Characters and arrays in JavaScript some basic algorithm questions

1. Flip stringExample (requirements: first convert the string into an array, and then use the array of reverse method to flip the sequence of arrays, and finally convert the array into a string) function reversestring (str) { str=str.split ( ").

Learn more about the For loop in JavaScript

In ECMAScript5 (referred to as ES5), there are three for loops, respectively:Simple for loopFor-inForeachIn the June 2015 release of ECMASCRIPT6 (abbreviated ES6), a new cycle was added:for-ofLet's take a look at these 4 for loops.Simple for loopLet'

JavaScript inheritance, prototype inheritance, borrowing constructor inheritance, mixed inheritance

      " >         My JSP  ' test3.jsp '  starting page          -->           This is my JSP page.    Three ways of inheriting:       " >         My JSP  ' test3.jsp '  starting page          -->            this is my jsp page.   This article is

The FCC JavaScript primary algorithm solution

JavaScript basic algorithm problem on FCCA while ago to do the basic algorithm, feel after the harvest is quite large, now will be summed up their own practice, for everyone to refer to the discussion. Basically as short as possible, but some

Simple learning of JavaScript

JavaScript introduction JavaScript doesn't have a half-dime relationship with Java. JavaScript consists of three parts: Ecmascript,document Object Model,broswer Object model Two introduction methods, directly after the body or file

JavaScript logical operator ' | | ' and "&&"

Original:, to say that | | (logical OR), which, literally, returns false only when both the front and back are false, otherwise it returns true.Alert (true| | FALSE); TrueAlert

javascript--Data types

1. Type conversion01) Other data types to Boolean type conversionsConvert by Boolean () function"Boolean true false"String non-empty Strings ""Number any non 0 0 and NanObject NULL for any objectsUndefined N/a Undefined (n/a not applicable not

JavaScript reports a "missing identifier, string, or number" problem rendition in IE8:

Development and testing using Chrome browser More, customer feedback a page can't open, their own with chrome open everything normal, open with IE8, sure enough the page shows the card is there, and reported "missing identifier, string or number."

V8 JavaScript engine Research (iii) implementation of garbage collector

Introduction to V8 garbage collection mechanismThe implementation of the V8 garbage collector is a very important reason for V8 efficiency.V8 automatically reclaims object memory that is no longer needed at run time, which is also garbage collection.

JavaScript Internal principle Series-variable objects (Variable object)

ProfileWe always define functions and variables in the program, and then use these functions and variables to build our system.However, for the interpreter, how and where did it find the data (functions, variables)? What happens inside the

JavaScript notes (ii)--application of common arrays and string methods

1. Flip the characters in the string, such as ' Hello ', and flip it into ' Olleh '.var arr=[];function ReverseString (str) {Arr=str.split ("");Arr=arr.reverse ();Str=arr.join ("");return str;}ReverseString ("Hello");2. Calculate the factorial of an

JavaScript concat () method-concatenate two or more arrays

One, definition and usageThe Concat () method is used to concatenate two or more arrays.The method does not alter the existing array, but only returns a copy of the concatenated array.GrammarArrayobject.concat (Arrayx,arrayx,......, Arrayx)

JavaScript Array (Array) object

One, define the arrayAn array object is used to store a series of values in a separate variable name.To create the syntax for an Array object:New Array (); New Array (size); New Array (element0, Element1, ..., ELEMENTN);ParametersThe parameter size

null, undefined, NaN in JavaScript

1. Judge whether each other is equalfunction Btnclick () {alert (null = = NULL);//true alert (undefined==undefined);//true alert (Nan==nan);//false}Summarize:(1) Two null is equal(2) Two undefined are equal(3) Two Nan is unequalfunction Btnclick () {

Good text to the top---simple and rough understanding of the JavaScript prototype chain

The original chain to understand a bit around, the online material is also a lot, every night when sleep is always like to find some prototype chain online and closure of the article look, the effect is very good. Don't get tangled up in that pile

The difference between function declaration in JavaScript and function Expression or function fn () {} and var fn=function () {}

JavaScript is an interpreted language, and function declarations are interpreted after the JavaScript code is loaded and executed, and the function expression is interpreted only when it executes to this line of code.There are two ways to define a

Numbers and date types in JavaScript

This section describes how to master the numbers and date types in JavaScriptDigitalEDITIn JavaScript, numbers are double-precision floating-point types double-precision 64-bit binary format IEEE 754 (that is, A number can only be between-(253-1)

A detailed array in JavaScript

Arrays in JavaScriptfirst, the definition of the arrayAn array is an ordered collection of values, or an array is an ordered list of Data.second, Create an array" literal form "1. empty Arrayvar arr=[];2 . Array with elementsvar arr=[1,2,3,1,2];3,

JavaScript advanced Programming (ii): using JavaScript in HTML

I. Use of  Note : a, The direct introduction of the JS parsing is from top to Bottom.B. when using " string anywhere in your Code. For example, the browser will generate an error when loading the following code: ' );} Because in accordance with the

JavaScript Deep clone objects

Today we see deep clones and require programming on the prototype Chain.So the whim simply to review this knowledge pointCloning objects , this noun looks tall, actually also nothing, is to copy a long identical objectMaybe it's not easy to have a

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