JavaScript series (iii) events

1 Event StreamEvent bubbling: When an element receives an event, it propagates everything he receives to his parent, all the time, to the window. Block bubbling: Call Event.canclebubble=true in the event function that is currently blocking bubbling;

Usage of cookies in JavaScript

The cookies in JavaScript are primarily stored on the client computer and are used to store information about the site that has been visited, with a maximum cookie of approximately 4k. The following instances are primarily used to save data when the

Some thoughts on the curry of JavaScript function

1. Pits of higher order functionsBefore learning to curry, let's start by looking at the following piece of code:var f1 = function (x) { return F (x);}; F1 (x);Many students can see that these write is very silly, because the function f1 and f is

Javascript DOM Programming Art--seventh chapter dynamic creation of tags

How to add tags dynamically to a document in your browser:I. Traditional methods: The following two types are HTML-specific properties that cannot be used in other markup language documents.1. document.write (): The biggest drawback is that it

JAVASCRIPT formatted date

//An extension to date that converts date to a string of the specified format //the Month (m), Day (d), hour (h), Minute (m), second (s), quarter (q) can be used with 1-2 placeholders, //year (Y) can use 1-4 placeholders,

JavaScript's Calendar

javascript calendar             A.D.     year     lunar calendar     year [     year]      a     two     three    , iv     five      six        Day              JavaScript's Calendar

List of links in JavaScript

function LinkedList () {//helper class, which represents each of the added list's var node=function (element) {this.element=element;; }//list, the length of the storage chain is Var length=0; var head=null;

Topsy-oop[3]--JavaScript to thoroughly understand inheritance and prototype chains

OverviewFirst, let's briefly describe the concept of inheritance: When a class and another class form the "is a kind of" relationship, these two classes form an inheritance relationship. The two sides of an inheritance relationship are subclasses

High-performance JavaScript Learning Note Series (5)-Quick-response user interface

Reference high-performance JavaScriptThe process of understanding that the browser UI thread is used to execute JavaScript and update the user interface is often referred to as the browser UI thread's working mechanism that can be understood as a

JavaScript series (ii) DOM

The DOM (Document Object model) depicts a hierarchical tree of nodes.1.1 Node typeThe node type can be divided into 12 types, all of which inherit from node type and share the same basic properties and methods. The main node types are the element

Using JavaScript scripting language to parse JSON data in VBA

Json:javascript Object Notation (JAvaScript Object Notation) Similar to XML, in the form of text (saved in a text file or a string, for example), such as:JSSTR = {"Department": "History department", "Class": "Class", " student":[

Three ways to empty an array in JavaScript

Way 1,splice 123 varary = [1,2,3,4];ary.splice(0,ary.length);console.log(ary); // 输出 [],空数组,即被清空了 Method 2,length is assigned a value of 0This is interesting, and other languages such as Java, whose array length is

[Effective JavaScript note] 27th: encapsulate code using closures instead of strings

A function is a convenient way to store code as a data structure that can be executed after the code. This makes it possible to abstract expressive higher-order functions such as map and foreach. It is also the core of the JS asynchronous I/O method.

Two ways for JavaScript to judge duplicate content in an array by Fungleo

Two ways for JavaScript to judge duplicate content in an array by Fungleo prefaceIn general, we may give the array the weight, the operation is not complex, the execution of a loop is. Now, what I'm going to do is to determine if there are duplicate

Basic JavaScript Learning (10)

An array of javascript Learning Essentials:An Introduction to arraysDefining arraysArray elementsMethods of arraysFirst, the introduction of arraysThe element types in an array can be numeric, string, Boolean, and even an array.Second, define

Learn JavaScript closures (Closure)

Closures (closure) are a difficult and unique feature of the JavaScript language, and many advanced applications rely on closures.Here is my study note, which should be useful for JavaScript beginners.The scope of a variableTo understand closures,

JavaScript JQuery Primer Review 2

JQuery SwipeWith jquery, you can create a sliding effect on an element. Slidedown () Slide the element down. Slideup () Slide the element up. Slidetoggle () Toggles between the Slidedown () and the Slideup () method. $ (selector)

All data in JavaScript is stored as 64-bit floating-point data (float). Usage considerations for floating-point data

All data in JavaScript is stored as 64-bit floating-point data (float) .All programming languages, including JavaScript, are difficult to determine the accuracy of floating-point data:DOCTYPE HTML>HTML>Head>MetaCharSet= "Utf-8">title>Beginner's

What is the difference between a three equals sign and two equals sign in JavaScript?

1, for String,number and other basic types, = = and = = = There is a differenceA) comparison between the different types, = = Comparison of "converted to the same type of value" see "Value" is equal, = = = If the type is different, the result is

Doubts about settimeout () and cleartimeout () in JavaScript.

As you learn JavaScript in W3school, when you learn the settimeout () and Cleartimeout () methods. According to the example that it provides (the following code goes from W3cschool)-The counting program, it is found that when you keep clicking on

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