In-depth understanding of the JavaScript series (26): Design pattern constructor mode

Introduction to constructors everyone is familiar, but if you are a novice, it is necessary to understand what is called a constructor. Constructors are used to create objects of a particular type-not only the objects that are used, but also

In-depth understanding of JavaScript Series (4): function expression called immediately

Foreword When you learn JavaScript, often encounter self-executing anonymous function code, today we mainly think about the self-implementation. Before learning more about this, let's talk about the "self-implementation" of the term, this article is

Ambiguity in the curly braces ' {} ' in JavaScript

Ambiguity in the curly braces ' {} ' in JavaScriptThere are four semantic functions of the curly braces in JSSemantic 1, the organization of compound statements, which is the most common 12345678 if( condition ) {  //...}else{  /

JavaScript Advanced Programming (second Edition) learning (3)

Learn the contents of chapters fourth and fifthGarbage collectionJavaScript has an automatic garbage collection mechanism, local variables exist only during function execution, and in this process, local variables are allocated space on the stack

In-depth understanding of the JavaScript series (29): Decorator mode for design patterns

introduces decorators to provide more resilient alternatives than inheritance. Decorators use objects for wrapping the same interface not only to allow you to add behavior to the method, but also to set the method to the original object invocation

JavaScript Advanced Programming (second Edition) Learning (2)

Numeric conversions: There are 3 functions that can convert a non-numeric value to a value, number (), parseint (), parsefloat ().For number () if it is Boolean, True 1,false is 0; Null is 0; Undefined is Nan; The string

A summary of JavaScript cross-domain issues

What is cross-domain?Concept: As long as the protocol, domain names, ports are any different, are treated as a different domain.URL description whether to allow traffic to the same domain allows

Website Front End _javascript.0013.javascript Package type

Brief introduction:Description: JS provides three special reference types: Boolean, number, String, when assigned to a variable as a primitive type object, the background creates an object of the corresponding base wrapper type, enabling you to

JavaScript Object-oriented basis (II)

One: Defining a class in a way that defines a functionIn object-oriented thinking, one of the core concepts is class. A class represents an abstraction of a thing of a similar nature, and by instantiating a class, one instance of the class, the

JavaScript (2)--object properties, prototypes, and prototype chains

Object properties, prototypes, and prototype chainshahaha, my second blog, is about object properties, prototypes, and prototype chains. Maybe these are just some small dots in series, logic is not very strong. Therefore, the readability and

JavaScript Basics 05

JavaScript Basics 051. Scope of variablesA variable can be either global or local.Global variables: can be referenced anywhere in the script, once you declare a global variable in a script, you canReferencing it anywhere in the script, including

JavaScript Array Object Reference Manual

JavascriptArray Object Array ObjectThe Array object is used to store multiple values in a variable:var cars = ["Saab", "Volvo", "BMW"]; The first array element has an index value of 0, a second index value of 1, and so on.For more

Front-End Learning Note IX-native JavaScript implements string interception

The job title is as follows:----------------------------------------------------------------The methods of string interception are slice (start,end+1), substring (start,end+1), substr (Start,n). There are some similarities or differences between

Scope of variables, JavaScript intrinsic functions


Scope of the variableA variable can be either global or local.Global Variables : can be referenced anywhere in the script, once you declare a global variable in a script, you can reference it anywhere in the script (including inside the function),

[Javascript] Functor Basic Intro

Well, this stuff would be a little bit strange if you deal with it first time.Container Object: Just a Wrapper/contianer for values No Method No nouns var _container = function (val) { this. val = val;} var Container =

A brief talk on javascript-callback function

A callback function is a function that is called through a function pointer. If you pass the pointer (address) of the function as an argument to another function, when the pointer is used to invoke the function it points to, we say this is a

In-depth understanding of JavaScript series (45): code reuse mode (avoid Article)

introduce any programming code reuse, otherwise, every time a new program or write a new feature to be written new, then the rest of the dish, but the code reuse is also good to bad, the next two articles we will be for code reuse for discussion,

JavaScript Hardening tutorial--function Parameters

This article ish5eduAgency officialHTML5 Trainingtutorial, main introduction: javascript intensive tutorial--function parameters The JavaScript function parameter JavaScript function does not perform any checks on the value of the parameter

Nanyi Teacher JavaScript Course study notes

1, switch uses the strict equality operator 2, break and continue have jump action, break statement out of the loop, continue used to immediately terminate this round cycle, return to the head of the loop structure, the next round to start the Cycle.

JavaScript Beginner Chapter _7 (DOM) to Be continued

DOM Document Object ModelThe DOM Document Object model, which defines the interface for manipulating document Objects.The DOM represents an HTML document as a family tree, using tokens such as parent, child, sibling (brother) to indicate the

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