in annotations and implement them in actual code. Like what: Copy Code code as follows: /* Interface Composite { function add (child); function remove (child); function Getchild (index);

Javascript Object-oriented overload _js object-oriented

If I were to define this: Copy Code code as follows: function GetDate () {...} function GetDate (date) {...} Then the latter method will overwrite the previous one, although no error. But we can really overload it, if you'

Javascript Object-oriented overload _js object-oriented

The last few sections talk about JavaScript-oriented namespaces, JavaScript-oriented JavaScript classes, and JavaScript-oriented private members and public members, so you can look at the above and continue to look down. If I were to define this:

JSON learning JSON in JavaScript detailed usage instructions _json

Copy Code code as follows: first, use JSON to create an object in JavaScript JS Code Copy Code code as follows: Create an empty object var jsonobject = {} To create a new object var jsonobject = new Object

JSON in JavaScript Chinese translation _json

You can look at the following examples first [Ctrl + A All SELECT Note: If the need to introduce external JS need to refresh to perform] The primary purpose of JavaScript, the programming language, is to provide a page

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