JavaScript IndexOf method, LastIndexOf method and substring Method _ basics

The IndexOf () method returns the location of the first occurrence of a specified string value in a string. Grammar Stringobject.indexof (Searchvalue,fromindex) Parameter description Searchvalue required. A string value that requires

JavaScript Basic Concepts Elementary Tutorial Forum Posted Learning Records _ Basics

1. About this object Copy Code code as follows: View Plaincopy to Clipboardprint? var obj1=new Object (); var obj2=new Object (); Add attribute p to all two objects, equal to 1 and 2 respectively Obj1.p=1; obj2.p=2;

JavaScript Basics Quiz Four Basics

Second, enhance the navigation function 1. Links in drop-down menu (links in Select menu) Q: How do I implement a link to a different page in the Drop-down menu? a: To create a drop-down menu as shown:Select a pageJavaScript

JavaScript Getting Started learning Seventh JS Dom instance operation 1th/2 Page _ Basics

Speaking directly from the method: 1, delete the node. RemoveChild (): a b c If you do not know what the parent node of the node you want to delete is? You can use the ParentNode property. Like what: a b c 2, replace the node.

JavaScript getelementsbyname () Usage Description _ Basics

We look at: oele= DOCUMENT.ALL.AAA//There is a AAA object here, but we do not know how long it is now, so there is no way to operate on it. Therefore, we have to do the process of judging length first. if (oele.length) {}else{}; In both cases, the

JavaScript error-prone knowledge point finishing _javascript skills

Objective This article is my Learning JavaScript process of collection and collation of some error-prone knowledge points, this paper introduces and explains the 6 aspects of variable scope, type comparison, this point, function parameter, closure

JavaScript Best Practices: help you improve code quality _JAVASCRIPT skills

Learning something new every day can put a rational person on the road to greatness. As a developer, continuous learning of new things is part of our work, whether these new things come from positive learning experience. In this tutorial, I'll

JavaScript Computing Cartesian Product example detailed _javascript skills

JavaScript implements Cartesian product Note: The set mentioned in this article refers to a mathematical set, not a set in ES6. The whole idea is as follows: The user passes in a two-dimensional array, each of which is a set of Cartesian

JavaScript Learning Notes 4 eval Function _ Basics

The effect of Eval is simply to pass a string to the JS interpreter, which the JavaScript interpreter interprets as JavaScript code and executes it. For the simplest example: Copy Code code as follows: Very simply, interpret

JavaScript split () using methods and examples _ basics

Split definition and usage The split () method is used to split a string into an array of strings. Grammar Stringobject.split (separator, howmany) parameter description Separator required. A string or regular expression that splits the Stringobject

Ruffy JavaScript Learning Notes _ Basics

1,javascript's prototype Model: prototype needs a constructor to define a member of an object when implementing an object-oriented (like defining a Class), and the method is attached to the constructor's prototype. In 2,javascript, in order to

JavaScript window.settimeout () Detailed Usage _ Basics

JS SetTimeout method is more useful, usually used in the page refresh, delay execution, and so on. But many JavaScript novices are still not very familiar with the usage of settimeout. Although I have studied and applied JavaScript for more than two

JavaScript Array Learning data Collection _ Basics

In JavaScript, creating an array can use the new array, and the following syntax is correct: Arrayobj = new Array () creates an array. Arrayobj = new Array ([size]) creates an array and specifies the length, not the upper limit, but the

JavaScript function Usage Description _ Basics

What are functions (function)function sum (a,b) {return a+b;}In fact, the popular saying is a name of the Code section, convenient reuse.To be aware of:1.Javascript function syntax, because Javascript itself is case-sensitive, so a function cannot

A brief talk on JavaScript constructor and instantiation Object _ basic knowledge

Preface --speak in front I think there are a lot of beginner friends who used to have little access to the background programming language, like me, confused a series of "nouns" in JavaScript. Seems to know what to say, but the understanding is

Explain the exception handling method in JavaScript _ basics

There are three kinds of programming errors: (1) syntax errors and (2) Run-time error (3) logic errors:syntax error: Syntax errors, also known as parsing errors, are performed at compile time in a traditional programming language and appear in

Tutorial Basics for using the logarithmic Math.log () method in JavaScript

This method returns the natural logarithm of a number (the base is e). If the value of the number is negative, the return value is always nan.Grammar Math.log (x); The following are the details of the parameters: X: a number.

The toDateString () method in JavaScript uses a detailed knowledge of the basics

The JavaScript date.todatestring () method returns a date part of the human-readable form of a Date object.Grammar Date.todatestring () The following are the details of the parameters: NA return value: Returns the date part of the

The use of the GetYear () method of operating time in JavaScript Tutorial _ Basics

The JavaScript date.getyear () method returns the year of the specified date according to the Universal Time. GetYear is no longer in use and has been replaced with the getFullYear method. The value returned by GetYear is the current year minus 1900

JavaScript Learning Notes (11) _ Basics

Document Object The following table lists the Some common properties of the Document object for the BOM: of the genus say Alinkcolor activated link colors, such as definition of *

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