JavaScript sorting algorithm--Hill sort

Hill sort --> Hill Sort JavaScript sorting algorithm--Hill sort

Parsing a string variable in JavaScript that suddenly turns false

In order to facilitate debugging, wrote a page is not logged in, Debug mode automatic login function, found that there is a variable i initialized to it to assign a string, but in the use of the time to find it turned false, good magic. After

The first summary of JavaScript

One. JavaScript is a scripting language, characterized by: explanatory, Object-based, event-driven, security and cross-platform featuresFor these features it is necessary to explainExplanatory: Javascripte itself is an explanatory

JavaScript's small accumulation-best practices for anonymous function expressions

At the time of writing JS, it is often used anonymous function expressions, such as1 setTimeout (function() {2 console.log (3 }, 1000);The above function () is the expression of anonymous functions, the advantages of this writing is simple and

JavaScript indexOf Startwith

Determine if a string starts with XX1. Cut convert var str = "Ababaa", tags = Jquery.trim (str);2. The IndexOf method runs!tags.indexof ("aba") = = True, which indicates that tags start with "abc", otherwise it does not start with "ABC".3. Note that

About replication in JavaScript

There is a need to copy content to the Clipboard when doing the project, because there are many browsers, so it is important to be compatible1, the simplest copy, can only be used under IEUsing the Clipboarddata method copy text to clipboard After

JavaScript: Variables

Based on the nature of the loosely typed JavaScript variable, a variable is simply a name used to hold a particular value at a specific time. Because there is no rule that defines what data type values A variable must hold, the value of the variable

Lodash of the JavaScript tool library

Are you still worrying about converting, matching, and finding data in JavaScript? A bunch of seemingly simple foreach, but long boring, but still keep repeat it! Perhaps you have already used underscore.js, good, you have progressed very big step.

JavaScript notes-Shortage make 2-reference types

  A reference type is a data structure used to organize data and functionality together. It describes the properties and methods that a class of objects have. object is an underlying type, array is of type, date is of type, regexp is a regular

JavaScript in-depth understanding of JS closures

Http:// scope of a variableTo understand closures, you must first understand the special variable scope of JavaScript.The scope of a variable is nothing more than two kinds: global variables and local variables.The

JavaScript Operations Priority

The priority of an operation is the order in which operations are performed during the evaluation of an expression. An operation with a higher priority performed first, followed by a lower-priority operation. For example, execute multiplication

Talking about Supermap iclient for JavaScript pop-up window class

map as the carrier and presentation of information, is an important part of GIS, it is a window of information, in the increasingly developed information today, a variety of map applications such as springing up in the general public, rather than as

Translation In JavaScript, {}+{} equals how much?

Original: Gary Bernhardt recently pointed out an interesting JavaScript quirk in a short lecture video "Wat" : When you add objects and arrays together, you get some unexpected results.

JavaScript Advanced Programming: 13th Chapter

13th ChapterI. Understanding the flow of eventsThe event flow describes the order in which events are received from the page.1. Event bubblingThe event flow of IE is called event bubbling, that is, when the event starts, it is received by the most

Note on JavaScript declaring variables and function keywords through the var keyword

First, the concept1. Variable declarationIn JavaScript, variables are generally declared by means of the var keyword (except the implicit declaration, the Let keyword Declaration), which declares a,b,c three variables (and assigns a value to a) by

The composition of JavaScript

Core ECMAScript, Document Object Model (DOM), Browser object model (BOM)1. ECMASCRIPT: Core variables, data types, keywords, reserved words, process controls, built-in objects, arrays. 1) Keywords: if, else, switch, case, as, in, does, while,

Smooth degradation, JS and HTML tag separation, extreme performance of JavaScript picture library

1 DOCTYPE HTML>2 HTMLLang= "en">3 Head>4 MetaCharSet= "UTF-8">5 title>JavaScript Picture Librarytitle>6 Scripttype= "Text/javascript">7 JS Image Library with smooth degradation, JS and HTML tag separation, extreme performance -8

JavaScript Object Serialization Detailed

I. What is Object serialization?Object serialization refers to the conversion of an object's state to a string (from my novice's understanding, as some books say, easy to understand!). );Serialization (serialization) is the process of transforming

Javascript/jquery How to get address bar URL parameters

1, jquery get the URL is very simple, the code is as followsWindow.location.href;2. JavaScript gets URL parameters function Geturlparam (name) { var reg = new RegExp ("(^|&) + name +" = ([^&]*) (&|$) "); // var r =

JavaScript fade-in fade-out effect FadeOut fadeIn

//FadeOut //function Start functionFadeOut (ele,speed) {varele=document.getElementById (ele);| | 1; varSpeed= (speed/100) | | 10;functionOpacityoff () {if(opacitynum>0) { (opacitynum-

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