"JavaScript Zero-based" language core section----optional semicolon

Learning Notes is primarily about documenting some of the things JavaScript needs to pay attention to, and some small details.Optional semi-colonLike many other programming languages, JavaScript uses semicolons (;) separate statements. This is

JavaScript Series notes (i) Data types


About JS data typesThere are five kinds of simple types: undifined, Null, Boolean, number, StringComplex types have one: ObjectUsing the typeof operator to get the data type, this operator returns a

Kill lui lei dog---javascript no:31 private property

1. What is a private propertyIn JavaScript code, there are no keywords that define attributes such as public/protected/private, but we can do this in a simulated way.There are only two types of properties in javascript:A common attributeA private

Easy Learning JavaScript 12: JavaScript-based object-oriented object creation (II)

Four-way prototypeEach function we create has a pass prototype (prototype) attribute, which is an object whose purpose is to contain a specific type ofproperties and methods that are shared by all instances of the This is logically understood:

Getting started with JavaScript-preparing

1-1 Why learn JavaScriptOne, you know, why is JavaScript so worthwhile for us to learn?1. JavaScript is supported by all major browsers.2. Currently, most Web pages worldwide use JavaScript.3. It allows Web pages to present a variety of dynamic

Scopes in JavaScript

Reproduced1. DefinitionScope scope1) an area in which something is executed, manipulated, and controlled2) When writing a program, the visibility of variables in the program; For example, whether a function can use a variable created by another

Javascript--dom programming

1. Dom:document object Model (text object models):--d: Document-html document or XML document;--o: Object-document object's properties and methods;--M: Model;--dom is a tree-based API for XML (HTML);--dom Tree: The Hierarchy of nodes (node);--dom a

JavaScript Basics Review

First, true and false judgmentTrue: true, not 0 digits, non-empty string, non-empty objectFalse: False, number 0, empty string, empty object, undefinedExample: if (0) {Alert (1)}else{Alert (2)}The result is 2.Two, JSON and for inExample: Var obj={aa:

Data structure and algorithm JavaScript (v) string (classical KMP algorithm)

Data structure and algorithm JavaScript (v) string (classical KMP algorithm)KMP Algorithm and BM algorithmKMP is a classic algorithm for prefix matching and bm suffix matching, and it can be seen that the difference between prefix matching and

JavaScript's callback function (callback)

1. callback function Definition: A callback function is a function that is called through a function pointer. If you pass the pointer (address) of the function as an argument to another function, when the pointer is used to invoke the function it

JavaScript base four (call expressions and operators)

1. Invocation of functions and creation of objects1) A pair of parentheses (): Used to invoke the function;2) if new FN () is used before the function name, this is the creation of the object; It is divided into two steps: 1.new creates an empty

JavaScript Get DOM outer style

Used to be jquery, and later wrote a component encountered this problem, only to find this inside great article!The code is as follows:DOCTYPE HTML>HTMLLang= "en">Head> MetaCharSet= "UTF-8"> title>Get DOM outer chain styletitle> style>. Div{

JavaScript Advanced Programming (2nd edition) Note 2

Note 1 Extracts some of the information about JavaScript, its composition, its basic types, and other irrelevant essentials, but the individual still feels that these basics must be understood, after all, better than nothing.And today, there are

JavaScript prototype chains and scopes

Now the school recruit is basically finished, so there is time to make a summary of the problems encountered during this time. In many of the written questions, found that there are many of the JS scope of investigation, so consult the data

Inheritance usage in JavaScript

This article summarizes JavaScript's use of inheritance, and hopefully this article will help you with JavaScript programming. Share to everyone for your reference. Specific as follows:The code is as follows:/** * Implements subclasses to inherit

Use of the Eval () function in JavaScript

The eval () function parses a string into JavaScript code execution.var str = "alert (' Hello World ');"  ; alert (str); alert (' Hello World ');eval (str); Hello WorldThe eval () function is commonly used to parse a JSON string into a JSON

Object-oriented representation in JavaScript

We know that the object-oriented language has a feature, that is, the general concept of class, and then have the class of properties and methods and other concepts.However, there is no class concept in JavaScript, so how do we go about implementing

JavaScript DOM Programming Art Learning Notes-chapter II JavaScript syntax

One, javascript example1 DOCTYPE HTML>2 HTMLLang= "en">3 Head>4 MetaCharSet= "Utf-8" />5 title>Just a Testtitle>6 Head>7 Body>8 Scriptsrc= "Example.js">Script>9 Body>Ten HTML>Put the above code in the file and

The meaning of Var that=this in JavaScript

You may find that there is a sentence in the code written by someone else: var = this; What does that mean?In JavaScript, this represents the current object.var that=this is a copy of the current this object into that variable. What is the point of

Should I add a semicolon after a JavaScript statement?

It is entirely up to your personal habits to add and not add semicolons, but it is recommended to use semicolons for code stability (parsing errors).JavaScript auto-semicolon rule:1. When there are newline characters (including multiline comments

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