In-depth understanding of JavaScript var variables and closures

Today I accidentally saw a Nanyi alumni writing about the ES6 new feature let. Let's appearance is to compensate for the lack of var. Thus, write down this blog to revisit the cliché of javascript closures and its scope of criticism.The concept of

[JavaScript] String add trim and Reverse methods

functiontrim () {varstart, end; Start= 0; End= This. length-1; while(Start This. charAt (start) = = "") {Start++; } while(Start This. CharAt (end) = = "") {End--; } return This. substring (Start, end+1);} functionreverse () {varstr = "";

An iterative approach to JavaScript array arrays

Methods for JavaScript iterationsFilter () uses the specified function to determine whether to return an item contained in an arrayvar num = [1,2,3,4,5,6,12];Num.filter (function (item, index, array) {Return (item > 2); [3, 4, 5, 6, 12]});Map ()

JavaScript code reuse mode (ii)

As mentioned earlier, the code reuse pattern of JavaScript can be divided into class-type inheritance and non-class inheritance (modern Inheritance). This article continues the class-type inheritance.Class inheritance mode-borrowing

JavaScript: Again on settimeout, SetInterval. A discussion of its third parameter and this, time-out nesting and memory leaks

Recently with SetTimeout, setinterval, because the function to be passed to use this, so in-depth understanding of some!The third argument to the settimeout and setinterval functions was to simply define the language type, which was later supported

Introduction to JavaScript Date objects and how Linux timestamps are converted into standard time formats in JavaScript

1.Date Object IntroductionA Date object has multiple constructors.NewDate ()NewDate (milliseconds)new date (datestring) new date (year, month) new date (year, month, day) new date (year, month, day, hours) new  date

Nodejs the cause analysis of hbase and its relationship with JavaScript's garbage collection mechanism through thrift operation

Recently, using Nodejs to manipulate hbase through thrift, I wrote a script that constantly sends HTTP requests to get the data required under HBase, but during run the for loop is not executed completely and will get stuck after executing part Will

Sweepstakes JavaScript Program

style= "color: #006600;" > charset= "UTF-8" > Sweepstakes name= "Generator" content= "editplus" > name= "Author"

Learn JavaScript II from scratch (basic concept)

Basic concept One, case-sensitiveEverything in ECMAScript (variables, function names, operators) is case-sensitive.The variable name test and test represent two different variables, respectively.Second, identifiersThe so-called identifier refers to

Learn JavaScript three (variable) from scratch

One, variableECMAScript variables are loose variables, so-called loose variables, that is, variable names can hold any type of data, each variable is just a placeholder for holding the value.To use the var operator when defining variablesSuch as:var

Learn JavaScript from the beginning (11)--object type

Original: Learn JavaScript from the beginning (11)--object typeI. Type of ObjectAn object is a collection of properties, a property containing a name (attribute name) and a value (property value).Object is an ideal choice for storing and

A preliminary study of JavaScript four

      Happy Little Two-force event bubbling I am div01pao &l T;div id= "Div02pao" > I am Div02pao & Lt;/div> Level two DOM event   Level 2 DOM Event bubbling I am div01pao I am Div02pao &l

disorganized JavaScript (i) requires that the first (left) operand must be a string type or other type that can be converted to a string type, and the second (right) operand must be an array or an object. Only the value of the first operand is the property name of the

Learn JavaScript from the beginning (11)--object type

I. Type of ObjectAn object is a collection of properties, a property containing a name (attribute name) and a value (property value).Object is an ideal choice for storing and transferring data in an applicationSecond, create an objectThere are two

JavaScript Tour-Third stop: Several operators to be aware of

Original: JavaScript Tour-third stop: Several operators to be aware ofUsually write accustomed to C #, so you will feel what kind of operator should do what kind of operation, but one day your habits by other language subversion, do not know whether

JavaScript settings Read Cookie

/* * Get Cookie * */getcookie:function (name) {var str = '; var cookies = Document.cookie; var arrcookie = Cookies.split (';'); for (Var i=0;i 0) {var date = new Date (); Date.settime (Date.gettime () +

JavaScript native Object properties and methods detailed--number object

To create the syntax for the number object:var myNum = new number (value);var myNum = number (value);When number () and operator new are used as constructors, it returns a newly created number object. If you do not use the new operator to call

Learn JavaScript from the beginning (vii)--functions

Original: Learn JavaScript from the beginning (vii)--functionFirst, returnThe function stops and exits immediately after executing the return.return value, with return;Here are two examples:1 function sum (NUM1, num2) {2 num1= num1 + num2

Learn JavaScript from the beginning (v)--operator (ii)

Original: Learn JavaScript from the beginning (v)--operator (ii)One, multiplicative sex operator1. Multiplication: *Some special rules for multiplication operators: If the operand is a numeric value, it is calculated by normal

"Notes" JavaScript prototype chain inheritance instance

function Shape () { = ' Shape '; this.tostring = function () { return;}} function Twodshape () { = ' 2D shape ';} function Triangle (side,height) { = ' Triangle '; this.side = side; this.height = height;

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