How to tell if a variable is an array, function, or object type in JavaScript

Array ECMAScript5 Array.isarray is the native method of judging arrays, IE9 and above support. For compatibility, in browsers that do not have this method, you can use (obj) = = = ' [Object Array] ' instead. var

Prototype inheritance for JavaScript

JavaScript is an object-oriented language. In JavaScript there is a classic word that all things are objects. Since it is object-oriented, there are three main features of object-oriented: encapsulation, inheritance, polymorphism. This is about the

Implicit conversion of JavaScript

Original: Implicit conversion of JavaScriptThe data types of JavaScript are divided into six kinds, namely null,undefined,boolean,string,number,object. object is a reference type, and the other five types are basic or primitive. We can use the

Javascript--date Calendar Control

* function is not complete, but also need to modify their own date control year month Day One two three four five six Info Malformed True /* Calendar control temporarily supports only input*/!

HTML Learning Note (JavaScript) No.4

JavaScript Statements issue commands to the browser. The function of a statement is to tell the browser what to do with a semicolon, the split between statements is a semicolon, note that semicolons are optional, and sometimes you see that they are

JavaScript implementation Silverlight Pivotviewer control

For a moment, you use JS to implement a Silverlight Pivotviewer control to practiced hand.Implementation results:Silverlight Pivotviewer Description Address: Https:// ( v=vs.95

JavaScript Tips & notation

JavaScript tips:1 "State machine"var state = function () {this.count = 0; = null; This.nowcount = 0; }; State.prototype = {Load:function (count,fun) {this.count = count;

[JavaScript] Closures and scopes

Closures are functions that have access to variables in another function scope. A common way to create closures is to create another function inside one function, for example:1 functioncreatecomparisonfunction (PropertyName) {2 3 return function(

JavaScript Basic Coding Specification

1. Indent (indentation)Indent with four Space Code tabWhere indentation is used:function body, loop (do,while,for,for-in), if, switch, and object properties in the object literal. Example:1 functionouter (A, b) {2 varc = 1,3D = 2,4 Inner;5

Explore the similarities and differences of JavaScript objects and arrays, and the function variable caching techniques

The most classic and most controversial word in JavaScript is that everything in JavaScript is an object. This point to mention, is any jser are not unfamiliar with the object and array.There was a time when it was amazing how the two data types

[JavaScript] Prototype mode prototype

Each function created in JavaScript has a prototype (prototype) attribute, which is a pointer to an object that is used to contain properties and methods that can be shared by all instances of a particular type. If the literal meaning is understood,

JavaScript advanced Programming--Basic concepts--notes

Statement The IF statement automatically calls the Boolean () conversion function to convert the result of the expression to a Boolean value For-in the order of the property names for the loop output is unpredictable, the return order

Unicode in JavaScript

Unicode in JavaScriptby Jinya"Reprint please indicate the source, Http://"Noun Explanation:BMP: (basicmultilingual Plane) It is also referred to as "0th plane", Plane 0UCS: Universal Character Set (Universal Character set,

"Original" JavaScript for Web color value conversion

I've been busy with business requirements lately and haven't been blogging for a long time. A little bit of time today, looking at some of the recent project's front-end code, see the Web color conversion function, suddenly think that when we do

JavaScript implements web color value conversion

I've been busy with business requirements lately and haven't been blogging for a long time. A little bit of time today, looking at some of the recent project's front-end code, see the Web color conversion function, suddenly think that when we do

JavaScript instanceof Learning

In JS, we generally judge what type of variable is often used with the typeof operator, but you find that no matter what type of object is referenced, it returns the type of object. In fact, sometimes we would like to see what this object is

Javascript:dom node (new HTML element/delete HTML element)

You can create new HTML elements using the DOM, or you can delete existing HTML elements.code collated from W3school: (i) New elements:(ii) Delete HTML elements:Example code:javascript node This is a paragraph This

In-depth understanding of JavaScript var variables and closures

Today I accidentally saw a Nanyi alumni writing about the ES6 new feature let. Let's appearance is to compensate for the lack of var. Thus, write down this blog to revisit the cliché of javascript closures and its scope of criticism.The concept of

Javascript: The basic operation of a String object (String)

This code is compiled from W3school: 1. Get the length of the string:var s = "Hello World";d ocument.write ("Length:" +s.length);2. Add a variety of styles to the string, such as:var txt = "Some words";d ocument.write ("big:

[JavaScript] String add trim and Reverse methods

functiontrim () {varstart, end; Start= 0; End= This. length-1; while(Start This. charAt (start) = = "") {Start++; } while(Start This. CharAt (end) = = "") {End--; } return This. substring (Start, end+1);} functionreverse () {varstr = "";

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