JavaScript implementation Priority queue

/*--------------definition and test code for the queue class----------------*/functionQueue () { This. DataStore = []; This. Enqueue =Enqueue; This. dequeue =dequeue; This. Front =Front; This. Back =Back ; This. toString =toString; This. Empty

A brief talk on javascript-callback function

A callback function is a function that is called through a function pointer. If you pass the pointer (address) of the function as an argument to another function, when the pointer is used to invoke the function it points to, we say this is a

01.JavaScript Object-oriented essentials--primitive types and reference types

I. What is a typeJavaScript does not have a class concept. However, there are still two types: primitive type and application type.The original type is saved as a simple data value, and the reference type is saved as an object, essentially pointing

Website front-end _javascript.0006.javascript Process Control

If statement:Note: For expressions in parentheses in the IF statement, JS automatically calls the Boolean () transformation function to convert the result of the expression to a Boolean value, and if True executes the code snippet in the statement

Javascript-Event Summary

Elevation: Chapter 13th EventsThe event flow describes the order in which events are received from the page. 1. Event bubbling stream: The event starts with the most specific element received and then propagates up to the less specific node

JavaScript syntax explanation

JavaScript syntax: operator conditional statement If...else ... Conditional statement Switch Loop statement for Loop statement while jump statementJS operator1, arithmetic operators: +-*%/+ +--(i++ first operation in addition ++i first add again

A detailed description of the prototype attribute in JavaScript

Original link: a typical object-oriented language, such as Java, there is the concept of Class (Class), which is the template for the object, which is an instance of the class. In the JavaScript

Cliché JavaScript closures

A closure refers to a function that has access to a variable in another function scope.--The third edition of the Advanced JavaScript program My first understanding of closures comes from the "senior three", first of all only through the "right"

typeof and Instanceof in JavaScript

typeof is a unary operator, while Instanceof is a two-dollar operator;typeof operation is a variable, and instanceof is preceded by a variable, followed by a type;typeof returns a string, and Instanceof returns a Boolean value.1, typeof ()

The object class in JavaScript

The object class is the most basic class in JavaScript and is used to create generic objects that typically store data with these objects.1. Object objects1.1. Creating Object ObjectsThere are two ways of creating object objectsfirst method of

The date in JavaScript

Date class is used to process dates and times based on the number of milliseconds (timestamp) since January 1, 1970 (World Standard Time)1. Create Date Objectvar now = new Date ();//Current time var date = new Date (1000);//As of January 1, 1970 the

Re-turn JavaScript after a year

think about your work. iOS development for more than a year the blink of an eye is over, but it's not over yet, and it's just that the previous development, though not at the apex, is a successful transformation through my tireless efforts, albeit

This in JavaScript points to the problem

Global executionFirst, let's look at what it is in the global context:Browser:Console.log (this);Window {speechsynthesis:speechsynthesis, caches:cachestorage, Localstorage:storage, Sessionstorage:storage, Webkitstorageinfo:deprecatedstorageinfo

JavaScript Advanced Programming Note 01 (Basic concept)

1. Use JavaScript 1, elements in HTML defines the following 6 properties:Async: Optional, asynchronous download of external script files.CharSet: optional, by specifying the character set of the code through the SRC attribute, most browsers ignore

Introduction to JavaScript and basics (1)

1. What is JavaScript-it is a scripting language that requires a host file, and its host file is an HTML file.JavaScript is a scripting language that is more complex than HTML. But even if you don't know programming before, don't worry, because

[Javascript] Promise

Promise represents an asynchronous operation that is not yet complete, but will be completed in the future.There are three states of Promise Pending: Initial state, not yet known results Fulfilled: Represents successful operation

JavaScript array manipulation

1. Creation of arrays1 var New // Create an array 2 var New // creates an array and specifies a length of ten 3 var New // Create an array and assign a value2. Access to array elements1 varMycars =NewArray (3);2Mycars[0] = "Saab";//assigning values

JavaScript Intensive Tutorial--javascript Summary

This article ish5eduAgency officialHTML5 Trainingtutorials, the main introduction:JavaScript Intensive Tutorials--javascript Summary In this tutorial we teach you how to add  javascript to the  html  page, making the site more dynamic and

Important concepts in JavaScript-closures-deep understanding

In the last share of javascript--function parameters and closures--in detail, the closure of the explanation is not deep enough. After a period of learning, I have a new understanding of the concept of closures. So the process of learning to

An analysis of the closure in JavaScript

The closure in JavaScript is really a commonplace problem, and the recent interview has been asked that my own ability to express can not be fully supported, really crazy. On the way back, I suddenly thought of a very simple thing, in fact, we do

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