Javascript multi-browser compatibility issues and solutions

Reprint Address: Http:// Whether it is the website application or learning JS, we pay attention to IE and Firefox browser compatibility issues, after all, these two browsers are accounted for the overwhelming majority.

Learn JavaScript closures (Closure)

Reprint Address: August 30, 2009Closures (closure) are a difficult and unique feature of the JavaScript language, and many advanced applications rely on closures.Here

JavaScript Web Authoring Effects

A. What is JavaScript? scripting language for Web interaction effects. Effect two. BOM objects enable JavaScript and the browser to talk. The main operation is using the Window object. History object: Historical, can be realized forward backwards

Foreign language translation--javascript Tutorial--regular expression--(2)

character classSuppose we want to find a number in the string. Not the specified number, but any number, for example: Find "1" in "Only 1", and look for "5" in "Give me a 5".Substring matching can be used in loops to find all the numbers in 0-9.

JavaScript reference type-basic wrapper type (deep understanding of the difference between basic wrapper type and base type)

The Boolean, number, and string explanations are basic types, but the official note is that they are special reference types. As far as I can conclude, these three types are more special, either as basic types or as reference types. Why, see below.

Deep understanding of the JavaScript Scope series third--declaration promotion (hoisting)

xTable of Contents [1] variable [2] function [3] before the first wordIt is generally assumed that JavaScript code executes from the top to the next line at execution time. But this is not exactly true, mainly because of the existence of a

A brief introduction to "JavaScript Breakthrough"

JavaScript is a Web-oriented programming language, and most modern Web sites use JavaScript, and all modern web browsers (computers, mobile phones, tablets) contain JavaScript interpreters. This allows JavaScript to be called the most widely used

JavaScript Basics 2

First, the Math objectMath object: JS provides some of the math-related use methodsMath.ceil () rounding up Math.floor () down roundingMath.Round () rounding Math.random () generates a random number from 0 to 1, which can be equal to 0 and

In-depth understanding of the JavaScript Scope series first-internal principles

xDirectory [1] compilation [2] execution [3] query [4] nesting [5] exception [6] in front of the principleJavaScript has a well-designed set of rules to store variables, which can then be easily found, a set of rules called scopes. The scope seems

Implementing the Extend () method in JavaScript

varMale ={sex:"Male"};varXiaoming ={name:"Xiaoming", School:"Xinhua"};object.defineproperty (Object.prototype,"Extend", {writable:true, enumrable:false, Configurable:true, Value:function(o) {//get all of your own properties, including non-enumerable

JavaScript breakpoint settings and debugging tips in Chrome

How do you debug a JavaScript program? The most primitive way to print content on a page with alert () is to use Console.log () to output content on the JavaScript console with a slightly improved approach. Well, using these two methods really

JavaScript Node Properties

Node propertiesIn the Document Object Model (DOM), each node is an object. The DOM node has three important properties:1. NodeName: Name of the node2. NodeValue: The value of the node3. NodeType: Type of nodeOne, NodeName property: The name of the

JavaScript Advanced Program Design reading notes---Basic types and values of reference types

variables, scopes, and memory issuesValues for base types and reference typesThe ECMAScript variable may contain values for two different data types: the base type value and the reference type value. A primitive type value refers to a simple data

JavaScript Advanced Programming (object-oriented programming) 1

The object constructor or object literal can be used to create objects, but there are obvious drawbacks: creating many objects with the same interface creates a lot of duplicate code.Factory mode// Factory mode function Createdog (name,age) {

Front End Question Summary-javascript

1. How can I achieve communication between multiple tabs in the browser? call Localstorge, cookies and other local storage methods 2.JavaScript prototypes, prototype chains Although you can access and modify the values saved in

The ABS function of JavaScript

The ABS method returns the absolute value of the number. It is an intrinsic object of the Math object, a method that provides basic mathematical functions and constants.Math.Abs (number)The mandatory option number parameter is a numeric expression

Kidney Day Arch A Stroke JavaScript series Chapter3 Operators&expressions

Chapter 3 operators and Expressions1. OperatorFrom the formal view, the operator can be either a symbol (such as +,-,*, etc.), or it may be a character (delete,instanceof, etc.);From a structural perspective, operators can be divided into unary, two,

JavaScript random Number Type

1.math.random (); The result is a random number between 0-1 (including 0, excluding 1)2.math.floor (num); The parameter num is a numeric value and the function result is the integer portion of Num.3.math.round (num); The parameter num is a numeric

JavaScript Add method folders

Add Method (Folders)Adds a new Folder to the Folders collection.Object. ADD (FolderName)ParametersObjectRequired option. Should be the name of the Folders collection.FolderNameRequired option. The name of the new Folder to add.DescriptionThe

JavaScript Add method Dictionary

Add Method (Dictionary)Adds a primary key entry pair to a Dictionary object.Object. ADD (key, item)ParametersObjectRequired option. Always a name for the Dictionary object.KeyRequired option. The key associated with the item being added.ItemRequired

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