Learn JavaScript closures (Closure)

Closures (closure) are a difficult and unique feature of the JavaScript language, and many advanced applications rely on closures.Here is my study note, which should be useful for JavaScript beginners.The scope of a variableTo understand closures,

JavaScript JQuery Primer Review 2

JQuery SwipeWith jquery, you can create a sliding effect on an element. Slidedown () Slide the element down. Slideup () Slide the element up. Slidetoggle () Toggles between the Slidedown () and the Slideup () method. $ (selector)

All data in JavaScript is stored as 64-bit floating-point data (float). Usage considerations for floating-point data

All data in JavaScript is stored as 64-bit floating-point data (float) .All programming languages, including JavaScript, are difficult to determine the accuracy of floating-point data:DOCTYPE HTML>HTML>Head>MetaCharSet= "Utf-8">title>Beginner's

JavaScript-Functional programming

In recent times, functional programming has been active again. Functional programming is a programming paradigm that treats computer operations as mathematical function calculations and avoids the use of program state and variable data. Functional

What is the difference between a three equals sign and two equals sign in JavaScript?

1, for String,number and other basic types, = = and = = = There is a differenceA) comparison between the different types, = = Comparison of "converted to the same type of value" see "Value" is equal, = = = If the type is different, the result is

Doubts about settimeout () and cleartimeout () in JavaScript.

As you learn JavaScript in W3school, when you learn the settimeout () and Cleartimeout () methods. According to the example that it provides (the following code goes from W3cschool)-The counting program, it is found that when you keep clicking on

JavaScript work must know (eight) attribute value, write, enumerate, configurable

Attributes of a propertyEach object has properties, what attributes do they have?   1, the attribute has a value.2, whether the property is writable.3, whether it is enumerable.4, whether it is configurable. "Use strict";//using strict mode var

8-year JavaScript knowledge point accumulation

08 graduation began to touch JavaScript, when it was done ASP. ASP. NET control can not solve, such as checkbox single Select, select all problems, automatically calculate the total price problem, refresh problems, and so on. At that time, I felt

Object-oriented JavaScript (2): Class

In small projects for JavaScript use, just write a few function on the line. But in large projects, especially in the development of the pursuit of a good user experience of the site, such as SNS, will use a lot of javascrpt, sometimes JavaScript

Web development methods for filtering JavaScript and HTML

JavaScript filtering methods:The first scenario: Use the Htmlspecialchars function to convert special characters and use the NL2BR function to insert some necessary tags.1 $comment = eof 2 7 EOF; // If $comment is a comment 8 // filter

JavaScript's simple button search function

New Document JavaScript's simple button search function

[Effective JavaScript note] 17th: An indirect call to the Eval function is better than a direct call

The Eval function is more than just a function. Most functions only access the scope in which they are defined, but not the scope (lexical scopes) beyond.The Eval function has the ability to access the entire scope when it is called.When compiler

JavaScript probe Browser Plugin

JavaScript can be used to detect plug-ins in a Web browser, but it is worth noting that it is only valid in Netscape Navigator. The following code shows how to probe the Audio/midi type plug-in program:How do you call it on the Web? Here's the code:"

Talking about JavaScript calling function expression immediately

function declaration, function expression, anonymous function: function declaration: Functions fnname () {...}; Declare a function using the function keyword, and then specify a name for the functions, called the function declaration. function

JavaScript Deep learning and common tool methods----01. Floating-point number

In JavaScript, integer values and floating-point values are not distinguished, and all numbers are represented by floating-point values. JavaScript uses the IEEE 754 standard (interested in browsing the IEEE 754 standard under the Network

JavaScript-the second of regular expression

The approximate matching process for regular expressions is to take out the expression and compare the characters in the text, and if each character matches, the match succeeds; If a match is unsuccessful, the match fails.Regular expressions are

[Ext] 7 High-performance JavaScript code highlighting plugin

For those who like to write technical blog, must be very familiar with the code highlighting components. An excellent JavaScript code highlighting plugin will help you render any programming language, including coloring of some keywords, indentation

[JavaScript] +function () {} function

[JavaScript] +function () {} function GabIn JS, often encounter the following code, exactly in the function before adding a unary operator, what role?The function is to turn the functions into self-executing functions +function () {}

Arrays in JavaScript traverse the foreach () and Map () methods and the compatibility notation

Principle: Advanced browsers support the Foreach methodSyntax: both foreach and map support 2 parameters: One is the callback function (Item,index,list) and the context; ForEach: Used to iterate over each item in the array; The

Use JavaScript to set, get values from parent-child pages

One: Gets the value from the parent page There are two ways to Windows.open () and Windows.showmodaldialog ()1.windos.open (Url,name,reatures,replace)Fatherpage.aspx in the parent pageGets the objects, values in the parent page (sonpage.aspx)

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