JavaScript reserved Keywords

1. Generic reserved Keywords Break Delete function Return typeof Case Do If Switch Var Catch Else Inch This void Continue

Effective JavaScript: Chapter II

1. Master ClosuresUnderstand closures to learn three basic facts:①javascript allows you to refer to variables defined outside of the current function;For example:function Makesandwich () { var magicingredient = ' peanut butter '; function

JavaScript uses Map,every,filter,some,reduce,sort to optimize the processing of arrays

Case:var scorestable=[ {id:11,name: "Xiao Zhang", score:80}, {id:22,name: "Xiao Wang", score:95} , {ID:33,name: "Xiao Li", score:50}, {id:44,name: "Xiao Liu", score:65}, {id:55,name: "Xiao Xu" , score:84}]1. Get the highest score

Write a cache function (JavaScript) that looks up records based on the ID field

Shortly before the interview, I met a question like, " write a cache function that looks up records based on the ID field, and if checked before, returns the object that was previously looked up without having to look for it again ." Due to the

The array object of JavaScript

The array type is the most commonly used type in ECMAScript.I. Ways of declaring1. Using the array constructorvar New Array ();If you know in advance that you want to save the number of arrays, you can also pass the number to the constructor, which

A comprehensive understanding of how JavaScript closures and closures are written and used

first, what is the closure and closure of several ways of writing and usage  1, what is closures   closures, the official explanation for closures is that an expression (usually a function) with many variables and environments

A brief analysis of JavaScript running mechanism

Start with a simple question:The output is undefined, which is called "Pre-parsing": The JavaScript engine prioritizes the var variable and the function definition. The code is not executed until pre-parsing is complete. If a document flow contains

JavaScript Expressions & Operators

Arithmetic operatorsIf the operand (or the result of the conversion) is a Nan value, the result of the arithmetic operation is also nan.The result of a divisor of 0 is a positive infinity or a negative infinity, and a 0/0 result is Nan, and all of

JavaScript Learning Note Nine

This paper studies and organizes the course "JavaScript advanced" according to MU course network. Understanding the DOMThe Document Object Model DOM defines a standard way to access and manipulate HTML documents. The DOM renders an HTML

[Effective JavaScript note] 6th: Understanding the limitations of semicolon insertion

Semicolons can be omittedJS can not force the addition of semicolons at the end of the statement. (recommended or added, do not add semicolons tend to appear difficult to find bugs) function point (x, y) { this.x=x| | 0; this.y=y| |

Memory leaks in JavaScript

Memory leaks in JavaScriptJavaScript is a garbage-collected language, which means that memory is assigned to the object based on the creation of the object and is retracted by the browser when there is no reference to the object. The garbage

Enterprise-Class JavaScript application technology core and HTML 5 development practice

Teaching Features:1, teaching emphasis on technical needs, design principles, thinking model building, rather than simply "grammar knowledge" to explain.2, the process of a large number of "based on the standard, horizontal linkage, reflective

Extremely useful hacks for JavaScript

In this post I'll share extremely useful hacks for JavaScript. These hacks reduce the code and would help you to run optimized code. So let ' s start hacking!1) converting to Boolean using!!operatorSometimes we need to check if some variable exists

JavaScript version Information

JavaScript version information The following table lists the version information for Microsoft JScript that the host app implements.Language elements Internet Explorer 3.0xMicrosoft Internet Information Server

Summary of the most comprehensive JavaScript debugging tips

The technique of debugging is an essential skill in any technology development. Master a variety of debugging skills, must be able to work in a multiplier effect. For example, quickly locate problems, reduce the probability of failure, help analyze

The clearest JavaScript prototype in history

A prototype is one of several questions that JavaScript is about to talk about. Said a big word, the most clear history. Originally wanted to follow the outline of the wording of writing, but write to the back feeling in fact there is a concept,

Ways to insert JavaScript into a Web page

Ways to insert JavaScript into a Web pageUse javascript code. inserting javascriptSimilar to how you insert CSS in a Web page . Use the following code to insert JavaScript in a Web page:...One of the ... Is the content of the code. JavaScript can

JavaScript Basics-Common control event handling

(1) Mouse events-onmouseover, onmouseout Untitled Document           Home      Latest Products       Discounted items       Online order      Contact Us            adwhd               ahhdws               hhjdk                123456               7

JavaScript Object-oriented Programming (II): Inheritance of constructors

The first part of the series focuses on how to "encapsulate" data and methods, and how to generate instances from prototype objects.Today's introduction is about five ways to "inherit" between objects.For example, there is now a constructor for an

JavaScript Value Delivery and scope

ECMAScript variables are loosely typed, and when assigning a value to a variable, the parser must determine whether the value is a base type or a reference type. The base type is accessed by value, because the actual value that is saved in the

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