JavaScript class definitions and references JavaScript advanced training custom Objects _js Object-oriented

One, overview In the Java language, we can define our own classes and use them to create objects based on these classes, and in JavaScript we can define our own classes, such as defining the user class, Hashtable class, and so on. There are

JavaScript Object Properties and methods 4 different types _js Object oriented

The first type is the previously mentioned private type, which is characterized by a complete lack of access to the outside world to access them, only through specific getter and setter. The second type is a dynamic public type, characterized by

Appbasejs class Library On-line common JavaScript functions and other JS class library write _js object-oriented

Copy Code code as follows: /*----------------------------------- WEB Application JavaScript Library 2009.11 Janchie ------------------------------------*/ String native object extension empty left and right space String.prototype.trim =

HTML to JavaScript conversion _javascript

html to JavaScript conversion html to JavaScript conversion Please enter the HTML code below: below is the converted JavaScript code:

Javascript Select operation Large Set _ form effects

In fact, this book has been in My computer, but not seriously read. has not been very formal study of JavaScript, occasionally use the time to find some code online, change it to use, this time from the beginning to learn, thin look down, there is a

Regular expression parsing _ regular expressions in JavaScript

Regular expression parsing in JavaScriptThe regular expression (regular expression) object contains a regular expression pattern. It has attributes (properties) and methods (methods) that match or replace a particular character (or character set) in

IE and Firefox under the JavaScript getyear year compatibility Writing _ Time and date

IE and Firefox under JavaScript getyear years different browser JavaScript getyear year function compatibility issues Let me give you an example. Some websites on Firefox will see this hint. It's 106 years, August 8. and using IE browser will

Very powerful JavaScript implementation pointer time _ time date

3 6 9 [Ctrl + A All SELECT Note: If the need to introduce external JS need to refresh to perform]

JavaScript Object literal Comprehension _ Basics

How object literals are exported and what benefits are defined 1. There are two types of output for object literals: traditional '. ', as well as array mode, only when output in an array, the square brackets should be enclosed in quotation marks,

Share JavaScript Implementation bubble Sort code and optimize _ Basics

Bubble sort: Arranges the elements in an array in order from big to small or from small to large. var array=[9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1]; The first round comparison: 8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1,9 exchanged 8 times i=0 j=array.length-1-i Second round

JavaScript core Syntax Summary (recommended) _ Basics

This article introduces the basic (commonly used) grammar of JavaScript for your reference. Overview Let's talk about how JavaScript should be written. Two forms, one is to write JavaScript directly in the HTML page, the other is to exist in the *.

Number numeral type in JavaScript learn notes _ basic knowledge

Use the IEEE754 format to represent integer and floating-point values.floating-point value: The value must contain a decimal point, and must have at least one digit after the decimal. A floating-point number requires a memory space that is twice

Learn the basics of math objects in JavaScript with ease

There are also some properties and methods for the built-in math math entries and functions. For example, the Pi property of the Math object will have the property value Pi (3.141 ...), and you can call it like this: Math.PI Similarly,

JavaScript BOM (Window object) Detailed _ Basics

ECMAScript is the core of JavaScript, but the web uses JavaScript, so the BOM (browser object model) is the real core. The core object of the BOM is window, which represents an instance of the browser. In the browser, the Window object is both a

JavaScript Instance Tutorial (19) using HoTMetaL (6) _ Basics

Using JavaScript in HoTMetaL6. How to write a save module scriptIn the example of this tutorial, we created a new Save Module file dialog box. There are several templates in hotmetal that you can choose from. The template is just an ordinary Web

On JavaScript Object-oriented programming _js object-oriented

Sigh is to ease the seriousness of the atmosphere and lead to today's topic, "JavaScript object-oriented programming," Next, we are around the object-oriented several major keywords: encapsulation, inheritance, polymorphism, expand. Encapsulation:

JavaScript three ways to create objects _js object-oriented

There are several ways to create objects in javascript: (1) Using built-in objects (2) using JSON notation (3) Custom object construction first, use the built-in objects The built-in objects available to JavaScript can be grouped into two

JavaScript Object-Oriented Programming Basics: Inheriting _js object-oriented

We see how straightforward the concept of inheritance here is, "copy the prototype of a class to another class", OK, code is cheap, look at the codes: function Class1 () {} function Class2 () {} Class2.prototype =

Analysis of JavaScript prototype inheritance recommendation 1th/2 page _js Object-oriented

JS does not provide the so-called class inheritance, it is said that in 2.0 to join this way of inheritance, but to all browsers to achieve 2.0 of the characteristics that must be more than n years. Yesterday saw a video of Crockford, which

JavaScript writing class nine _js object oriented

9, Yui writing class way Here is the introduction of Yui 2.7.0 version, just introduce Yahoo.js. Yui introduced a namespace, similar to the Java package. The following Yahoo Tools function pack Yahoo.namespace Yahoo.lang

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