JavaScript inheritance (a) prototype chain inheritance

InheritedInheritance is one of the most talked about concepts in oo language. Many OO languages support two ways of inheriting: interface inheritance and implementation inheritance .Interface inheritance inherits only the method signature, while

Tetris game JavaScript code

JavaScript Code Tetris GameI have long heard that someone on the internet just wrote a Tetris game with 60 lines of JavaScript code, and recently looked at it, and today in this article I have done my analysis (mainly in the form of annotations).  I

JavaScript Basics-var

Variables that use Var will be declared at the beginning of JS, so the VAR variable declaration order does not affect1 inch // false 2 inch // true 3 aa=5; 4 var bb=2;Variables use VAR (explicit declaration) as local variables, variables do not use

On the JavaScript eval () function

People with JS should know the eval () function, although the function is very small, but it is powerful, then the question, why not used? The reason is simple, because the eval () function is the dynamic execution of the string in which there may

JavaScript variable Scope

All variables have global scope, local variables have local scope (note that the parameters of the function are also local variables)1. In the function body, the local variable takes precedence over the global variable with the same name.My

Reference to the use of JavaScript

DOM ProgrammingThe important role of 1.js is that it allows users to interact with page elements-->js essence"2.DOM programming is also the basis of Ajax3.DOM (Document Object model), which is an application programming interface (API) for HTML and

5 Debug tips required by JavaScript programmers

1. Debugger:As I've said before, you can add a debugger to your JavaScript code and manually create a breakpoint effect.Do you need a breakpoint with a condition? You just need to surround it with an if statement: if

Common JavaScript Debugging methods

Editor's lead:JavaScript debugging methods, common use alert and console to locate errors and outputs whether the results are desired, in chrome, you can also use breakpoints to see the situation of running, etc., this article introduces a more

"Original" Web Capture package HttpWebRequest does not return JavaScript-generated cookie Solutions

Objective:Recently in the process of doing China Mobile Crawler, the first encounter is in a request, there is a "WT_PFC" cookie key value is generated by the front-end JavaScript, not into the HttpWebResponse, that is, C # does not go back to

JavaScript array functions unshift, shift, pop, push usages

How to declare an arrayDeclarations of arrays in s can be declared in several waysCopy CodeThe code is as follows:var tmp = []; Shorthand modevar tmp = new Array (); Direct New Onevar tmp = Array (); Or new can alsoIn the new array, you can pass in

Tips for developing JavaScript

1, use = = = Replace = =The = = and! = operators automatically convert data types when needed. but = = = and!== do not, they compare values and data types at the same time, which makes them faster than = = and! =.1 if("1"=="1"){//Slow Speed2

The principle of the scope chain in JavaScript

Execution Environment The formation of the scope chain is related to the execution environment (execution environment), where the execution environment is generated in JavaScript in the following 3 scenarios:1 Entering the Global environment2

JavaScript: Gets the current time of the system, constructs a formatted string

var getnowformatdate = function () {var date = new Date ();var seperator1 = "-";var Seperator2 = ":";var month = Date.getmonth () + 1;var strdate = Date.getdate ();if (month >= 1 && month month = "0" + month;}if (strdate >= 0 && strdate Strdate = "0"

The Eval function in JavaScript

eval functionThe Eval function receives a string consisting of a JavaScript statement and returns the return value of the last statement in the string, and if the last statement does not return a value, the Eval function returns undefined. If the

JavaScript Regular Expressions

Regular Expressions:Regular Expressions (Regular expression), also known as formal notation , conventional notation .A regular expression uses a single string to describe and match a series of strings that conform to a certain syntactic rule.Method:1

One, JavaScript tips

1. Don't forget var when declaring variables2. Equal comparison please use = = = instead of = =3.undefined, NULL, 0, False, NaN, ' ' (empty string) are false values at the end of the line sealed number3. Be careful with TypeOf, Instanceof and

Getting Started with JavaScript

First, the origin of JavaScriptJavaScript is a web technology, originally named LiveScript, which is a scripting language developed by Netscape to extend the functionality of basic HTML to replace complex CGI programs to process Web page form

The This keyword in JavaScript is detailed

Original source: a look at the code below, what is the last alert?1 var name = "Bob"; 2 var nameobj ={ 3 Name: "Tom", 4 showname:function () {

The problem of closures in JavaScript (reproduced)

Learn JavaScript closures (Closure)NanyiDate: August 30, 2009Closures (closure) are a difficult and unique feature of the JavaScript language, and many advanced applications rely on closures.Here is my study note, which should be useful for

Modular programming of JavaScript

At the beginning of the design, JavaScript did not provide a native, language-level, modular way to organize code, such as the Java language, which manages and uses modules through package and import. ECMAScript 6 introduces the concept of class and

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